Mobile Legends Hero Class Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

When you first get into Mobile Legends, hero class is maybe the first trait of a hero that you know, but do you know them well? In this Mobile Legends guide, we will go deeper on each Mobile Legends hero classes, their general characteristics, and how to play them. If you’re new to MOBA, this is a perfect guide for a start. However, we have a specific guide for the Mobile Legends beginners as well.

Mobile Legends Hero Class Guide: 6 Classes to choose from

There are 6 different Mobile Legends Hero Classes, namely Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, and Support. Each hero will at least be classified in one of those classes while hybrid heroes, which belong to two classes also exist. These classes help a lot for new players to play the hero according to their stats. However, it’s totally fine to not stick to the class label given by the developers when playing a hero.

Each one of the Mobile Legends hero classes has their own strengths and weaknesses, that complement and completed by other classes. There is no all-rounded hero that can do everything on their own hence highlighting the importance of teamwork and balanced lineup in the game.

Now, let’s delve into each of the Mobile Legends Hero classes.


A good tank is the real MVP of the game. Generally, tanks are melee heroes that have high health point (HP), defense, or skills that enables them to regenerate HP or sustain in team fights. They act as a front liner, soaking damage from enemies and landing Crowd Control (CC) on enemies in team fights while protecting the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) or marksman to do their things at the back.

mobile legends grock, ml grock
Grock, an aggressive tank in the game

Each tank is unique that requires the player to play each tank differently. Almost all tanks specialize in CC to set enemies in team fights. Some good setters are Atlas, Khufra, and Tigrel. Besides, we have Lolita that counters projectile, Baxia with his anti healing passive, Uranus with incredible regen abilities, and various other useful tanks. Players should be able to adjust to different playstyles, according to what your tank is good at.

Tips for playing Tank in Mobile Legends

1. Start with helping the Marksman to take the red buff

At the start of the game, if you will be accompanying marksman to take the red buff, go to the bush nearby the turret (yellow circle in the picture) and wait with your marksman in case the enemy wants to cut the minion wave. If you are lucky, your team might get the first blood. Return to the buff when the minions are in the tower range.

Mobile Legends Hero Classes

2. Avoid accidentally last-hit the buff monster

When helping teammates to take buff, you can leave and do other things when there’s one health bar left and let your teammates finish it themselves. Other than preventing you from last-hitting the buff, it’s more efficient to do so since you are not getting the gold and experience anyways (if you bought mask). If your teammate already reaches level 5 or 6, you do not need to tank the damage from the monster since at that level they can already handle those monsters themselves.

3. Provide vision for your teammates by roaming

Vision is important to anticipate enemies’ move. Check the bushes nearby instead of clearing minion waves, a camp for a while when enemies are missing from the minimap to alert your teammate if there’s an enemy coming. By doing this, your teammate can avoid being ganked and retreat safely.

4. Know when to initiate a teamfight

Never initiate or get into team fight when there’s no damage dealer nearby. Immediately retreat and maybe poke and hug the turret while waiting for teammates to come. Tanks deal very little damage and can’t kill unless there’s teammate helping. Rule of thumb to initiate a team fight; make sure the number of enemies is the same or less than teammates nearby. If same, take a look if your team is led by gold and levels of enemy’s heroes. If they are led by a lot of gold, or most of their levels are higher than your teammates, it’s best to not force a team fight.

5. Help teammates other than the carry too

Don’t know if you should be with your carry all the time? If all enemies are seen in the minimap, or you confirm that your team carry can farm peacefully without dying, you should roam and help other teammates. Keep checking the bush and roam for vision. There is no point in protecting your carry from minions.


If you’re looking for a versatile class that can deal and takes good damage, Fighter heroes are for you. Able to be a semi-tank or damage dealer, Fighters are usually used but not limited to offlane or solo lane. It’s a role that is responsible to defend and push a lane (usually top, sometimes bottom according to rotation) alone while occasionally receiving help from midlaner. They are chosen for this role as they can clear waves easily while having skills that can give them shield or regen health for them to sustain in the lane alone.

Leomord ML, mobile legends Fighter
Leomord, overpowered fighter when he’s on his horse

Some notable Fighters that are often used as offlaner are Freya, Jawhead, Silvanna, and Chou. They are good as they possess few common traits, such as capable of dealing high damage with their skills, having a skill that generates shield, and blink skills for a safe escape in case things go south. However, they are not as tanky as a tank, or as deadly as a marksman.

Tips for playing Fighter in Mobile Legends

1. Steal enemy jungle creep

Other than killing minion waves and jungle creeps in your area, you should kill or steal the enemy’s jungle creep too. The area that you should actively take a look at is at enemy red buff area. It will increase your farm but more importantly, it will deny the enemy’s farm.

2. Play safe, especially when facing a few enemies

It’s understandable that sometimes you will face a few enemies in the lane. If you don’t think you can face them, play safe, hug the turret and clear minions. Don’t engage a fight that you won’t win. At the same time, don’t overextend. Usually, while you’re fighting against someone in the lane, their teammates will go there to help. If you die, nobody can defend the turret.

