Mobile Legends Wanwan Guide: Best Emblem, Build and Gameplay Tips

In our first Mobile Legends Hero guide, we are going to take a look at the latest Marksman, Wanwan. As one of the oriental fighters, she has excellent mobility and specializes in both Reap and Burst – as well as a pretty high skill ceiling.

Whether you’re new to Wanwan, struggling to do well with her, or just looking for some tips to improve, our guide surely can help with that.

Skill Analysis 

Tiger Pace

Wanwan reveals the Weaknesses and the position of enemy Heroes hit by her weapons. She deals True Damage equal to 2.5% of the target’s max HP when hitting their Weaknesses. If she hits all Weaknesses of the target, she will increase the damage dealt to the target by 30% in 6s.

Wanwan can move a short distance when she throws a Sleeve Dart. The speed of this movement scales with the attack speed.

The bread and butter of her kit, Tiger Pace allows Wanwan her unmatched mobility. Being able to jump after every skill or Auto Attack not only makes her the most slippery character in the game, but also provides insane kiting and outplay potential.

That being said, it also requires quite a bit of practice to utilize her passive – because it really sucks if you hop right into the enemy Chou’s kick. Many players seem to forget that without minions or other targets nearby, Wanwan relies on her abilities in order to gain access to a new jump. While theoretically, it’s possible to throw AA’s into the air, this will not allow you to hop to safety when you’re running from a ranged Hero during combat.

As for the other half of her passive, the Weaknesses, Wanwan will reveal and then trigger them upon hitting enemies with skills or basic attacks. Enemies will always have 4 Weaknesses that need to be hit. Also, enemies with revealed weaknesses will be visible for several seconds.

Swallow’s Path (10 – 8s)

Wanwan throws a FireSwallow in a designated direction, dealing 100/ 120/ 140/ 160/ 180/ 200 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the path and triggering Tiger Pace. For every several seconds, Wanwan retrieves a Swallow Dagger from the Fire Swallow, dealing 60/ 72/ 84/ 96/ 108/ 120 (+85% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies in its path and slowing them by 30% for 1.5s. The enemy hit by the Swallow Dagger will be stunned for 0.5s.

As if her pretty much unlimited mobility wasn’t enough already, Wanwan also has access to CC. Even though Swallow’s Path isn’t hard to avoid, it also helps to trigger weaknesses on the enemy’s back. In messy teamfights, people might also overlook the projectile and get stunned.

Aside from fighting, this skill also allows Wanwan to clear minion waves reasonably fast.

Needles in Flowers (16-12s)

Wanwan removes all CC from herself immediately, triggers Tiger Pace and loses deadly needles to nearby enemies, dealing 150/ 170/ 190/ 210/ 230/ 250 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

CC, Mobility – and now a free Purify on-top. Whatever Moonton was thinking, Wanwan’s 2nd skill is another get-out-of-jail-free card. Not only will Needles in Flowers also trigger Weaknesses of nearby enemies, but more importantly it will remove every form of CC except for suppression.

Crossbow of Tang (40 – 34s)

Wanwan activates her crossbow and shoots arrows to enemies for 2.5s. Each arrow deals 60/ 75/ 90 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. While the crossbow is activated, if Wanwan kills an enemy hero, she will switch to attacking another target, activate her crossbow for extra 1s, and increase her Attack Speed by 40% (capped at 3 times). When Wanwan takes back her crossbow or kills an enemy hero, Tiger Pace will be triggered.

Crossbow of Tang can only be cast when an enemy’s Weaknesses are all hit.
The shooting of Crossbow of Tang will be regarded as Basic Attack. And the amount of the arrows she shoots scales with her Attack Speed.

Upon hitting all 5 of an enemy’s Weaknesses, Wanwan unlocks her ultimate, Crossbow of Tang. After recent buffs she now can select a target in range rather than ulting the Hero who’s Weaknesses she triggered before. Not only does this make her a huge threat to the squishy backline, but it also means that you have to trust your Tanks to be smart enough to not let her trigger all Weaknesses.

Mobile Legends Wanwan Hero guide
Goodbye enemy team: Wanwan using Crossbow of Tang

Not exactly funny for SoloQ players, we have to admit, especially considering that she will just erase your whole team afterwards – all while being untargetable as well.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Wanwan in Mobile Legends

Emblem Setup

Although both Asssassin and Marksman Emblem work just fine, the Marksman Emblem arguably provides superior stats for Wanwan.

The 3rd Talent, Weakness Finder, makes kiting even easier and scales well throughout the game. The additional Attack Speed feels great since it’s arguably the best stat to stack on Wanwan. And bonus damage never hurts.

Mobile Legends Wanwan guide Emblem
Mobile Legends Wanwan guide: Optimal Emblem setup

If you only have Assassin Emblem, go with Movement Speed, Physical Penetration and Bounty Hunter. You gain higher damage and Bounty Hunter lets you snowball well in exchange for some scaling and lower Attack Speed.


