eFootball PES 2020: Spain & Italy National teams Squad Builders for Matchday

The National teams matchday is finally in-game in eFootball PES 2020 along with other themed events & featured players. Players can participate in the matchday picking the National team of his/her choice. PES previously had rolled out a EURO 2020™ Datapack on 4th June where we had got only National Team flags and jerseys in our User Profile to change. For the first time since last week, We have some Euro Cup content in-game we all have been waiting for. We will be looking forward to bring you some exciting National teams Squad Builders in PES 2020 in the due time.

We will be covering all the popular European teams with their National teams Squad Builders in PES 2020. In this piece, We will be looking forward to the 2006 World Champions Italy who became runners-up in Euro 2012. They play under the coaching of former Inter Milan and Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini. We will also look at Spain who won the 3 titles between 2008 and 2012 in the form of two European Cups and a World Cup. They play under the management of former treble-winning Barcelona manager Luis Enrique.

Spain National Team Squad Builder

Manager: Luis Enrique

Our National teams Squad Builders in PES 2020 would include Spain under Luis Enrique. He was appointed after the 2018 World Cup and replaced Fernando Hierro on the hot seat. The Spanish team needed a much-needed change after the Tikitaka-era which lauded them with trophies. Barcelona had lost their way after the Pep Guardiola era and it was none other than Enrique who had the persona to turn it around for the team back then. Barcelona won two La Liga’s under him and completed a European treble under him.

Formation: 4-3-3 (Possession Game)

As Football keeps changing from year to year, The last 3 tournaments showed that teams did have a better answer to the passing football of Spain. Luis Enrique can be the capable person who can mix the brand of possession football with quick transitions on the play and give opponents a hard time to play for.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Luis Enrique
Enrique’s Offensive & Defensive Tactics

Starting XI


Luis Enrique uses a defence with a Frontline Pressure tactic where an Offensive GK like David De Gea is necessary to clear the danger without any haste in case any defenders fail to get near it. David, being the offensive GK has got great reflexes and GK Awareness. The Manchester United shot-stopper has got the GK Low Punt skill which helps in distribution.

David De Gea


After the retirement of Gerard Pique from international football, the national team captain, Sergio Ramos has taken up the reins of the team with his leadership and continues to be firepower in the back-4 of the Spanish national team. The centre-backs usually presses high up the pitch and tackles to win back possession to start attacks quickly. The fullbacks can also push high up to give width to the attack as midfielders and combine with the midfielders as they slip inside the pitch. They can whip crosses for the forwards to head it in.

Spanish back-line for Luis Enrique

Juan Bernat puts in immense work moving up and down the pitch. The PSG left-back can put balls into the box with his ‘Pinpoint Crossing’ trait for the striker to get on the end of. Also, He has great speed and does a good job defending.

Juan Bernat
Left Centre-Back

Mario Hermoso is a fantastic Destroyer centre-back who has great stats in online matches. The left-footed CB has extremely good speed to keep up with fast attackers. He has got good strength and aggression which is beneficial for a Destroyer centre-back and offers great defensive work-rate. The Atletico Madrid centre-back offers great support with his Man Marking trait to Sergio Ramos who has an Extra Frontman style.

Right Centre-Back

Sergio Ramos is a beast of a central defender. He possesses an Extra Frontman style who pushes forward in defence to kill attacks in the centre of the pitch. He has top-notch aggression and jump for set-pieces and clearing long balls for attackers. In case of a counter-attack with fast attackers, he might be vulnerable because of his playing style.

Hermoso and Ramos
Right Back

Dani Carvajal is an offensive fullback who can whip in beautiful crosses because of the Pinpoint Crossing playstyle. He is fast and can dribble well, combining with the midfielders and the wingers. He is also defensively good and covers well with defensive prowess and stamina.



The midfielders in Luis Enrique’s formation should be players who can push forward making their runs. We need to play Creative Playmakers like Isco or Oyarzabal as the wingers we need to have players making runs into the box and present a threat. So, the combination of Box-to-Box midfielders along with Orchestrators would be very helpful depending on the wing play.

The midfielders should also help in pushing the play up the field and keep the pressure around the box to retain possession. The Anchorman in the DMF position would certainly help to intercept and win back possession and start the attacks with short or lofted passes.

Left CMF

Saul Niguez is a well-rounded option who offers help to defence along with pushing into the box and making intelligent runs. He has good positioning sense along with interception skills to win back possession. He is a brilliant box-to-box midfielder and possess maximum goal threat.

