Mobile Legends: Tips to farm Battle Points (BP) quickly

Mobile Legends or MLBB is the most popular 5vs5 MOBA on mobile devices for a long time now. And like many other games, Mobile Legends (ML) has Battle Points (BP), Diamonds and Tickets are the main currency used in the game, where Diamonds being the premium one bought through real-life currency, battle points are the main exchange tokens. The most important part is that all (leaving a few) the Heroes can be bought with Battle Points. Apart from buying Heroes, BP can be used to also buy fragments and upgrade emblem set. So, this makes Battle Points, a very precious part of Mobile Legends.

However interesting the use of Battle Points may sound, but to earn them may seem difficult. But there are certain ways by which you can earn them fast and be ahead of others in the game. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to earn BP quickly.

10 Tips to farm Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends

Here are the top 10 ways by which you can earn battle points faster in Mobile Legends:

1. Activate a Double BP card and Victory BP card

The very first thing to do to earn battle points faster is to activate a ‘Double BP card’. The double BP card will double the amount of battle points earned after playing every match. The Double BP card can be of ‘1 day’ or ‘3-day’ or ‘7-day’ duration. 4 Win and Victory BP card is also available.

The Double BP card not only doubles the amount of battle points but also increases the limit of Battle Points that can be earned in a week by 1500. Normally, 7500 BP can be earned in a week, but activating BP can increase the limit to 9000 BP in a week.

Mobile Legends Battle Points cards
BP Cards in ML

How to obtain a Double BP card:

  1. Share your match result on Social Media (Facebook/WhatsApp) to get a BP card instantly.
  2. You can also get BP cards from the shop.
  3. BP cards can often be obtained through a current event, but this is not always available.

2. Play more Brawl and AI games

Play more Brawl and AI games. This is the most effective way to farm Battle Points in ML. In AI classic mode, it’s just you and four other guys against a poor A.I., so the match gets over quickly. Basically, the other players are also there to earn battle points as the matches are of 10 – 12 minutes on an average. The faster the matches are, the more time available to play more matches.

Mobile Legends Battle Points A.I. matches
You need to play more vs AI matches

Brawls are also of short duration, but the only issue is the choice of Hero you would be using. So, if you are not acquainted with the Hero, then you would end up performing poorly and earning fewer battle points. But the important part is, the matches are of short duration and hence, you can play more matches and earn more Battle Points.

3. Play & Win matches (be the MVP)

A simple tip to earn more and more Battle Points is to play, play and play matches. No matter what mode, the greater number of matches one plays, the more Battle points he earns. Winning the matches makes more Battle points earned per match. But the best way is to be the MVP of the match. Use your best heroes, and try to win as the MVP of the match. The MVP of a match gets more Battle points than the rest of the players.

4. Focus on Ranked Matches

Rank matches are the best matches in Mobile Legends with the best players around the world. Hence the rewards are also the best. The Ranked Matches grants rank/division to players according to their number of wins in a particular season. The players are then awarded season exclusively rewards which includes plenty of Battle Points.

Mobile Legends season rewards Battle Points
Season Rewards in ML

5. Open Free Chests and Medal Chests in time

The game offers Free Chests every 4 hours. Claiming the Free Chests would reward 40-50 Battle Points with other items each time. 2 Free Chest can be stacked and claimed together. If you claim 6 Free chests, then you can earn a minimum of 240 Battle Points.

Mobile Legends Battle Points  free chests
Free Chests are available every 4 hours

Medal Chests are rewarded if you get a cumulative 10-point rating after playing a few matches. Medal Chest are awarded once every day. Claiming a Medal Chest awards 200-250 Battle Points with few other items.

Mobile legends Battle Points medals
Medal Chests in Mobile Legends

6. Complete Daily Quest and Weekly Activities

The game has some daily quests to be completed every day for which it offers Battle Points. The Battle Points are earned after completing and reaching required activity points. The daily BP earned are 30+40+60+100 (total 230 BP).

 Mobile Legends Battle Points daily quest
Don’t forget to complete Daily Quests

There are no Weekly Quests but completing the daily quests, the daily activity scores are calculated and cumulated to weekly activity scores. If the weekly activity scores reach 800, then 500 Battle points are earned.

By this way, you can earn 2410 BP every week. Therefore, completing daily quests is very important for earning more Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

Weekly activity
Weekly Activity

7. Claim Daily Login Rewards & Events Tasks

Claiming daily login rewards is also a way of earning more battle points. On Day 3 of daily login, Surprising Battle Points is offered which provides 300 Battle Points. So, claim your daily login rewards.

ML has always been rolling out many events and quests. The event tab would one of the most dynamic part of the game offering may tasks and quest. Complete these quests and also continuously participate in events to earn rare and exclusive items which can be exchanged for Battle Points.

Mobile Legends Battle Points login rewards
Login Rewards and Tasks

8. Complete Achievements

There are various numbers of achievements in ML. By completing the achievements, you can earn Battle Points. So, track down the easy achievements and complete them to earn more Battle Points as well.

Earn BP through Achievements

9. Maintain a Good Credit Score

Credit Score is the measure of how active you are in the game. If you have a credit score of 110, then an additional 10% Battle Point is earned after every match. The Battle Point to be earned per week is also increased to 8500 from 7500.

So, don’t be AFK, feed or get punished in the game. Maintain a higher credit score and earn more Battle Points.

credit score
Credit Score in ML

How to check your Credit Score: Go to Profile >Battlefield >Credit Score

10. Clear out the Inventory

The inventory gets filled up with many unused and unnecessary items, like event-exclusive rewards, trial cards, chest etc. Opening and clearing out these items for Battle Points can also be an effective way to earn more Battle Points. If you own a Hero or Skin, that trial card can also be exchanged for Battle Points. The inventory also has advertisements video chests. By seeing ads, you can earn 20-50 Battle Points. Use those to get some extra Battle Points.

Inventory Items

That’s it for today’s Mobile Legends guide to earn Battle Points (BP). Did you find this article helpful? Also, do you know any other useful way of earning Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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