Mobile Legends: Top 5 Hardest Heroes to master

What does make them difficult?

With over a hundred heroes currently in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the release of Season 21 slowly closing in, many players will be spoilt for choice in terms of hero selections. With so many heroes currently in Mobile Legends, there will undoubtedly be certain heroes who are of higher difficulty. Thus, it would require more skills and experience to master within the game. In this article, we will be going through an in-depth look at our selection of the 5 hardest heroes to master in Mobile Legends at the moment. This would be accompanied by a brief analysis of these heroes as well as a look into what makes them so hard to master.

List of the Top 5 Hardest Heroes in Mobile Legends

5. Wanwan

Being paired with her strong passive which allows players to gain extra mobility by jumping every time she uses her basic attack or skill, comes along Wanwan. Wanwan is a hero who is often thought of as difficult to use as a result of her complicated ultimate skill and difficult hero mechanics.

Wanwan Mobile Legends Hero guide
Mobile Legends: Wanwan

Wanwan’s ultimate skill, Crossbow of Tang, is significantly more difficult to activate than the ultimate skills of other heroes. Instead of just pressing the ultimate skill button like on most other heroes, players are first required to mark an opponent using her first skill, Swallow’s Path, before hitting all the opponent’s weaknesses. Only then, her ultimate skill will get activated to allow players to start using it. Players interested to learn more about her should check out our guide on Wanwan!

4. Gusion

Continuing with our list of hardest heroes in Mobile Legends, Gusion, the Assasin hero takes 4th place on our list of top 5 Hardest Heroes to master in MLBB! Being extremely strong in the game, Gusion is able to kill Marksman and Mage heroes in a matter of seconds with ease. However, it requires the proper execution of his combo by the player in order to be able to do so correctly.

Mobile Legends Hardest Heroes
Gusion: Mobile Legends

Additionally, players who wish to master Gusion need to have fingers in-game in order to be able to secure lots of kills in every match. A good Gusion player is every enemy team’s nightmare, while one which lacks experience will simply just be fed to the enemy. Therefore, it is extremely important to put lots of practice into Gusion in order to utilize him efficiently.

3. Kagura

Despite being easy to learn, mastering Kagura is a whole different story. The primary reason behind her difficulty arises from her being one of the very few characters in Mobile Legends whose total skills are five or more. Players trying to master Kagura will need to learn how her open and close umbrella statuses affect her skills before being able to utilize her efficiently.

Kagura: Mobile Legends

Additionally, players trying to master Kagura need to dedicate a lot of time to learn how to use her ultimate efficiently. This can be done by watching the guide videos from top players on YouTube or practicing the usage of her skills in the ‘vs A.I. or Classic’ playlist. With the proper knowledge and skills, players can easily make Kagura an extremely strong hero on the battlefield.

2. Natalia

With an excellent set of skills in-game, especially her passive skill of Assassin Instinct, Natalia is an extremely stealthy Assassin who should not be messed with. She is a hero all about stealth and concealment, being able to conceal herself and enter a Stealthed State when in bushes if she had not taken damage in 2 seconds.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.82
Natalia: Mobile Legends

This increases her Movement Speed by 15%. This enables her next basic attack to teleport and backstab the target. However, with a good set of skills comes along another problem for Natalia players, Natalia is not suited for attacking solo on the battlefield unless when facing Marksman or Mage heroes. Therefore, players should have adequate experience with Natalia before deciding to play her in Ranked matches.

1. Fanny

In 1st Place, Fanny is often regarded as the most difficult hero to master in Mobile Legends. Her second skill, Steel Cable often poses a big challenge towards players looking to master her in-game. Often requiring a quick eye and decisiveness, Fanny is another hero in the mix who requires lots of training spent on her by the player.

Mobile Legends Hardest Heroes
Fanny: Mobile Legends

With time, hours, and hours of practice put into place to finally master this hero and use her efficiently in-game. Players deciding to play Fanny should have good map knowledge overall. This will let the player utilize her Steel Cable skill while being able to think on the spot as every single second on the battlefield could mean gaining a kill or getting killed. This will ultimately affect the result of the match.

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