3. Clear minions in mid lane when you can

If you are doing well-clearing waves and killing jungle creeps, you should go to mid to help your midlaner when they are in a team fight. Or when your midlaner rotates to bottom, go to mid lane to kill the minions. Killing the minion wave can give you a lot of gold.

4. Always defend your lane and don’t go far

Never go bottom if you’re defending top because you will be too far from your lane you’re defending. A smart enemy will push the lane and by the time you reach there, you will already lose one turret. Your main job is to defend and push top. Try to not get involved in the bottom lane. Even when all enemies are fighting at the bottom, then it’s free real estate for you. It’s the best opportunity to destroy the top turret.

Mobile Legends Hero Classes
Sun destroying the top turret

5. Avoid recalling to base often

Get sustain item that can give you lifesteal as early as possible. It’s important so that you won’t need to recall often, killing more minions and keep the turret defended.


Mechanically challenging, assassins are heroes that deal burst damage and usually in charge of giving surprises to enemy by killing enemy squishy heroes at the backline. Most assassins are hard to master but when you do it right, nothing that can stop you. Despite high damage output, they are very squishy and risky to play.

Helcurt, fast and high damage assassin

Assassins’ playstyle varies by a lot depends on the hero that you play. Fanny and Ling are assassins with high mobility that can travel across the map better than others. Assassin like Gusion and Lancelot requires a lot of practice to execute their combo to kill and escape. A good assassin player requires very high map awareness to be efficient and participate in nearby team fights.

Tips for playing Assassin in Mobile Legends

1. Wait for right timing to enter a teamfight

Timing is vital when playing an assassin. You need to enter and leave team fights at the right time. Never initiate a team fight, let your tank do it, and keep an eye to the usage of enemy skills. It’s best to enter team fights when enemies have used their skills especially CC. Assassins are extremely squishy and are useless when you get CC-ed. It’s fine to enter team fights later because your job is not to initiate but finish it.

Alucard waiting in the bush before entering the teamfight

2. Be active ganking

Be active ganking to get more gold. Target squishy heroes first because they are usually damage dealers. However, before ganking, think, and decide if you can come out from the gank alive. Compare your gold and level and your target. It’s not worth to kill one hero and die.

3. Always manual aim your skills and predict enemy movement

This applies to all heroes but extremely important for assassins. USE MANUAL AIM when using your skills. Most skills can hit minions instead of the hero you’re aiming, and skills might not hit when the enemy is moving. Therefore it’s vital to reposition, use hero lock mode, or predict your enemy’s movement when playing an assassin.

4. Take the blue buff

Try to talk to other midlaner to give you the blue buff. It’s very important for assassins to have the buff to have CDR and use less mana since you can start ganking early. Personally, I prefer the assassins to have the red buff too, if it’s proven the assassin is very good. Assassins also can become the carrier of a game.

5. Split push to victory

At desperate times, when you feel like your team has no hope to win, you might be the best candidate to split push. Other than breaking the enemy’s formation and forcing them to defend their turret, it will give time for your team to farm and maybe make an epic comeback. Sometimes, the enemy will get too carried away attacking your turrets until they forget to defend theirs, giving you an easy win.


Out of all the Mobile Legends Hero Classes, this one is the most powerful for their carry potential, marksman heroes are ranged damage dealers in team fights, in return, they are usually the priority target to enemies. Marksman is a bit weak early game, buff, and item dependant but shines during the late game in the right hands. With low mobility and health, marksman usually depends on their basic attacks to kill.

Lesley, a popular marksman for beginners

Karrie and Claude are marksmen that are frequently picked to play the funneling strategy to get farm quick and snowball the game. Some marksman is complex to use such as Wanwan that needs to hit enemy weakness before using ultimate, and Kimmy with different attack mechanics. It easy to master most marksman, but what’s more important is decision making in-game. If your teammates are too dependant on you, if you’re dead, it can cost you the game.

Tips for playing Marksman in Mobile Legends

1. Don’t die early game, play safe

Early game especially, play safe. Don’t die when you are farming or try to get kills. Marksman is a bit weak early game so if you are behind on the farm, it’s very hard to catch up. Getting kills isn’t necessary but just a bonus for marksman early game. Harass enemy and even if they retreat, it’s a win for you because you can farm peacefully for a minute and the enemy won’t get gold from minion waves.

2. Keep an eye with your positioning

Everybody knows that positioning is very important for a marksman. Stand behind your tank at all times and keep moving to an area that is not crowded in team fights. Target squishes but if it closes the distance between you and any other enemy hero, don’t come near. If the enemy chases you, kite them by an auto-attack while moving back to keep a distance.

3. Be wary of enemies whereabouts

Before a team fight, hide in a bush or be away from the crowd too. Assess the situation (but not too long) and see any enemy missing that might come from behind (especially assassins). As long as you can see most of the enemies on the minimap, it’s safe to join team fights and at the same time be wary about their whereabouts. If there’s someone that comes from behind, kill them first.

