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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience the city of Honei, with its many heroes and heroes in training

My Hero Academia (MHA): The Strongest Hero is the latest anime game that has taken the mobile gaming community by storm. Adapted from one of the most popular manga and anime out there, MHA: The Strongest Hero is an addictive Open-World Action RPG MMO game developed by the China-based Xin Yuan Studios and published by Sony Pictures Television, KOMOE Game Corporation, and A-PLUS JAPAN. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies

MHA: The Strongest Hero is an exciting game that would not only attract action fanatics but also gamers who enjoy the Gacha aspect. Originally released in Japan in 2020, the free-to-download game has recently been made accessible to Europe and the Americas on Android and iOS this year. While fans of the original series are prioritized and are guaranteed to receive more satisfaction and enjoyment, the exciting in-game features ensure that those new to the series are not ignored.

Getting Started

The game starts with an option that allows the user to watch a cutscene comprising of a visual depiction of the lore of the My Hero Academia story. The purpose of this cutscene is to introduce the plot and characters to a new audience who may not be aware of the content of the source material. Players may choose to skip this cutscene because it can seem brutally long at times but be aware! Losing out on the 100 precious Hero coins that watching this cutscene provides is not recommended.

The Heroes

After the story cutscene, players are guided through all the tasks by the tutorial. Players will not be given the fan-favourite Heroes instantly, but do not be disheartened. What beginners will get is the opportunity to play as the protagonist of MHA: Deku aka Izuku Midoriya. After playing the game for a while and levelling up, with due time players will soon have access to a vast array of other characters as well, including villains!

If users are not willing to spend real currencies on the game, the first three heroes they are most likely to get to play with are the B-ranked heroes Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari, and Eijiro Kirishima. The game allows players to upgrade these characters to the S tier. Directly A and S ranked heroes can be bought too, but that, of course, requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and luck.  

The Different Modes

The game includes a wide variety of modes for users to enjoy. However, many of them are only accessible after players reach certain levels within the game.


This mode enables the user to participate in Combat Training, the Story Campaign, Night Ops and Operation X. Combat training is what beginners will have access to via the Peacekeeping Handbook option.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide
MHA gameplay


No features of this mode are available at the beginning. The Emergency option is available sooner than the other features. Here, your hero gets to team up with two random heroes within the game and fight. In this mode, you can also fight by teaming up with friends.


The Super Co-op Battle is available first and it is an easy way to get rewards. Players can participate in 3v3 hero battles via auto-battler mode five times a day. More info about this aspect of the game can be found below in the Tips Section. Arena, where the user rather than AI controls the heroes in battles will be available once Agency Level 19 is reached. Warzone Co-op will be available later.


All the options here will be unavailable for beginners. They will only be unlocked upon reaching Agency Level 25. Once unlocked, these events will provide you with cool rewards.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Know your characters

The Heroes can be put in 3 categories: Power, Technique and Speed. It is recommended to play using a hero from each category in 3v3 battles. You will eventually end up with a character for each category if you follow the game’s guide.

2. Get free stamina every day

  • There are three fixed times where you can get stamina for free, so make sure to log in to the game at the right times to avail free stamina. The times are 12:00 to 14:00, 18:00 to 20:00 and 20:00 to 22:00.
  • Visit the dorm every day and complete events to get tokens and free energy.
  • Claim stamina from friends up to 5 times. Add as many friends as you can to ensure you get the full free stamina from your friends.

3. Log in and complete missions every day

  • Complete in-game events which only last for a limited time. Check the available events in the Today’s News section and complete them before the deadline.
  • Complete story missions, daily quests, daily targets, and side quests for materials to increase character and city levels and to get cool rewards, hero coins and access to mode features.
  • Participate in the Super co-op battle 5 times a day to get Hero coins and battle cards. It is recommended to keep ranged damage dealers like Denki Kaminari at the bottom in the formation. Find opponents as highly ranked as possible with lower attack BP and fight them 5 times a day. After the 5 times limit is over, you can buy extra chances with hero coins and by ranking up, you will get more coins back by winning battles.

4. Do the Training missions

Each hero has their training to go through. In training, complete the basic combo moves the game asks to get Hero coins. Make sure the box next to unlimited power is checked to avoid cooldowns.

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero tier list
The Strongest heroes from My Hero Academia

5. Complete Dorm events to get Tokens

Visit the dorm on a regular basis and spend some time there. Whenever an object randomly appears on top of the heroes, tap on the hero, and carry them to that object inside the dorm to get rewards.

6. Farm Hero Shards

When the Hero trial is unlocked after a certain level is reached, players will be given the opportunity to farm for Hero shards of their favourite heroes. Level up your favourite heroes and do Hero commissions to get more rewards and Hero coins.

7. Auto-battler mode

Use it to your advantage. Your heroes will bring you the sweet taste of victory by themselves if the odds are in their favour.

8. Enhancing Gears

Do not bother enhancing the blue and green gears you receive earlier in the game. You will soon receive other gears enhancing which will be more useful in the long run.

9. Utilise your Hero Coins efficiently

Save them! Save your Hero coins for new event banners. You can also participate in more than 5 Super Co-op Battles by using Hero coins and collect more Hero coins in return by winning the battles. It is recommended to not spend Hero coins on the Class 1-A banner. 

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide. Did you find our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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