Mobile Legends: 5 easiest ways to get Free MLBB Heroes

Get yourself a Free Hero in the game!

Characters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, or in this context, heroes, undoubtedly play a huge role in the game. Each hero possessing its own set of special skills will allow them to perform differently over others on any battlefield. Owning a wide variety of heroes allows players to adapt to various heroes. This would enable them to further improve their team composition before going into a battle. Purchasing heroes straight from the in-game Shop requires payment via an in-game currency known as Battle Points or even Diamonds. These can be bought using real-life money. Furthermore, the prices of some heroes may be very intimidating for players who lack sufficient Battle Points or Diamonds. In this guide, we will be looking at the 5 easiest ways in which players can obtain free heroes in Mobile Legends.

How to get free heroes in Mobile Legends (MLBB)

1. Limited-time launch events

When it comes to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there is never a lack of events that are available in-game. However, there are rather rare, certain limited-edition launch events that will allow players to obtain free heroes from such events for free without the use of Battle Points or Diamonds.

Mobile legends, ML STUN
Limited time launch-events in MLBB

These events may be conducted in a format that requires players to complete certain in-game tasks in exchange for special items. In return, these can be exchanged for free heroes, skins and many other rewards.

2. Fragment Shop

The Fragment Shop is accessible under the Fragments section of the Shop tab on the game’s Main Menu. It allows players to exchange their in-game Hero Fragments for various heroes. Certain heroes such as Odette is unable to be directly purchased from the in-game Shop using Battle Points and Diamonds.

Mobile Legends Free Heroes
Fragments in Fragment Shop

They can be bought using Hero Fragments. These fragments are obtainable by players via in-game events and challenges, as well as the Daily Video Chest which is available under the Recommended section of the Shop tab.

3. Gift from friends

Alternatively, players are also able to receive heroes bought and gifted to them by their in-game friends. Accessible under the Gifting icon at the top of the Shop tab, players can use their in-game Diamonds and purchase heroes as well as skins for their in-game friends.

Mobile Legends Free Heroes
Friends can gift heroes and skins

Players are also able to request such heroes and skins as well under the ‘Request Hero’ and ‘Request Skin’ tab respectively. Players should note that such heroes and skins meant to be sent as a gift are strictly not for sale using in-game Battle Points. Therefore, the usage of in-game Diamonds purchased using real-life money is required in such a scenario.

4. Lucky Spin

Under the Lucky Spin sub-section of the Draw section in the Shop tab, players can participate in the Lucky Spin using in-game tickets for a chance at winning various rewards in the current Lucky Spin’s prize pool. It gets refreshed weekly with new rewards and heroes being made available for players to obtain via the Lucky Spin.

Mobile Legends Free Heroes
Try the Lucky Spin!

Free draws are also available for players after the free draw refreshes. In-game tickets can be obtained via various methods such as the Video Chest, challenges and events, as well as at the end of each Ranked season as rewards which will depend on a player’s in-game rank.

5. Veteran Benefits

Lots of Veteran benefits in store!

Lastly, players can obtain free heroes via the Veteran Benefits they receive upon returning to the game after a certain period of being away and inactive from the game. Such Benefits will allow players to obtain various rewards, including heroes, to encourage and entice them to spend more time on the game. Although this only applies to the returning players to the game. It would be a pleasant surprise with a great selection of rewards for returning players.

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lmao the veteran benefit worked for me and i got granger on the 2nd day of playing and i left the game untouched again cuz i dont have a choice. sad

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