Isco can play as a Creative Playmaker who can supply assists to attackers in the box. He has got decent dribbling and ball control along with pace as he can push up the pitch quickly in case of counters. He has good passing stats and can loft a ball towards the poacher to let him finish it.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Spain midfield
Saul, Busquets and Fabian Ruiz

Sergio Busquets is the perfect anchorman in Luis Enrique’s formation who has excellent positioning skills and good passing to find the midfielders around me. The La Masia graduate can retain the possession with small touches and spread the play intelligently. He can push high up the pitch to keep the game in the opposition half. He can also intercept long balls during counters.

If you need your anchorman to drop more in the defence to get the balls in duels and help out defenders, Rodri should be your choice. Rodri is a more aggressive and physical option compared to Busquets.

Isco, Busquets and Saul
Right CMF

Fabian Ruiz is a fantastic orchestrator who can intercept balls anywhere on the pitch. He can combine with the RB and make runs into the box. The Napoli midfielder has got a fantastic shot up his sleeve. His fantastic passing stats add up to his brilliance and helps move up the pitch with the ball.

Alternatively, You could even play Thiago as a CMF as he can be the creative player in the midfield and support the wingers with through passes. He can also penetrate in the box as a hole player as an attacking threat.

Thiago,Rodri and Saul


The wingers can drift inside the box as inside forwards and combine with the midfielders to score. The Centre-Forward can make runs past the defenders and hold off the defender to take a shot at the goal.


Mikel Oyarzabal can play as a creative playmaker and can beat defenders into the box. He has good ball control and dribbling to hold on the ball under pressure. He makes intelligent runs despite not being too fast. The Sociedad youngster can provide assists for the attackers and can fancy a chance with his left foot.

You can also try Isco as an LWF for his crosses and creative play.

Oyarazabal, Morata and Sarabia.

Morata can play as a lone CF whose can hold the ball brilliantly. He can shoot well. He has got decent dribbling as a centre-forward and can even head the ball. Morata has got the Super Sub Trait which helps him to make an impact late in the second half.

You can also prefer Rodrigo as he has better passing skills as a forward and likes to link up well. He has low aerial stats compared to Morata and can make a difference with his linkup play, ball control and finishing.

Isco, Rodrigo and Sarabia.

Sarabia can function as a Second Striker who can hold onto the ball and make runs into the box. He has good control on the ball and decent dribbling and shooting skills. The hole player trait helps him to impose pressure on the right of the pitch and get into the box.

Spanish XI

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Spain XI
National Squad Builders in PES 2020: Spain Preset XI

Italy National Team Squad Builder

Manager: Roberto Mancini

Our National teams Squad Builders in PES 2020 would include Italy under Roberto Mancini. He was appointed six months after Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. His side has been in breathtaking form during Euro 2020. Mancini has not lost a game in Euro 2020 Qualifiers and conceded a minimum amount of goals.

Formation: 4-3-3 (Possession Game)

Mancini lines up the Italian side in a classic 4-3-3 formation where the midfielders follow a pass and move ahead style in possession. The side has seen a flurry of goals scored in the Qualifier Campaign and scored many goals featuring Lazio striker Ciro Immobile and Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne. The defence has been in great form for a while featuring the experience of Chiellini. The midfield involves the mix of youth and experience of several players like Barella, Sensi and Verratti.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Mancini
Mancini’s Offensive & Defensive tactics

Starting XI


Gianluigi Donnaruma is an offensive goalkeeper who can come off his lines to clear the ball out of danger. He has great reflexes and GK Reach as an offensive GK and has the GK Low Punt skill for distribution.

Alternatively, for a centre-back pair of deep-lying defenders, a defensive GK like Sirigu and Meret can be viable. Both the keepers have fantastic GK awareness and reflexes to make saves from a shorter distance in the box.


The defence is led by the veteran Chiellini along with experienced defenders like Bonnucci and Acerbi and young defenders like Romagnoli coming up the ranks. The Center-backs needs to push up the pitch and let the midfielders orchestrate the passing movement in the pitch.
The fullbacks can help in support by adding width to the pitch. In case a flank needs additional defensive support, You can turn one of your fullbacks into a centre-back.


Francesco Acerbi can be a Left-back turned Centre-back as he can tackle down opponents with stamina and strength. The Man Marking Trait helps keep the wingers at bay.

Luis Spinnazola is an offensive full-back with a lot of pace and helps to keep the ball higher up the pitch. He has got good stamina up his sleeve to maintain the pressure throughout the game.

Left Centre-Back

Chiellini covers long balls greatly in online matches with his Acrobatic Clear trait. The left-footed CB has got extremely good strength and ball-winning capabilities. The Juve centre-back offers great marking with his Man Marking trait and helps in distribution with short passes. He is the perfect man to put the armband on for the Azzurri’s.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Italy defence
Italian Centre-Back Pair with Offensive GK
Right Centre-Back

Bonucci can be set up as the Right Centre-back as he can comfortably distribute the ball from the defence using his distribution skills. The Low Lofted Pass trait is also useful. He can be a commanding presence in the box during set-pieces (Heading trait). He can stop attacks on the front and has good defensive awareness.

