Mobile Legends Leomord “Shadow Knight” skin event Guide and Tips

How to get skins with minimal amount of diamonds!

The latest skin for the Abyss series has been released and it is Leomord skin, Shadow Knight in Mobile Legends. The event has already started, and players would be able to get the skin from the 8th of January, 2022 till the 7th of February, 2022. There would also be two recharge events, as a part of this event. In this event guide, we will discuss different techniques for the Leomord “Shadow Knight” Abyss skin in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Leomord “Shadow Knight” Abyss Skin Event: How to get the skin

Players would have to participate in the event, Knight’s Arrival event to get the skin. There are three ways, in which players would be able to obtain the skin from the event. Firstly, if they are lucky then, players can get the skin from the spins. Secondly, players would have to exchange Shadow Badge for the skin from the exchange shop.

Mobile Legends Leomord Abyss Skin Event
Image via MOONTON Games

Finally, players can get the skin from their friends as a gift, but the friend’s account should be level 20 or more and be friends for more than 7 days.

The Event

Players would have to spend diamonds to draw rewards in this event. Players can get the following rewards from the draws:

  • Event Badges: 90.06%
  • Permanent Rewards: 9.94%
Mobile Legends Leomord Abyss Skin Event 2
Image via MOONTON Games

For the first ten draws, one permanent reward is guaranteed. The permanent rewards include, along with drop rates:

  • Exclusive Skin: 0.1%
  • Avatar Border: 30%
  • Elimination Effect: 10%
  • Spawn Effect: 40%
  • Sacred Statue: 10%
  • Battle Emote: 9.9%

Also, everyday players would be getting a “Daily Surprise” reward, which can be event badges, magic dust or some lucky spin tickets. Duplicate Permanent Rewards would get converted into the corresponding number of “Shadow Badges”.

  • Exclusive Skin: 450
  • Avatar Border: 30
  • Elimination Effect: 45
  • Spawn Effect: 45
  • Sacred Statue: 16
  • Battle Emote: 10

Mobile Legends Leomord “Shadow Knight” Abyss Skin Event: Exchange Store

From the exchange store, players can get the following items:

  • 10 Rare Skin Fragments: 10 Shadow Badges, 20 times
  • Cavalry Charge, Sacred Statue: 55 Shadow Badges
  • 1-day Double BP card: 16 Shadow Badges, 99 times
  • Special Emote, Knight’s Honor: 32 Shadow Badges
  • Spawn Effect, Shadow’s Harbinger: 150 Shadow Badges
  • Avatar Border, Light of Judgement: 100 Shadow Badges
  • Elimination Effect, Shadow’s Judgement: 150 Shadow Badges
  • Recall Effect, Shadow’s Retreat: 300 Shadow Badges
Exchange Store
Image via MOONTON Games

Diamonds would cost to get the skin, if it has to be exchanged from the store. On average, players would have to spend about 2000 Diamonds to get about 500 Shadow Badges. For exchanging the skin, players would need 1500 badges and hence have to spend about 6000 diamonds.

How to save diamonds in the event

One of the most basic steps that players can do to save diamonds is to use the daily 50% off on 1st draw option. By following this, players can save upto 25*30, which is equal to 750 diamonds.

The event would have Recharge Events from where players would get Free Draw Tokens, upon recharging a certain amount of diamonds. Players might get upto 58 free draw tokens from this event. This would save upto 2900 diamonds. The first recharge event would be from the 14th of January to the 17th of January. In total, players can save upto 2900 and 750, which is equal to 3650 Diamonds.

Final Thoughts

This is the fourth skin of the Abyss Skin Series. Like the rest of the skins in the series, this skin also has nice effects in every skill and has very good animation. This is the first skin to be released after Leomord’s design revamp. There has been an increase in the pick rate for Leomord.

What are your thoughts on the Leomord Abyss Skin Event in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comments section below!

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