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MU Origin 3 Beginners Guide and Tips

Dive into a fantasy world ranging from the mysterious underwater city of Atlantis to the towering mountains of the Glacial Peaks!

MU Origin 3 is a recently launched MMORPG game that is now fully available on Android and iOS respectively. The game received really good recognition just after its release. The game allows open-world tours to the players which makes it more likable. It comes with lots of features, gears, and currencies that new players often get confused about. Thus, let us go through a detailed MU Origin 3 beginners guide so that the newcomers can cope faster than usual.

Gameplay Overview

Players have the freedom to choose the appropriate server in which they feel comfortable playing. After all this, players are directly moved to a page where they will customize their character and thus move into the game.

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The game then takes the player and its customized character into the world of MU Origin. The game is a sequel and follows the MU Origin storyline strictly. It goes through the required tutorial for the player and introduces the players to the basic gameplay and currencies like Soul gem, Golds and others. Through the tutorial, the guardians also make the players aware of the classes of heroes as well. After all this, the player is free to roam in this open world and continue its rampage.

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The characters have different skills which activate after a certain cooldown time. Every character has a set of five rage skills to use while fighting. Every skill unlocks at a certain level and thus comes up with the best damage.

Introducing the Basics of MU Origin 3

The game has a lot of key features which are necessary for a beginner to know prior to playing the game.


The game has plenty of currencies that have their own usage as well. The currencies are the most important aspect of all the games in the RPG categories as they help to buy resources, upgrade and level up the heroes.  Thus let us check out the importance of all the major resources in MU Origin 3.

  • Gold Coins: Gold Coins are one of the most widely earned currencies throughout the game. The players can defeat those troops from the side missions and main events and can end up collecting a lot of Gold coins. These coins help the players with minor upgrades and for purchasing some major resources.
  • Magic Crystals: Magic Crystals are considered one of the rarest currencies to earn. This is earned mostly from the event mode and main storyline missions. Players can use these crystals to buy rare resources which are required to upgrade characters to their subclasses. Some important gears which are required to complete the characters can also be bought with the help of magic crystals as well.
  • Blue Diamonds: These currencies are earned through daily missions and objectives to earn them. This is a premium currency and thus can be applied to selected items and resources to purchase them. 
  • Gold Diamonds: These resources are only earned by purchasing with real-time transactions. These diamonds help the players to go for some premium resources which cannot be owned by all the players.


As the characters are customizable, hence an important thing to use. Yes, Gears are the most important part of the game. Gears help the characters to come up with an extra layer of protection that can help them resist the damage from the opponents. Gears can take a lot of damage and protect the characters if upgraded properly to the max level. The gears are also divided through colors such as; orange gears and violet gears. The orange gears are thus the best ones.

Image via FingerFun Limited.

Players can check for the usage of the gears on the left side of the screen. where they have to manage all those orange gear pieces. Purple gears are best at the initial stage, but then after you, as a player will grow, the purple gears become useless and thus players can donate them and earn orange gears. These will lead them to earn some gold coins and other important currencies too.


The Events section consists of the other game modes and objectives that unlock after level 50. From the events, section players can earn many resources and rewards by completing all the assigned objectives and daily missions.

Mastering your Heroes

The game has three main classes of heroes which can be chosen by the players. These classes have some sub-class heroes as well which are acquired through leveling up and upgrading the heroes. The hero classes are as follows:


The swordsmen are the frontline attackers of the team and thus are best in in-hand combats. These heroes are not Tanks but can play the role very well.

Image via FingerFun Limited.

The heroes are even capable of taking direct damage and still fighting back with the same energy. The two subclasses for the swordsmen are: Knight and Fighter


The Mage class heroes are the best-considered class throughout the game. These heroes can come up with the best attacks from a mid-range distance. The best part is that these heroes can come up with the best backup and even come up to the front and take fights.

image via FingerFun Limited.

But they are best played at a safe distance as their rage skills consist of spells that can be cast better from a distance. The subclasses for the Mage are Magister and Forbidden Mage.


Archers class heroes are the best support class heroes in the game. These heroes come up with the best long-ranged attacks and help the swordsmen to provide them with the best support at the exact time.

Image via FingerFun Limited.

They are best positioned at a faraway distance from enemies so that they can use their sets of bows and arrows to overpower them. The subclasses for the Archer class are Ranger and Holy Archer.

MU Origin 3 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in MU Origin 3:

1. Choose the best class hero

The players are now aware of all the heroes in the game. Thus they must choose the best character and customize it according to themselves so that they can play comfortably on the battlefield.

2. Position your hero in the best spot

Every hero is not best at every position and thus players must check the best spot and then fight their enemies to overpower them and win every round.

3. Use the Gears and upgrade them as much as possible

Players must upgrade their gears to become eligible for dealing direct huge damages from enemies and their troops. Gears are one of the most important aspects and thus players must keep checking on them and upgrade them on a daily basis.

4. Donate your old Gears

Players must donate their old gear as much as possible and earn resources. Players can also earn essential resources that will help them buy better gear and thus make their character stronger.

5. Complete your Objectives and level up

After unlocking the events section, players must complete the assigned tasks in the given time and earn resources and rewards that will benefit them further in their progress.

Final Thoughts

MU Origin 3 is one of the best sequels developed by the FunFinger company. The beginners must follow every point to progress into the game at their best. Choose the best character and upgrade them. Utilize the gears and help the character to become stronger than before. Collect rewards and resources and gain EXP points to level yourself up. Follow up on the tips to become a pro from the first shot and enjoy the world of MU Origin.

That’s all from us for the MU Origin 3 Beginners Guide! Did you find our MU Origin 3 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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