Mobile Legends: Top 5 best solo Carry Heroes in the game

Who's your carry hero pick?

Finding the best carry (high damage output) heroes that players can use in the ever-expanding world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) can be tricky. This MLBB guide would be showcasing the top 5 best solo Carry heroes in Mobile Legends that will help the players to grind and rank and get some MVPs.

Who is a Carry Hero in Mobile Legends?

A Carry Hero has high damage output, mostly in the mid and late game, they can be marksmen, mages, and sometimes can be assassins or fighters, depending on the expertise of the gamer. To become an efficient Carry, one must farm adequately for Gold which is used to buy the necessary equipment needed to boost their damage and survival.

List of top 5 best Solo Carry Heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Claude

Claude is no doubt one of the best marksmen in mobile legends. Thanks to his skills, he can deal a huge amount of burst damage which can take out squishy enemy heroes like mages and marksmen. His incredible burst coupled with equipment like Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff would surely melt down the Hp’s of Tanks not to talk of squishy mages, assassins and other marksmen.       

Claude MLBB Mobile Legends  Mobile Legends best solo Carry Heroes

Claude also has great mobility thanks to the high movement speed he can gain from his first skill, combined with the second skill that lets him blink in and out of the battle, he can be a really annoying hero to counter.

Note: Claude can counter tanks like Akai thanks to equipment like Demon Hunter Sword which does additional physical damage based on enemy Hp, hence, useful against Tanks. Since Claude won’t be able to utilize the demon hunter sword if an enemy has low hp, he can be countered by Gatotkaca whose damage increases based on his hp loss.

2. Pharsa

Pharsa is a very powerful mage who excels with high Damage and poke abilities. She also deals a lot of burst magic damage that would make most enemy heroes take to their heels. Her most feared ability- ‘Feathered Air Strike’ can really help to push turrets and even wipe out squishy heroes who get caught up within the AOE.

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide

Note: To maximize Pharsa abilities,  Use 1st skill + 2nd skill + Ultimate. To maximize the stun effect. Using Skill 1+ Skill 2  on enemies– Stuns the enemies hit, that combo combined with your ultimate should surely wipe our your enemies.

Pharsa can counter Odette because of the range difference between their ultimate ability – which deals the most damage. So when Odette uses her ultimate, Pharsa can safely use her ultimate from a much farther distance to hit and attack Odette.

Pharsa can be countered by Johnson who is a tank with amazing Stun abilities. Being one of the topmost feared mages in the game, she is indeed useful, if your team lacks a mage in its setup.

3. Chang’e

Though she may seem cute to you, she sure does pack a punch. She is another one of the best killer mages available on MLBB, thanks to her burst abilities, awesome movement, and attack speed she sure can chase and kill most enemy heroes if fed well. She also has CC (Crowd Control) abilities that can slow enemy units down.

 Mobile Legends best solo Carry Heroes

Note: In other to maximize her burst abilities, this skill combo will be greatly helpful: Using Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate

Chang’e, thanks to the movement speed she derives from her skills, counters Paquito, is a slow-moving melee fighter and is countered by Kaja since Kaja’s ultimate can suppress and steal her shield while dealing magic damage to her.

Her 1st Skill deals high magic damage while slowing enemies down, while, the 2nd skill increases her movement speed and enhances her basic attack while granting her shield. Her ultimate also increases her movement speed while dealing with large burst damage. The skill combo above is useful in wiping out enemies while they are ganking. She is indeed one badass mage to try out.

4. Selena

Selena is an Assassin/mage that can deal with lots of magic damage, set traps, and stun enemies while dealing a considerable amount of damage which puts her into this list of best solo carry heroes in Mobile Legends. She, when and if used properly, can one-shot kill enemy marksmen, mages, and even fighters, thanks to her ultimate and passive ability which makes her switch between the Elven form which does range attacks and the Abyss form which does melee attacks. She can also be very useful in your team ganks, and to even prevent enemy ganking.

Selena MLBB

Note: To one-shot kill an enemy hero, one must master this combo: Elvin form (Skill 1+ Skill 3) + Abyssal form (Skill 1+Skill 3)

Selena counters Clint thanks to her stun abilities and one-shot killer combo and is countered by Chou who can deal insane amounts of damage within a short period of time can prove to be a nightmare to Selena. With proper practice, one can dominate the lanes with Selena.

5. Granger

Granger, The Death Chanter, is also another powerful solo carry hero. He is a marksman who has a high burst damage potential, even in the early game. Thanks to his passive skill which lets him fill his gun with six bullets with the sixth bullet dealing critical damage to enemies hit. He also has a short dash or blinks ability as his second skill that not only helps to avoid the tricky situation but also enhances the next 2 basic attacks by an extra 10% damage in 5 secs.

Granger MLBB Mobile Legends

In addition to his killer skills, he can also shoot down fleeing enemies with his ultimate ability which deals lots of damage while slowing them down by 80%. Granger can be very annoying because even as he shoots with his ultimate ability, he can also move to another position, thus, increasing his chance of catching up with enemies to finish them off or fleeing away from them. Skill Combo for Granger would be Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2. This skill combo should melt down the Hp’s of even tanks, provided Granger is well fed for the moment.

Note: Granger isn’t a mana-reliant hero, i.e, he doesn’t have mana, he only reloads his bullets once he’s fired the previous 6 bullets in his gun.

Granger can counter Nana’s passive ability by using his ultimate to finish her off after she has transformed back to her normal form. Granger can also be countered by Lolita whose second skill can block incoming ranged attacks thus, slightly rendering granger useless. That’s all for the top 5 best carry heroes in MLBB. Do note that it takes practice to dominate the Land of Dawn with any of your desired heroes.

What do you think of this Mobile Legends best Solo Carry Heroes list? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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