Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event Guide: Event Preview, Prize pool, and Rewards

Get amazing skin rewards!

MOONTON Games brings back the Surprise Box event shop to Mobile Legends from the 14th of March, 2023. The Surprise Box event is renowned for being a skin-only event, that is, its prize pool is comprised of only skins ranging from as low as basic skins to very unique Collector skins. In this article, we would be looking at the amazing skin rewards it offers, recharge bonus tokens as well as the draw chances of getting any grade of skins from the prize pool.

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event: Prize pool and Rewards

The Surprise Box event would consist of Elite and Epic Box, the Elite box is guaranteed to grant players an unowned elite skin on their first draw and also on their first 5 draws. Whilst the epic Box is guaranteed to grant an unowned rare Epic skin on their first 5 draws. The Elite box has a first-time 1x draw 50% discount that would lower the price from 250 diamonds to as low as 125 diamonds. While the Epic box First time draw 50% off will lower the price from 450 diamonds to as low as 225 diamonds.

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event Prize pool and Rewards
Image via MOONTON Games

The Prize pool rewards that can be gotten from the Elite Box range from Special skins to Elite skins and Basic skins. Rewards from Epic Box range from Collector skins to Rare limited-time event Epic skins to normal Epic skins and so many other Special, Elite, and Basic skins.

Eternity Shop

The Eternity shop allows players to use Eternity fragments gotten from making draws to exchange them for an event-exclusive skin. Eternity fragments could also be gotten when players get duplicates of already-owned skins. The skins in the Eternity Shop range from Collector skins too as low as Basic skins. Some of the Collector skins that would be available in the Surprise Box event as well as the Eternity shop include:

  • Yin Sun-Shin “Lone Destructor”
  • Jawhead “Samurai Mech”
  • Valir “DemonLord
  • Khufra “Volcanic Overlord”
  • Wanwan “Pixel Blast
  • Benedetta “Death Oath”

Mobile Legends Surprise Box Event: Tokens

Leak shows that there would be a recharge event coming up on Saturday, 15th March 2023. And it would grant more draw chances for the Surprise Box event The recharge tasks would include:

  • Logging into the game
  • Completing a Classic/Ranked/Brawl match
  • Sharing the event
  • Recharging 100 Diamonds
  • Spending 100 diamonds
  • Recharging and Spending 250 diamonds
Mobile Legends Surprise Box Bonus event tokens
Image via MOONTON Games

Though not much is known about how the tokens gained would be converted into the draw pass as info shows that these tasks could change and are not yet fully decided. Players can also Pre-register for the event to get a free Bonus token that enables one to perform a free draw in the Elite Box, it also guarantees a permanent Elite skin on that draw.

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