MONOPOLY GO! Peg-E Event: Overview, Rewards, Timeline, and more

Prize Drops for you!

MONOPOLY GO! has been one of the most popular games out there currently, and who wouldn’t love such a fun and fast-progression game? The game brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. Among the few common events, besides the Partners Event and Dig Event, we also have a Peg-E event that goes live often in MONOPOLY GO! I shall explain what this event is and give you some tips regarding the same.

MONOPOLY GO! Peg-E Event Overview

The Prize Drop event, known as Peg-E, is a limited-day event, inviting you to accumulate Prize-Drop Chips or Peg-E Tokens through various game activities such as quick wins, solo events, tournaments, and milestones. To access the event, you will have an arcade machine icon located on the right side of the home screen.

Peg-E gameplay
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The gameplay is pretty simple here, the click of a button will make a token or more being used which is also designed with arcade-style boxes. These Chips are then released from the top of the board, cascading down into a designated Reward Zone at the bottom of the screen, each marked for different types of rewards, mostly Cash Prizes.

Playing Peg-E helps fill you into a progress bar tracked on the screen, so more big rewards are unlocked as more time is spent in this mini-game. When the multiplier is used, the tokens signify the allocation of money and dice rewards upon exiting the mini-game. Peg-E tokens that are earned in playing are automatically added to your chip count for use at any point.

MONOPOLY GO! Peg-E Event Rewards

Peg-E Event Rewards change accordingly as the events come and go. Based on the previous event, here are the rewards that were presented to us players.

Certainly, here’s the updated table without the word “free”:

MilestoneRewards Earned
1100 Dice Rolls
23-Star Pink Sticker Pack
3300 Dice Rolls
44-Star Blue Sticker Pack
5600 Dice Rolls
65-Star Purple Sticker Pack
71200 Dice Rolls
8Wild Sticker
91400 Dice Rolls
101800 Dice Rolls
112500 Dice Rolls + 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

How to collect Peg-E Tokens

MONOPOLY GO Peg-E tokens
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There are some simple ways you can earn free Peg-E tokens in Monopoly GO. First, just by logging in to the game every day, you’ll receive a bonus of Peg-E tokens whenever the event is live. You can find gifts in the shop that contain Peg-E tokens. Taking part in Quick Wins, Tournaments, and Events within the game. These activities provide chances to win dice and cash but often give you Peg-E tokens.

When in the next Peg-E Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The Prize Drop event or Peg-E, is a once-a-month occurrence, spanning over a few days. According to the details known, the next Peg-E event will be kicking off on 21st April 2024, at 10 am CST.

The event if arrives on the game normally runs for about 2-4 days, and special bundles with tokens are available in the Store during the duration of the event, featuring special Offers. Once the mini-game is ended, any unused tokens disappear and are converted into Cash Prizes.

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