Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online Beginners Guide and Tips

Command your warship in epic online sea battles

Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online is an Action game released by Cube Software to be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. The game consists of naval warfare comprising of players battling it out against each other or offline with weapons in the form of warships. Developed by only two people, the game has already become very popular. Refer to this Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online Beginners Guide for tips, tricks, and strategies to be an expert player in the game.

Getting Started

While there is an offline version, players of this game are attracted to the online PvP mode where they get to wage war on water against real people online. The goal is to buy ships and upgrade them to become as dominant as possible during online sea combat.

There are over 30 battleships available to choose from with their unique ways to control them. The designs are based on real ships, thus enhancing the experience for warship fanatics. Along with the ships and their weapons including missiles, machine guns, rockets, and many more, players will also get to use deck helicopters and fighter jets in battles.

Game Modes

Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online modes
Modern Warships:: Sea Battle Online Modes

Quick game

Players participate in PvP battles online and duke it out against the best. Players are randomly grouped into teams of 5 and fight against the same number of opponents on their level. The team wins when all the opponent’s ships are destroyed. This mode is unlocked after reaching level 5.

Offline Game

Players fight against bots. This is a fun place that enables players to get used to how to control their ships. Players can choose from 4 locations and battle against bots to test their new ships. Practicing here helps players optimize their ship control.

Custom Game

This mode is for players to enjoy a game with their friends. Players can choose a location and create their own game and invite friends to play. Players can also enter a game ID to join others. 

Modern Warships Sea Battle Online Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Always choose the USS Hurricane

Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online guide
Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online

When the game starts, players are given the choice to buy one from four tiers 1 ship. Beginners are recommended to choose the USS Hurricane. It is fast and equipped with 2 missile launchers and 2 automatic cannons. Moreover, it is the cheapest tier 1 option. Players are suggested not to buy two tiers 1 ship. Players will also get a tier 2 ship as a daily login reward on their third day. It is recommended players do not spend money on a new ship before getting their free tier 2 ship.

2. Upgrading the Ship

Modern Warships allow players to upgrade their ships and weapons. After heading to the workshop, players will be able to see the stats of the ship and weapons that they can upgrade. It is recommended to upgrade as little as possible to leave upgrade points for a tier 2 or 3 ship.

Ships are upgraded based on a lottery system using upgrade points. The first 3 upgrade slots of the ship’s stats are 100% effective and will upgrade the stats with certainty. However, the chance of upgrading gets reduced to 60% after the first 3 slots. When upgrading ships, players are recommended to not try to upgrade all the slots of a single stat first.

ship workshop
Ship Workshop

They should upgrade one slot per stat up to three times where the chances of upgrading are still 100%. The same goes for upgrading specific weapons of the ship. Players can also buy upgrade points using in-game dollars, but it is recommended to save money for a better ship.

3. Know all the ways to get in-game money

Players are offered 30 free gold every 1 hour 24 mins by watching an ad. Watching an ad can also get players 20,000 dollars and 2 upgrade points. This can be done by tapping on the number of dollars players have at the top right corner of the screen. These are helpful as they help accelerate the process of buying a better more expensive ship. There are also daily rewards that help.

The more damage players do in battles and the more ships they destroy, the higher the cash reward they get. The number of cash players get for the same damage done to opponent ships increases with higher ship tiers. The higher the ship tier, the easier it is to earn more in-game money.  


There are tournaments held every week where players are rewarded. The user does not need to go out of their way to participate in this tournament. The tournaments just rank players based on their weekly performance. 10 players with the highest damage and 10 players with the most kills are heavily rewarded. But it is quite difficult to get into the top 10 of those categories.

4. Be careful with ship tiers

Three tiers in this game are used to rank ships. Tier 1 is composed of the weakest ships in the game. Using a tier 1 ship means players will battle against opponents who also possess tier 1 ships. The same goes for tiers 2 and 3. However, ship weapons are also ranked in tiers.

 Ships hop
Ship Shop

If players have a tier 1 ship but are equipped with a tier 2 weapon, they will be matched against opponents with tier 2 ships. Players are suggested to avoid upgrading weapons of lower-tier ships to upper tiers as the battles will be incredibly difficult.

5. Use certain tactics during combat

It is better to have more allies around when engaged in combat. They will help attacking-wise when players can team up and launch missiles against one enemy ship. They can also help defensively by intercepting incoming missiles. Players can also take cover behind mountains and land to avoid enemy attacks. When faced with an opponent’s cannon projectiles, players should ensure the ship’s head is facing the enemy to deal minimum damage. It is also recommended to turn ships when necessary, as this interferes with the ship’s target tracking system.

When the spotted indicator appears on-screen during battle, it notifies players that they are now targeted by enemy ships. It is wise to stay behind and not get spotted too easily at the beginning. Once detected, the ship’s positioning needs to be smart to avoid enemy attacks.

Modern Warships Sea Battle Online gameplay
Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online gameplay

Lastly, players are recommended to buy adequate repair kits and missile countermeasures in the consumables section. If the player’s ship suffers too much damage, tapping on the repair kit icon will repair the ship. Missile countermeasures help reduce the effect of enemy attacks.

Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Modern Warships: Sea Battle Online Beginners Guide. Did you find our Modern Warships: Sea Battle OnlineBeginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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This game is right now and then it stop for a while because I don’t have a load and then I came back to continue update the game again but it cannot?
Can you tell me what is the problem?


Watch what you say and do because the ban is faster than saying Mmmmmm or What, literally I got ban for saying Hello to a Mod

Last edited 2 years ago by Nomad

How do I upgrade my weapons??
Am trying to upgrade my missiles to Harpoon

Some random guy

First go to the menu on the bottom right (it’s called ‘workshop’)
Then go on the ship where you’re weapon you want to upgrade is.
After that you need to click on the weapon you want to upgrade.
Finally you can upgrade the weapon on the right with upgrade points which you can find in the shop

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Can you sell ships?

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How do I add my inventory to a ship


Bro wtf is the platinum used for I have looked all over but no one talks about it anywhere like do y’all not notice it in the ship shop next to the gold and money

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How to sell a ship in this game.


I don’t think you can sell ships on a mobile platform?

John Ward

In consumables I buy with game dollars missile countermeasures 3 times in a row but still it showing as 0 in red lettering. Another glitch for the developers to sort out.


How to add chaffs in your own ship?


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