Mobile Legends: How to get Diamonds for free in the game

Get Diamonds for Free in the game now!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a very popular mobile MOBA game, where players have numerous kinds of heroes, skins and emotes. To purchase them, players have to spend Battle Points and Diamonds. However, you can not buy all in-game items with battle points. Sometimes, one also needs to spend diamonds to get those shiny things in your infantry, except heroes. Generally, Diamonds are the in-game currency for MLBB and are very difficult to get for free in Mobile Legends.

By spending diamonds in the game, players can unlock any skins, heroes and emotes, and even upgrade the in-game emblem. To know more about the Emblem system in Mobile Legends, please refer to our Emblem guide. Buying diamonds means you have to spend real money on them. However, you can get them for free in a few particular cases. Keep reading to know how and what to do to get in-game diamonds for free in Mobile Legends.

Best ways to get diamonds for free in MLBB

1. Redeem Codes

Mobile Legends provides redeem codes regularly on Facebook and other platforms. Players can redeem them from their official website. But it’s not that easy, redeeming the codes is a very hectic thing cause most of the time the server remains fully loaded up with players.

Mobile Legends Free Diamonds

Like any other game, players have to look out for a code/giveaway which will grant them some diamonds for absolutely free, but it will not help them to unlock high-rarity skins. Getting Diamonds by redeeming the codes is one of the ways, but it completely depends on luck. To read more about these codes, please refer to our Mobile Legends Redeem codes article.

2. Completing Survey Apps or similar apps

It is one of the best ways to get free diamonds in MLBB. All you have to do is complete certain tasks like give an opinion on a survey or something similar. It’s a long-run process, but if you do it patiently you will be surely rewarded with some points/money. One can then use these points/money to purchase diamonds in the game from the Play Store. The process is completely secure. Players can install Google Opinion Rewards and Easy Rewards on the phone to start receiving surveys. These two are the most trusted apps which will surely help players to buy diamonds. 

Mobile Legends Free Diamonds

Before going into the process, remember one thing, there are many similar apps in the market but these all are third-party apps, so before installation read their privacy policy to avoid being hacked or getting your data breached.

3. By joining Tournaments

This is one of the hardest ways to get diamonds in the game. Players have to play in-game tournaments to get those free diamonds from the prize pool. With the currently concluded M5 World Championship in Manila, Phillipines, we have a great Esports ecosystem in the SEA region. Sometimes, there are a few regional tournaments, which can award rewards like diamonds.

M5 World Championship final round of the grand final match
Image via MOONTON Games

Players can compete with other players to claim their rewards in such Esports competitions. Competition is not so easy at this level, but it’s very fun to play and the reward is guaranteed. The key to getting the free diamonds in tournaments is the skill to focus on your gameplay, make a perfect team, and then grab your reward.

4. By visiting Tournament venues

MPL SG Season 6 finals, MLBB free diamonds
Image via GamingonPhone

In all MPL finals, there are a few booth stations or marketing activations where players can get rewarded with diamonds. There might be giveaways, some interesting games in action or some fan-interaction sessions for all Mobile Legends fans.

5. Invite-only physical surveys

Once in a while the official MLBB team invites players to their physical office for specific surveys. These are very limited and only some of the players are invited through official emails. And those lucky players are rewarded with MLBB Diamonds if they complete the tests

6. Superfan Tickets

In the M series world finals, the superfan tickets come with a redeem code for MLBB and it includes diamonds. Although the tickets are not cheap, but these are still some fee MLBB diamonds.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best ways to get diamonds for absolutely free. However, always remember these are slow processes so all you need is to have patience. Diamonds are the key feature of in-game currency so the devs do not want to distribute them for free in most cases. So you need to put some effort into getting them and good luck.

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