Mobile Legends Guide: Tips to play the Offline Mode

Enjoy MLBB while being offline!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers have released a new feature that can now allow players to play the game without having to log in using any form of internet service or connection. This new feature that’s available only on the advanced server will allow players to be able to play the game in offline mode without being online. Here’s our Mobile Legends guide with more details on this new Offline game mode.

Features of the Offline Mode in Mobile Legends

1. No Internet Connectivity Problems

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Players without internet connection or players experiencing internet connectivity problems due to bad internet connection can now choose to opt for an offline mode. Immediately after the system notices such problems, a pop-up notice would come up asking whether players would want to go for the offline game mode feature. Players can then choose the Confirm button to have access to the offline feature.

2. Various Difficulty levels

After accessing this Offline game mode feature, players can choose to play the game with various levels of difficulty ranging from Easy, Normal to Hard. Of course, in this mode allied teammates and enemies are going to be Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled. Hence, this mode is quite useful as it will help players to train themselves through the various difficulty levels.

3. Access to all Heroes

Mobile Legends Offline Mode
Image via Hororo chan

In this Offline game mode feature, players have access to all Heroes in the game. This perk about this game mode is quite interesting as players are given opportunities to test out any hero from the MLBB heroes roster, making it quite easy for players to practice and get used to the chosen hero.

4. No Emblems

Another feature is that there are no emblems to use in this Offline Game mode. In this game mode, both the player and the rest of the Artificial Intelligence(AI) have no access to emblems. This is probably since the developers want a leveled plain ground while players are getting to practice with the AI. Besides, players are granted access to choose out of any l battle spell to use in-game.

Final Thoughts

This new Offline Mode feature in Mobile Legends though is still under work for more developments and improvements and will help players to be able to scale through during real-time Online matches, as this mode helps players to practice and hone their skills.

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i would really want to play offline mode but it doesnt appear for me for some reason

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