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Monster Gym Championship Beginners Guide and Tips

Summon and train the monsters of your dreams in Pokebattle!

Monster Gym Championship, also known as Pokeverse World by Chan Studio, is gradually gaining much popularity among the gaming community. Gamers, especially Pokefans who love Pokemon will love this game for incredible entertainment with high animation and graphical gameplay. You will be familiar with the understanding and commands if you practice daily. In this Monster Gym Championship Beginners Guide, we’d be taking a peep into the game and trying to explain the basics to anyone who is new to the game.

If you are new to this game, you can easily grasp all the controls by playing the first battles. Remember, your dream team of Pokémon won’t be an overnight success but requires a long grind. We have covered all of your worries in this beginner guide for the Monster Gym Championship.

Gameplay Overview

The game is based on a Pokémon life story, just like the Nintendo Mainstream Games. You have to select the characters and play with them, in this role-playing game. Traveling, catching Pokémon to battle against the gym leaders, to compete in the championship is what the game is all about. You can also trade or buy Pokémon by collecting items. The more powerful Pokémon, the easier the battle and journey would be.

Introducing the Basics of Monster Gym Championship

Select your Avatar and begin your Journey

Firstly, the game will allow you to select an avatar to continue the game, a boy (Ash)or a girl (Misty). You cannot continue in the game if you don’t select an avatar. This will not affect your Pokémon selections. Then, you have to input your name in the game to name the character as you are in the game.

After doing all these steps, you will be in a battle in which you have maximum levels of Pokémon. You will be battling 3 Pokémon.  The game will teach you the basic attacks, like how you have to attack and choose Pokémon as a substitute if another one gets knocked. After finishing the battle, the game will lead you to the basics. There you can learn more about how to train your Pokémon.

Introducing the in-game currencies

Image via Chan Studio
  • Rainbow Diamonds: It is a rare currency obtained by recharging. You can buy these by paying the said amount in the game. This will give a boost of rewards.
  • Diamonds: This is an important source that will help you to evolve your Pokémon and buy stamina. It can be bought from the store, or you can collect it from a difficult career mode by defeating opponents.
  • Gold Coins: This is the most crucial element you will need to upgrade your Pokémon and for leveling up too.
  • Stamina: This is required to play battles. If you don’t have the stamina, you can not battle with others.

Monster Gym Championship: Menu

  • Store: You can buy items for your Pokemon to upgrade. You will get all the basic things you need to proceed more in-game.
  • Backpack: From here, you can view what items are there with you, like how many Poke balls, chests, etc. you are having.
  • Pokémon League: This option enables you to join a crew for Pokémon league, which helps to make the game more competitive. To become the very best, you have to defeat them all.
  • Pokéball: This option helps you to view all of your Pokémons.
  • Summon: This option helps you to summon Pokémons with the help of silver coins received from the battles.
Image via Chan Studio
  • Navigation: This option gives you a map of where you are now and where to go next.
  • Activities: It is a section that gives you daily activities. You receive rewards upon completion of activities.
  • Mail: The notifications from the game about the latest news and latest events.
  • Alola: In this section, you will land on an island on which you can catch wild Pokémon. You can also move to the next island, but you have to defeat the Master to proceed o the next island. Different islands have different types of Pokémon.

Earning more rewards in Monster Gym Championship

You know, if you get more rewards, it will be easier for you to go through. Also, you can go to the adventure section, which shows a map. Furthermore, you can go through all the levels, and in return, you will get rewards. After you reach a certain level, you can proceed to a difficult section of the league in which you will receive valuable diamonds by defeating all the opponents.

More battles can level you up and can open various sections like the gym battles, in which you can catch Pokemons, collection albums, etc. You will also get a decent amount of stamina to play more battles. You can also go to the events section to complete some events. In return, you will earn coins and diamonds. Stamina may also be a reward.

How to catch more Pokémon in Monster Gym Championship

There are a total of two ways of catching Pokémons. One is to battle in the adventure section, where silver coins are provided as a reward, or proceed to the Alola section, in which you need to catch wild Pokémon. If you purchase a Dragon Pass, you can get rare Pokémons.

Monster Gym Championship Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Now, coming to the most vital part of this piece, and certainly of the game, how to actually battle. Well, battling won’t be that hard for you in case you are familiar with the mainstream Pokemon games.

Monster Gym Championship gameplay
Image via Chan Studio

Each battle would see a 3v3 combat. However, you would be able to substitute other Pokemon from your reserve. The Pokemon would have a set of 3 available moves. Keep in mind the following points:-

  • Different moves have their own required energy.
  • Keep in mind the Type-effectiveness when using a move, like using a Water-type move on a Fire-type Pokemon.
  • Moves are of different types. Some do damage to a single Pokemon, some deal damage over an Area (all 3 opponents receive damage), while some buff up your Pokemon, like granting them a shield.
  • Always prioritize increasing your Pokemon’s HP before any battle. Don’t let your opponents have more HP than you at any cost.

Final Thoughts

This game is probably what the Pokemon Company does with Gameboy and Nintendo Platforms. Now with Chan Studios bringing the same for your Android, make sure you get the feel of it as much as possible. Hope you find this piece useful. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Monster Gym Championship Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Monster Gym Championship Beginners Guide! Did you find our Monster Gym Championship beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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