4. Push, take objectives, not only kill

Some marksman get carried away with getting kills but you are actually more effective to push and take objectives. If enemy left the lane unattended, deal as much damage as you can to the turret. What happens If there’s a team fight nearby, ask a question to yourself, “Are my teammates doing fine? If I head there now, what will happen?” even if they are doing fine, keep pushing. If they are not very fine and you can safe them, go join the team fight. In case, if they are not okay and die by the time you get there, keep pushing. This applies to other roles too.

Mobile Legends Hero Classes
Granger destroying turret when enemies are distracted in other lanes


Mages is a class that’s most beginners start with because they are relatively easy to use. They are skilled dependant heroes that deal with massive magic damage, or land CC on enemies and usually does not depend on basic attacks. Low HP and defense, mages need to stand at the back in team fights to use their skills to maximize their potential.

Kadita, a high mobility hero for a mage

Other than burst damage and CC, high mobility mage like Harith can annoy enemies in team fights. There are also melee mages like Guinevere and Esmeralda that can CC enemies and deal high damage. Some mages are well known to be used as support too for instance Valir and Aurora because of their CC.

Tips for playing Mage in Mobile Legends

1. Pressure enemy early game

Be aggressive early game by poking enemies with your skills. Mages deals a lot of damage even in early game. If you bring their HP low enough to recall, that will deny their farm because they won’t get gold from minion waves. Other than that, you are responsible to disturb enemy farming by stealing their creeps or attacking them when they are taking the buff. Bear in mind to not die while disturbing them.

2. Don’t leave your offlaner alone

If you are a midlaner, help your offlaner if you have the chance. Solo laner faces two or more enemies while protecting the tower. You should help them and maybe get a kill or two. If your solo laner is doing fine, help tank and marksman.

3. Prioritise protecting mid turret

Protect the mid lane turrets at all costs because it’s the fastest way to reach the base. Losing a turret will create a big gap in the map so it’s important to prioritize protecting it more than turrets in other lanes. Because most mages start in the mid lane, it’s vital to protect it, especially after the 3 minutes mark. Turrets receive more damage after 3 minutes.

4. Don’t solo a lane if possible

Being a squishy hero, mages are not advised to solo a lane. Always get help from tank or support because without anyone peeling or take damage for you, it only takes 3 or 4 skills from enemy to bring you down. In team fights, stay at the back to get protection from tanks and fighters. Be wary of assassins that might come from behind.

Mobile Legends Hero Classes
Nana staying in bush during teamfight


Behind every MVP carry, is Support that performs. A role that’s less picked by players, but is one of the backbones of a team. Support heroes are those who help teammates to sustain in team fights by healing, giving shield, or land CC on enemies for the carry to do their jobs easier. Low damage and squishy, supports are not expected to tank damage or secure kills but more as invisible hands that lead your team to victory

Estes, Mobile legends estes
Estes, support with incredible healing power

The support role varies, not limited to healing like Rafaela and Estes. There’s also tank Minotaur that can heal allies and CC enemies in large Area of Effect (AoE). Lolita, and Angela that give shields to teammates, also birdman Kaja that suppresses enemies to oblivion. Playing support heroes are fun, and they can be scary if played right.

Tips for playing Support in Mobile Legends

1. Be aggressive early game

During the early game, get mana necklace and poke your enemies as much as you can if you have skills like Rafaela’s or Angela’s skill 1. Be very aggressive, force your opponent to retreat early game and your team can get first blood if you are lucky.

2. It’s okay to die sometimes protecting teammates

Sacrifices should be made sometimes. If you are in a place to die or save your important teammate, it’s not a bad idea to die. Important is the keyword. If the teammate doesn’t bring any significant impact if he dies, saving yourself is a better idea. It also works the other way around. If you can kill the enemy’s carry but die in the process, it’s not a bad trade.

3. Support best player in your team

There’s a misconception of supports should be following and protecting the marksman at all times. Actually it’s better for supports to follow the best teammate or the one with most kills in the team, it doesn’t matter if he’s a fighter or assassin. You are supporting to get more kills and put your team in the upper hand, not just your marksman.

4. Chase enemies when teammates taking objectives

Other than the tank, supports should give vision to teammates while taking objectives (turtle or lord). Secure the area and alert allies regarding incoming enemies and try to chase them away from stealing objectives. You won’t deal much damage to the objectives anyway, compared to other teammates.

Mobile Legends Hero Classes
Nana chasing enemy away while teammates taking lord

Final thoughts on Mobile Legends Hero Classes

There you have all the general gameplay tips for each Mobile Legends Hero Classes. Even every hero in each class are played differently, the tips should be useful for most heroes. In conclusion, players should always remember that this game requires teamwork, be nice to your teammates, and the objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base, not getting kills.

That’s all for about the Mobile Legends Hero Class Guide. We hope you found it helpful. Let us know in the comment section below!

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