When it comes to Battle Spells, Wanwan can use a broad variety of them depending on your playstyle and the enemy’s composition.


Probably the safest way to go, Flicker provides both offensive and defensive value. It might sound reluctant since Wanwan has so much mobility, bot Flicker helps to trigger hidden weaknesses in awkward angles of enemies and also helps to escape tricky situations where your jumps wouldn’t suffice.


A rather greedy choice, but especially helpful in SoloQ to farm more efficiently and make sure you can secure Red Buff/ Turtle/ Lord. You don’t gain much combat value in comparison to other choices, but for more experienced Wanwan players the improved clearspeed provides a big advantage.


Your go-to aggressive spell if you don’t fear getting bursted down and trust your teammates. Inspire will boost your ultimate’s damage by a large margin but can also enable you to get behind enemies to trigger the last Weakness since higher Attack Speed also means more mobility.


A purely defensive choice, Aegis helps you as well as your teammates to survive. It can help to get one last Attack off in order to trigger Crossbow of Tang. Overall it doesn’t have the same playmaking potential as Flicker of Inspire, but it provides some more protection.

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Best Builds for Wanwan in Mobile Legends


Coming to the Item section in our Mobile Legends Wanwan guide, she does have some freedom since she doesn’t rely on Crit. However, you always want to go with a couple of Core Items that synergize with Wanwan incredibly well:

Corrosion Scythe

Corrosion Scythe provides the largest amount of Attack Speed available for one Item due to its passive. On-top, the slow makes kiting even easier for Wanwan and the damage is nice to have.

Demon Hunter Sword

With the next update, Wanwan’s ultimate will trigger DHS’ passive as well. But even now, the on-hit damage helps Wanwan with sufficient damage output. Due to her overall low damage output with basic attacks, Demon Hunter Sword helps with DPS while still providing good Attack Speed.

Also, in the current Tank meta DHS helps to cut through huge health pools.

Wanwan guide Mobile Legends Items
Mobile Legends Wanwan guide: Optimal build variations

Good generic Items

Raptor Machete could probably even be considered a Core Item by now. Since the Map changes, the additional jungle monsters allow to stack it very quickly. Raptor Machete helps with her low Attack Damage and provides a good chunk of burst, especially if you manage to secure Red Buff.

Swift Boots let you move faster and grant Attack Speed for little gold. Late game you can probably consider selling them for Windtalker or whatever Item you need.

Blade of Despair upps your damage for even more burst. Prioritize it against squishy teamcomps; against tanky enemies, rather build Malefic Roar for the penetration.

As for defensive Items, Queen’s Wings, Wind of Nature and Athena’s Shield all provide great passives that should help you withstand burst or whatever obstacles you’re facing. Wanwan doesn’t need a glasscannon build in order to deal enough damage. Makes sure you get one, maybe even 2 of them if you need.

If nobody poses a threat to you, you can also go for Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom for even more damage. While Wanwan doesn’t need Crit, your Auto Attacks will hurt really badly and SP will grant you a huge chunk of Attack Speed as well.

Mobile Legends Wanwan Gameplay Tips

Last but not least, let’s talk about how you want to play as Wanwan.

Early Game

Ever since the reintroduction of Red Buff, you always want to start in the Bottom Lane. Make sure to take the buff at level one (ideally with the help of Tank or Support). As a Marksman, Wanwan needs time to scale and get her Core Items.

In case you’re facing a rather immobile fighter as your lane opponent, you can try to poke him down and eventually even get a kill. But the highest priority is efficient farming and not getting killed. So pay attention to the map and back off if the enemy midlaner comes for a visit.

Mid Game

With Corrosion Scythe, you already have a decent powerspike. Make sure to keep farming small jungle camps and take Red Buff whenever it’s available. Try to help your team secure Turtle and look for reckless Tanks to unlock your ultimate.

In general, you want to try and trigger all Weaknesses of a melee Hero before ulting and executing the backline. Unless ahead, most Marksmen will out-damage and kill you before you can use Crossbow of Tang. Also, especially immobile mages like Gord are easy prey as long as you keep kiting because it makes it nearly impossible to hit skillshots.

Late Game

Stay back and don’t get cocky. Even with one defensive item, you get blown up very quickly. Try to ambush the enemy since your first skill can easily trigger 3 Weaknesses for an easy ult. Positioning is everything now and a single mistake can easily cost you the game.

Similarly though, one unlocked ultimate will most likely secure the victory. So make sure to wait patiently for the right opportunity. Also, don’t forget to adjust your build if necessary.

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Hopefully, you found some helpful tips in our Mobile Legends guide for Wanwan. What is your favorite item build for her? Let us know in the comment section down below. Also, make sure to visit our Facebook page for more guides and news!

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