You can alternatively use a deep defender like Romagnoli who focuses to stay back and defend with Chiellini and distribute with short passes. Romagnoli is clean with his tackles and defending, similar to a classic Italian defender. The Milan captain is very clean on the ball and has excellent defensive awareness.

Italy Centre-Back Pair with Defensive GK
Right Back

Florenzi can be used as the Right-back in the 4-3-3 as he can tirelessly shuttle up and down the pitch. He can make last-stitch challenges on the winger and push up the flanks to land a perfect cross to the box for headers with his Pinpoint Crossing Trait. The Valencia player can be very versatile and is useful for the orchestrating both the attacking and defensive aspects of the game.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020


The midfielders in Mancini’s system are classical ball-holding midfielders who attempt to move forward keeping the possession of the ball. The likes of Verratti and Sensi can work as orchestrators and keep the ball in the midfield. The box-to-box midfielders like Barella can possess a goal threat in the box and contributing in the defence. Jorginho can intercept the long ball and win back possession. He can start attacks in this process.

Left CMF

Marco Verratti is one of the best orchestrators in-game and can retain the ball and pass in the tightest of spaces. He can hold the ball brilliantly with his 99 tight possession and orchestrate the possession play to perfection. Because of his height, The Italian is not a formidable figure, but has excellent positioning as a midfielder. His stamina degrades into the game quickly which is a downside of him.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Italy midfield
Veratti, Jorginho and Barella

Jorginho is a classical orchestrator who stays back in an anchorman position in Roberto Mancini’s 4-3-3 and has good passing stats to spread the play. The Chelsea man can loft the ball to Immobile in the middle and also find the wingers taking forward runs through the defence. He has ample defensive awareness and decent defensive stats to intercept and resume the possession play.

Tonali can also function as an orchestrator in this formation who is useful for distribution of balls to the advancing wingers.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020
Sensi, Tonali and Barella
Right CMF

Nico Barella has impressed a lot this season for his club and looks like an important chess piece for Mancini’s team’s future. He defends quite well.
The Italian youngster can arrive in the box and take the shots on goal. The height makes him a good dribbler on the ball and makes him a decent offensive threat with the ball.


The Lazio superstar Ciro Immobile spearheads the attack. The Italian has scored 29 goals in Serie A this season for his club team. He is joined by the likes of Insigne, Bernandeschi who cut into the box to take a shot on goal. Players like Chiesa can cross the ball into the box for headers.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Italy attack
Insigne, Immobile and Bernandeschi

Lorenzo Insigne is the outright choice for the Left-wing spot in the team. The Napoli Captain is a fantastic player on the ball and has great dribbling and has a brisk pace with the ball. He can take on defenders with his dribbling and has a wonderful curl on his finish which ends up in goals. The only downside of Insigne in PES 2020 is his strength and height, so you could avoid taking on the strongest of defenders.
His Pin-point Crossing trait might be necessary to let him whip crosses into the box. On addition to that, Insigne can also impact the game while subbed in later the by his Super-Sub trait.

El Shaarawy can also feature as an LWF in his absence. The former Roma winger has got good pace and better strength than Insigne and can become a threat in the box.


Immobile has been in fantastic form under Roberto Mancini and is one of the stalwarts for his club Lazio. Immobile is deceptively quick and can hold the ball brilliantly. He has got good shooting power along with great finishing and can win headers in the box as well. He has got the One-Touch Pass skill which allows him to link up with the wingers cutting in. Also, Immobile has good work-rate to press the defenders in the final third.

He rotates with Torino forward Andrea Bellotti who is a lethal finisher in the box too. Bellotti has great shooting skills as Immobile and is a fantastic box player. Although, He doesn’t have great linkup abilities compared to that of Immobile.

National Squad Builders in PES 2020
El Shaaraway, Belotti and Chiesa

Federico Bernandeschi can make great runs inside the box and play alongside the striker Immobile. He also can cut inside from the flanks and arrive in the box as an additional attacking threat.

Federico Chiesa can also be used as a right-winger in this formation. He can be used to cut in from the flanks similar to Bernandeschi. In addition to that, Chiesa can deliver crosses in the box for the striker to head it in.

Italian XI

National Squad Builders in PES 2020 Italy XI
National Squad Builders in PES 2020: Italy Preset XI

Next up, we will cover national teams squad builders for popular teams for the national teams matchday in PES 2020.

Did you find this National teams Squad Builders in PES 2020 helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Also, what other national squads do you want us to build for Euro Mode? Let us know in the comment section below!

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