Murder Us Beginners Guide and Tips

A new alternative to Among Us

Released in October 2020, Murder Us is a highly addictive strategy game that has already gained a good amount of hype. Murder Us has been inspired by the very successful game Among Us. Though the gameplay is very similar to Among Us, it is still a good alternative to it with some new features. There are plenty of costumes, pets, and other accessories just like Among Us which can help you to modify your character. In this Murder Us Guide, We will discuss the tricks and tips to win a game as a player.

Game Modes in Murder Us

The game is available in 2 modes:

  • Public room where you are randomly matched with people all around the globe.
  • Private room where you get to create a room and play with your friends whom you invite.
murder us among us murder us guide
Murder Us: Customise your own map unlike Among Us

There are 2 pre-designed maps that you get to choose from while creating a room. Additionally, you get a feature to create and customize your very own map!

Murder Us Guide: Tips and Tricks

A total of 3-15 players can play in one room. You need to fix the spaceship by completing the different tasks given. But watch out! There will be one or two murderers among you whose job will be to kill all the crewmates non-stop!

Other than crewmates and killers there shall also be a detective whose sole work is to track down the murderer’s footprints or victim’s blood and get the murderer caught! He is labelled at the start of the game and has 2 votes to his name during a meeting. Murderers can sabotage the ship which needs to be fixed before doing other tasks. Else you are bound to lose the game!

murder us guide
If unsure, you might skip your vote

If you find a dead body report it immediately. Upon reporting, a meeting will be held in which players can vote for each other after discussion and eliminate the suspected murderers! Hence be careful and vote wisely. If you suspect someone or catch someone following you, immediately call for an Emergency meeting and evict the ‘sus’.


murder us guide

All the in-game accessories cost you coins to buy. These coins can be purchased from the store. You can also earn these coins by just playing the game. After every game, you will be rewarded with some coins. Save the coins and purchase your favourite skins and pets! Just keep playing and earn everything for free!

Note: On rating the game on Google Play Store, You’ll unlock 11 free pets.

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