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My Hero Ultra Impact Heroes Tier List for December 2022

Choose the best heroes in Bandai Namco's new RPG!

My Hero Ultra Impact is a turn-based game that will give players an exciting experience to collect heroes and villains from My Hero Academia. Like another turn-based game, picking a suitable hero is the key to finishing the quest or defeating another player in the arena. It is true that having heroes with better rarities will increase the winning chance. However, players have to know their heroes well, because it is possible to meet enemies or characters that have a better skill set than their own roster. In this tier list, we will give players an insight about heroes in My Hero Ultra Impact that worth is the time to grind and the best-recommended hero that players may want to add to the roster.

My Hero Ultra Impact: Tier List for December 2022

My Hero Ultra Impact tier list will consist of 4 tiers (S, A, B, C), and pay attention to the hero type, as one hero may have several types. There will be a brief explanation and recommendations for maximizing each hero’s ability.

TierSTR (Red)INT (Green)ABL (Blue)MND (Yellow)DST (Purple)
Strong (S)(Rising Heat) Endeavour(Strong gales) Hawks(Living up to Expectation) Deku(My abilities) Deku, (Symbol of Peace) All MIght(Post Struggle) Todoroki, (Evil Ruler) All for one
Good (A)(Persistence) Ejiro Kirishima (To be a hero) Deku, (Strength not to fail) Kirishima(My decisiveness) Uraraka(Flashing Blade) Himiko Toga(Living in the moment) Aizawa(Relentless Assault) Bakugo (Endless of malice) Shigaraki
Average (B)(Cooking with everyone) Deku(Old speedster) Gran Torino, (Cooking fun) Uraraka(Froppy) Tsuyu Asui, (Get your game on) Denki
Weak (C)(Cooking Fun) Deku(Masked in darkness) Kurogiri(Cooking together) Bakugo (Tainted flames) Dabi(Evil Unbound) Shigaraki

Best meta heroes My Hero Ultra Impact for December 2022

Here are the best heroes that players might want to add to the roster, based on their ability in each tier. Of course, players may try another hero that suits the game style, but this will give them insight into some heroes, that players can put either as your front-liner or as a substitute.

deku my hero ultra, My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List

(My abilities) Deku

This is one of the best types of Deku in My Hero Ultra Impact. While his skills will buff Deku and his teammates, he also deals a huge amount of damage that will give players a headache, whether to put him as support or put him as a damage dealer. It is the players’ choice of course.

evil hunter my hero ultra, My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List

(Evil Ruler) All for one

One of the major villains in My Hero Academia. All Might nemesis, All for one are the best villains that players can put in the roster, especially when players have a full roster of the League of Villains. All for one will increase the League of Villain’s critical rate in the team. Therefore, his existence will guarantee players massive damage from the team.

persistence my hero ultra

(Persistence) Ejiro Kirishima

Red Riot Kirishima is the hero that players need in case, they want to have a strong roster with high power in defense. Kirishima ability to direct attack from enemy to himself will give players a huge relief for a low HP teammate, without having to concern with him, as he has a strong defense and a huge amount of HP.

strong gales my hero ultra

(Strong Gales) Hawks

Hawks is the master of dodge and evasion in My Hero Ultra Impact. His existence will increase the chances for the team to dodge any enemy attacks. Players must him together with All might and Shota Aizawa, which will bring nothing but a nightmare to the enemies.

old speedstar my hero ultra, My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List

(Old Speedster) Gran Torino

Deku’s first teacher in My Hero Academia, Gran Torino is the best support that players can have, on the roster. His Inexhaustible will increase the critical rate for 3 turns and increase 30 % health.

Final Thoughts

Players have to know their suitable game style before adding heroes to their roster. If players are the one who wants to finish everything in the first turn, they can pick a full aggressive roster with three front liners as a damage dealer.

If players are looking for a balanced roster, which includes one damage dealer, one support, and one tanky hero, it will be best. Having a hero with better rarities will not bring anything useful if their skill set does not bring the team in an advantageous position. Therefore, it is important to look up to the hero skills, before they decide to grind the hero and put it in their roster.

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