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Monster Beginners Guide and Tips

Defeat monsters with other heroes and save the world!

Monster is a survival RPG game by Mintry where players will need to fight various types of monsters by summoning various heroes and fighting alongside them. The main character of this game is named Lily and she can use different types of bows. But she can’t defeat the monsters by herself and for that reason, she needs help from other heroes in the game who have different sets of powers and they can defeat the monsters only by working together and not alone. So in this Monster Beginners guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game and learn about the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

The game starts with a story sequence where a tale is being told about how humanity is being threatened by an Unrivaled enemy who has suddenly appeared and the normal people can’t deal with them. They have been given the term monsters and to defeat them heroes with special abilities are required to fight together. This whole story is told in slides by written texts and players also have the option to skip it altogether if they are not interested in it and are just there for the gameplay.

The game has 30 chapters in total and completing each chapter takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Between this time, players need to fight off a lot of monsters using their brains and forming various strategies. From time to time they will need to face bosses who will have way more health than normal monsters and will be much harder to beat. After defeating the last boss of the round, that particular chapter gets over and the players are awarded their rewards upon completion.

Introducing the Basics of Monster

Setting up the team

The game wastes no time at all after the story sequence and digs right into the action. We are introduced to the main character of the game named Lily who is in the middle of the battlefield and is summoning help. Here the players will get a choice between what they want to choose from. For example, they can choose another character with a different ability or just choose another ability altogether.

In this scenario, we can see that we have been given the option to choose from two heroes namely Charles who can use a Flamethrower, and Jeanne d’Ark who can expand the range of the attacks by the heroes and deal more damage to the monsters. There’s also an option to choose an ability that will decrease the skill cooldown. 

Make the correct choices

Players don’t need to worry about thinking that this is a very crucial choice and that they need to make it carefully. They can choose whatever they like without thinking much of it as they will get to choose from more options eventually in the same match and the options they won’t choose right now will be repeated in a cycle to choose from time to time. So they’ll have plenty of opportunities to choose

The above paragraph may be true for just the first chapter of the game. If the decisions of the players are not calculated enough from the next chapter onwards, it might very likely be the reason why they keep on losing. Apart from that they will also need to keep on upgrading their character as they get more items. We’ll talk about this in detail in the next point.

Upgrading your Character

Monster Beginners Guide
Image via Mintry

The next thing that players need to do is upgrade their character and their equipment, for example, The weapon, armor, or shoes. There is also one of the key things that the players need to do without upgrading their equipment. It will be impossible for them to win the next chapter as they simply don’t have enough capacity in both defense and offense to take on so many monsters.

If the players have got enough right materials, they simply need to click on what they want to upgrade and click on “Reinforce” and the equipment will be upgraded.

Evolving equipment

Players can also evolve their weapons, armor, and other stuff by evolving them by adding them together with similar things. For example, a player can add a bow with 2 other bows and create a whole new bow with better HP, Melee DEF, and DEF Base. One might think that collecting all these scrapes might be a very tedious task. But the players need not worry as the game provides plenty of ways to have rewards from here and there.

Different ways to earn rewards

This is a game that requires constant upgrading and refining of the character. It is required to pass in every other level that comes after one other. For this players need money, gems, a new weapon, armor scrapes, and so on. There are several ways by which players can acquire them and here they are.

Monster Beginners Guide
Image via Mintry
  • Auto Hunting Time: This is an automatic reward that the players automatically get without doing anything. This means they will have something to claim even if they don’t open the game for days.
  • Special 7 Days: This is the basic login rewards section that many games offer for their players. Here too players will be able to claim a lot of things that will help them in upgrading their characters and weapons.
  • 7 Days Challenge: This is a bit different from the 7 days login rewards. Here players need to complete some tasks to qualify for these rewards. This section also awards the players with more loot and it also increases based on their mission progress.
  • Everyday Fun Events: This is also a small section that rewards the players with loot for simply completing some tasks depending on the time of the day. If someone missed a certain period, they won’t be able to claim that particular reward anymore.
Monster Beginners Guide
Image via Mintry
  • Valentine’s Event: Seasonal rewards are also a thing in this game. Some special event from time to time keeps on happening and awards the players various rewards. This section has three different parts namely Attendance, Mission, and Exchange. One is simply logging in every day. The other is for completing missions and the other section is for completing exchanges.

Some other ways by which players can earn rewards is by featuring bosses or big monsters in the game. They are awarded a lucky draw which helps them in winning the game. There’s the last set of rewards one gets after finishing a chapter successfully. There are also various other sections on the home page titled WORLD. There are other ways to earn more rewards that players can explore by themselves.


Here players need to upgrade their abilities using coins and a special green star-engraved coin. It is very rare to get. This will help the players in the mission a lot as this makes fighting off the monsters a lot easier. One can upgrade their abilities only to the point of their current level. For reaching the next set, they need to go to the next level first.

Monthly Passes

Players can also opt for using their real money in the game for getting more rewards. They will also get more perks like skipping adds, faster hunts, an increase in max energy, and such. The Monthly Pass costs 440 and the Premium Monthly Pass costs 890. The latter one will give the players the ability to skip ads while the former one gives some basic perks.

In-game Shop

Magic Item Shop
Image via Mintry

Players can buy various things like gems, coins, unique weapons, and so on. Players have the option of using both in-game money and real money in the shop. They can also obtain a few free items here and there.

Monster Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Players should always try to avoid the monsters and move their joysticks in a back-and-forth motion to kill more monsters by covering more areas.
  • Players should not blindly go towards gems if it is a highly monster-infested area, rather they should first take them down strategically and then reap the rewards.
  • If one is losing, they can minimize the game and the game will also the players if they want to continue saying they have three attempts left. If they click on yes, they’ll resume the game a bit before with more HP left and with a better chance of coming out from the situation.
  • Players should use the Auto-Install feature in the character tab as it automatically equips the character with the best equipment.

Final Thoughts

At first, players might think this game is too easy and feel bored, but later when one will need to carefully choose their heroes and abilities along with when to upgrade what and how to prioritize it, the game automatically becomes way more fun and challenging. So it is safe to say even if it appears to be boring before, the game grows quickly on one and there is a ton to achieve as it has around 30 chapters to go through in total.

That’s all for today’s Monster Beginners Guide! Did you find this Monster Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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