Mobile Legends April 2021 Tier List

Who should be your pick this Season?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just recently finished their 19th Season and is moving on to Season 20. The previous Season brought many changes to heroes, roles, and even the jungle, which makes the outlook of Season 20 much more exciting! In this article, we will take a quick look at the Tier List for April 2021 published by Mobile Legends, and what heroes are in the meta right now. But before that, if you are still not aware of the roles, you can check our detailed guide on the responsibilities of each class.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hero Tier List for April 2021

Tier │LaneMarksmanFighterMageTankSupportAssassin
Overpowered (S+)Beatrix, Wanwan, Granger, Claude, Brody, BrunoUranus, Esmeralda, Paquito, Chou, Lapu-Lapu, Alice, Yu Zhong, Bane, Silvanna, JawheadSelena, Kagura, Lunox, Pharsa, Yve, Mathilda, Chang’eTigreal, Belerick, BaxiaKaja, DiggieYi Sun-Shin, Lancelot, Hayabusa, Harley, Helcurt, Benedetta
Strong (S)Popol and Kupa, ClintBarats, Balmond, Khaleed, Alpha, Alucard, TerizlaVale, Eudora, Luo Yi, Lylia, Harith, CyclopsAkai, KhufraGusion, Saber, Roger
Good (A)Karrie, Moskov, Miya, BrunoMasha, Thamuz, Ruby, Leomord, Badang, GuinevereZhask, Aurora, Nana, Kadita, ValirAtlas, Hilda, Gatotkaca, GrockCarmilla, Rafaela, Angela, EstesZilong, Ling, Fanny
Fair (B)Lesley, Layla, Irithel, Hanabi, KimmyFreya, Sun, Martis, Aldous, Argus, X-Borg, DyrrothGord, Odette, CecilionFranco, Lolita, Minotaur, Hylos, JohnsonFaramisHanzo
Weak (C) MinsittharVexana   

Mobile Legends Season 20 Meta Heroes


Despite being nerfed already multiple times, Brody’s uncanny range and damage still make him one of the scariest Junglers straight into the game. He is usually banned in Ranked matches, so until his next major adjustment, don’t expect to play him in Ranked mode anytime soon. To get the best out of him, you can also refer to our guide here.


Another one of MLBB’s recently released heroes, Paquito has made it into the meta with his seemingly endless stream of Crowd Control and Sustainability. With no Mana to worry about, Paquito is a very threatening offlaner that will punch you over and over again. He is banned in almost all Ranked matches and definitely picked first when he isn’t. He is especially strong in the Gold Lane, where he can easily counter enemy Marksmen in the Early game. Here’s a Paquito guide that you can read to know more about him.


After a short while, Uranus has returned to the meta! While not often banned, Uranus is a priority pick in many Ranked matches due to his insane regen abilities. He can easily clash with any other Offlaner in the EXP Lane and usually will never recall to the base to heal up because he is capable of doing it right in the heart of the battle. Missing out on your chance to pick him could be devastating, as he is known to be very tanky and elusive in the Late game. Here’s a Uranus guide to help you out with using him.


For 3 Seasons straight, Natalia has not left the meta after her most recent adjustment. Her ability to stay hidden and silence foes are unmatchable in MLBB, and poses a threat to anyone and everyone in the Early and Mid game. While not a traditional Tank or Support, she is capable of initiating quick and deadly ganks anywhere on the Map, hence earning her a permanent spot on the ban list.


Lastly, Mathilda is one of the newer Mid lane Supports that can deal tons of damage. While her damage is noticeable in the Early and Mid game, her true potential lies in her Skill 2 + Ultimate combo, which can bring along allies straight to the enemy Jungler, which is very effective since Junglers will have a hard time escaping without help from their teammates. To master Mathilda, you can refer here.

Final thoughts

Compared to last year, the meta in MLBB this year is much more fun, and versatile. Gone are the days where only 3-4 heroes are overpowered and banned in every match, with many more heroes being capable of exhibiting great potential in Ranked mode now.

The meta is shifting from a slow-paced, late-game dependent meta, to a more fast-paced, early dominant gameplay. Roles are almost non-existent now, with Supports being played as Tanks, Tanks as Fighters, Fighters as Junglers, etc. In short, MLBB is evolving into a unique game where the player’s skill and a little luck will determine the outcome of the game. Hope this article helped, and good luck in your next game!

What do you think about this Mobile Legends Hero Tier List April 2021 guide? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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