Mobile Legends January 2021 Tier List

Choose the best heroes!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang January 2021 Season 19 Hero tier list is here! The last year there has been a lot of changes in the game along with some cool new heroes and a totally new rotation style along with the new buff system. In this article, we will discuss the stats of the heroes in the new season 19. So without wasting any time let’s have a look at our new MLBB Meta Hero Tier list to rank up easily. But before that, if you are still not aware of the roles, you can check our detailed guide on the responsibilities of each class.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hero Tier List for January 2021

Overpowered (S+)BrodyPharsa, AliceBenedetta, Helcurt, LingKhaleed, Hilda, Yu ZhongKhufra, Barats, AtlasMathilda
Strong (S)Miya, Yi-Sun Shin, Bruno, Layla, WanWanZhask, Lylia, Luo Yi, Harith, Cecelion, Lunox, Kadita, Eudora, KaguraLancelot, Saber, NataliaChou, Jawhead, Ruby, Aldous, Silvanna, Thamuz, Badang, MashaUranus, Lolita, Hylos,Estes, Angela
Good (A)Yi Sun-Shin, Popol and Kupa, Hanabi, Kimmy, KarieNana, Chang’e, Valir, Cyclops, Vale, HarleyHayabusa, Gusion, Fanny, SelenaMartis, Alucard, Dyroth,Freya, Lapu Lapu, Xborg, Leomord, Roger, GuinevereGrock, Baxia, Gatotkaca, Franco, TigrealRafaela, Kaja
Fair (B)Granger, Irithel, ClintOdette, GordKarinaAlpha, Terizla, Balmond, ZilongMinotaur, Akai, JohnsonDiggie, Carmilla
Weak (C)Moskov, LesleyVexanaSun, Argus, BaneBelerickFaramis
Mobile Legends January tier list (Season 19)

Mobile Legends Season 19 Meta Heroes

Mobile Legends January 2021 Tier List


Brody is the new marksman of season 19 who is completely different from the rest of the marksmen till now in this game. He has a ton of AoE, burst, poke, and damage set of skills with combined high mobility. Brody can also lock-on and charge up the basic attack making him one heck of a hero to counter. He is definitely the best meta in the game right now. You can also refer to our guide here.


The new revamped Pharsa is certainly a meta pick now. She has unmatched burst damage along with high mobility and stun. These all make her the gank queen. Combined with tanks like Atlas, Lolita, and Khufra she is a nightmare of every gank.


She is the new assassin with Infinite dashes and huge Burst damage. She is a little hard to master but she has the ability to enter a gank kill all the damage dealers and get away without getting damage from anyone. Her anti CC dash makes her hard to catch and this makes her hard to counter. She is definitely the strongest assassin right now in the game. You can always refer to our guide to get the best out of her.


She is the most feared assassin in the game right now. If you’re laning in solo you will definitely be attacked by Natalia for sure. She can easily wipe marksman and mage in one go and can hide or getaway. This makes her one of the toughest characters to deal with and is usually banned in the higher ranks. She is one of the most popular meta that people love to use.


Khaleed is one of the most popular meta fighters in the game right now. He has a high amount of CC and burst damage and he can also heal himself. These all make him a good fighter/support fighter and if you can master him you can easily carry your whole team alone with Khaleed. In order to master him, you can refer here.


Barats is one of the best Semi Tank/Support tanks in the game that has high damage and durability from early to late game. He is one of the few heroes that can be played in almost all of the roles perfectly. His ultimate is totally overpowered as he can eat you up and throw you inside a turret and hence it will be a game over for you. He is also one of the highest banned heroes in the game. To get the best out of Barats, refer here.


She is the new support assassin and the only one in the game right now, Her damage from 1st skill in the early game is really annoying and when combined with her ultimate she can easily kill any mage, marksman or assassin easily. Her passive is a little hard to use but she is a perfect fit to counter many high mobility heroes like fanny and ling. In order to master Mathilda you can refer here.

Final Thoughts

Meta heroes will help you to push rank easily but also keep that in mind all heroes have counters and it completely depends upon players’ gameplay. So try to see the enemy pick and then choose a counter pick to win the match easily. Picking meta heroes does not guarantee a win. Factors like skills, team composition, map knowledge, timing, farming, etc are equally important. This is all for the Season 19 January tier list and meta-list for ranked games.

That’s all for today’s guide about Mobile Legends Hero Tier List January 2021! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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Jake Gerstein

Nice list! Thank you.

Sayan Choudhury

You’re most welcome.


Faltan campeones como Aurora que no aparece


I feel like karina is underestimated and should be placed higher. Idk what you guys think

Sayan Choudhury

The fact is if you compare Karina with other assassins, you can really tell and feel the difference. Yah she is easy to play but she is not that effective in higher ranks. So, she is placed like that.

Unknown Player

why argus is weak


Why is Argus C rank? I recently reached Legend and yet got Maniac in 4v1 Rank… U should put Argus at A or S

fighter expert

i am not the author but i know why argus might be strong because of his ultimate but if you compare him to other fighters argus is one of the weakest but there’s no use if the enemies don’t hit argus when these in ultimate form and most fighters carry execute so he’s dead

Manoah chiru

To be honest… Clint should be placed in either good or strong tier… Recent updates made him a strong mm with potential laning capabilty… And od course,mid to late game, it aint a easy task to tke hum down

Esare Newman

I don’t really understand why Granger is Fair. Yea, he’s squishy as hell. But he packs insane damage. Just good positioning, ganking, and precision on his Ultimate can make him really annoying.


Yoo they is a tank build for granger yet have damage lol

dahyun's ass

I beg to disagree with this ranking. Belerick is not the weakest tank meta. For me its Minotour.


I think Lance should be in S+ Tier because of his damage and many dash skills that could be very annoying up against.


What about Claude, tho?

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