Mobile Legends: Tips to farm Battle Points (BP) quickly

Mobile Legends, or MLBB, has been a leading 5vs5 MOBA on mobile devices for an extended period. In the game, Battle Points (BP), Diamonds, and Tickets serve as the primary currencies, with Diamonds being the premium currency acquired through real money. Notably, Battle Points are crucial as they are used to purchase most heroes, fragments, and upgrade emblem sets. Acquiring Battle Points may initially seem challenging, but there are effective strategies to quickly earn them and gain an edge in the game. In this article, we’ll explore ways to swiftly accumulate BP in Mobile Legends, allowing players to make significant progress and enhancements within the game.

10 Tips to farm Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends

Here are the top 10 ways by which you can earn battle points faster in Mobile Legends:

1. Activate a Double BP card and Victory BP card

The absolute first move I recommend for boosting your battle points quickly is to activate a Double BP card. It literally doubles the amount of battle points you earn after every match. You’ve got options, from a ‘1-day‘ to a ‘3-day‘ or even a ‘7-day‘ duration for this magical card. 4 Win and Victory BP card is also available.

Mobile Legends Battle Points cards
BP Cards in ML

Activating a Double BP card, not only doubles your battle points but also raises the weekly limit. Without it, you’re capped at 8,000 BP per week. But, activate that card and it will increase the limit to 10,000 BP a week. Ensure you activate the double BP card with a maximum credit score; otherwise, your weekly BP limit might not hit that 10,000 mark.

How to obtain a Double BP card:

  1. Share your match result on Social Media (Facebook/WhatsApp) to get a BP card instantly.
  2. You can also get BP cards from the shop.
  3. BP cards can often be obtained through a current event, but this is not always available.

2. Play more Brawl and AI games

When I’m aiming to farm Battle Points in ML efficiently, I find that playing more Brawl and AI games is the way to go. In AI classic mode, it’s just me and four others against some A.I., making the matches wrap up quickly. What’s great is that everyone in the game is after those Battle Points, so the matches usually last around 10 to 12 minutes on average. The quicker the matches, the more I can play and stack up those points.

Mobile Legends Battle Points A.I. matches
You need to play more vs AI matches

Brawls are another solid option with their short durations. The only challenge is picking a hero you’re comfortable with. If you’re not familiar with the hero, your performance might take a hit, resulting in fewer Battle Points. However, the key here is the short match durations, allowing me to fit in more matches and, of course, earn more Battle Points.

3. Play & Win matches (be the MVP)

A straightforward strategy I’ve found for racking up more Battle Points is to simply play as many matches as possible. It doesn’t matter the mode; the more matches I play, the more Battle Points I earn. Winning matches definitely boosts the Battle Points earned per match, but the real kicker is aiming to be the MVP.

When I use my best heroes and secure the MVP spot, the Battle Points just roll in. Being the MVP means grabbing more Battle Points than the other players. So, focus on playing, winning, and striving for that MVP status.

4. Focus on Ranked Matches

In my experience, I’ve found that rank matches stand out as the top-notch battles in Mobile Legends, featuring some of the best players from around the world. What makes it even more enticing is the fact that the rewards are equally top-tier. In these Ranked Matches, players earn ranks and divisions based on their victories throughout a season. The players are then awarded season exclusively rewards which includes plenty of Battle Points.

Mobile Legends Season Rewards
Image via MOONTON Games

5. Open Free Chests and Medal Chests in time

The game offers Free Chests every 4 hours. I always make sure to grab those Free Chests the game offers every 4 hours. Each time, claiming the Free Chests not only gets me 40-50 Battle Points but also throws in some extra goodies. What’s neat is that you can stack and claim 2 Free Chests together. So, if I claim 6 of these Free Chests, I can bank a minimum of 240 Battle Points.

Mobile Legends Battle Points  free chests
Free Chests are available every 4 hours

Then there’s the Medal Chest, a sweet reward for achieving a cumulative 10-point rating after a few matches. I get this once every day. Opening up a Medal Chest doesn’t just hand me 200-250 Battle Points but also throws in a few other items.

Mobile legends Battle Points medals
Medal Chests in Mobile Legends

6. Complete Daily Quest and Weekly Activities

The game has some daily quests to be completed every day for which it offers Battle Points. The Battle Points are earned based on reaching the required activity points. On a daily basis, I can earn a total of 220 BP, with 90 from one set of quests and 130 from another.

Mobile Legends Daily Quests
Image via MOONTON Games

While there aren’t any Weekly Quests directly, the daily quests contribute to a cumulative weekly activity score. If I manage to hit a weekly activity score of 650, the game generously hands over 500 Battle Points.

7. Claim Daily Login Rewards & Events Tasks

Claiming daily login rewards is also a way of earning more battle points. I never forget to claim the daily login rewards. They’re a simple yet effective way to earn more Battle Points. Especially on Day 6, where the Surprising Battle Points reward awaits, dishing out a generous 300 Battle Points. So, you can bet I’m always logging in to claim those rewards.

Mobile Legends 7-Day Login
Image via MOONTON Games

Moreover, Mobile Legends is constantly buzzing with events and quests. The event tab is like a treasure trove, offering a variety of tasks and quests. Complete these quests and also continuously participate in events to earn rare and exclusive items which can be exchanged for Battle Points.

8. Draw in the Lucky Spin

The Lucky Spin in Mobile Legends does offer a chance to win Battle Points, although the amounts might be relatively modest. To make the most of this option, it’s advisable to accumulate as many tickets as possible.

Mobile Legends Lucky Spin
Image via MOONTON Games

I make sure to collect those tickets from various in-game activities and events. Then, I use them in the Lucky Spin for a shot at winning heroes and potentially grabbing up to 10,000 BP.

9. Maintain a Good Credit Score

Having a 110 credit score is indeed a great way to quickly earn Battle Points. Your Credit Score reflects how active you are in the game. With a credit score of 110, you’ll earn an additional 10% Battle Points after every match.Plus, the weekly Battle Point limit increases to 8500.

credit score
Credit Score in ML

To maximize this benefit, I always ensure I avoid going AFK, feeding, or receiving punishments in the game. Keeping a high Credit Score is crucial for earning more Battle Points. That’s why I stay active, contribute to the team, and work hard to maintain a high Credit Score, boosting my Battle Point earnings along the way.

How to check your Credit Score: Go to Profile >Battlefield >Credit Score

10. Clear out the Inventory

Clearing your Inventory is also a good way to get Battle Points especially when your inventory gets filled up with many unused and unnecessary items, like event-exclusive rewards, trial cards, chest etc. Opening up and clearing out these items can turn out to be an effective strategy for earning more Battle Points.

Inventory Items

If I already own a Hero or Skin, I ensure to exchange their trial cards for additional Battle Points. For normal skin trial cards you don’t need, you can easily sell them. Just select “batch sell” at the bottom to make the process even smoother.

That’s it for today’s Mobile Legends guide to earn Battle Points (BP). Did you find this article helpful? Also, do you know any other useful way of earning Battle Points quickly in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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