eFootball PES 2020: Squad Builders for EURO Matchday in PES

UEFA EURO 2020™ themed Matchday and Featured players are finally starting to make an appearance in eFootball PES 2020 since last week. Konami introduced the EURO 2020™ Datapack on 4th June, but as there was no EURO content for mobile players, they were hoping for MyClub content and themed Matchdays since then. Finally, one month later, PES is bringing some of the content we hoped for.

While Konami is finally bringing us some MyClub content including National featured players and National Legends, and also Euro themed Matchdays, feel free to check our article about some fun and exciting features that could have been added in the Euro Mode in PES.

Which teams will be coming on the next EURO 2020 Matchday in PES?

All the teams that already qualified for the Euro or are still contenders to gain a potential Euro spot can make an appearance in the next EURO Matchday in PES 2020.

You can choose any of the teams for playing the Matchday. While many PES players might find some Matchdays boring because of the absence of heavyweight teams, we find this challenging. Playing with these lower-rated squads and finding a way to win games on rather close margins can be fun and exciting too, at times. Also, big teams like France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, England will make an appearance in the Euro Matchday in the future, and we’ll build their Matchday Squads too. So, stay tuned!

Euro 2020 Matchday in PES
EURO 2020 Matchday Home Screen in PES

We have picked two teams from the teams available for now. These teams seemed fun and exciting to play with, and we hope you feel similar about them. In case you don’t, we are here to guide you through the Matchday Squad Builders of both these teams, along with the tactical analysis as well. The teams we picked:

  • Norway
  • Serbia

Now, let’s get into these squads without any further ado.


Norway might not be a famous international team but they possess two huge young prospects of European football in E.Haaland and M.Odegaard. Interestingly, Norway is one of two teams in World football who have never lost a match to Brazil having faced them. That’s a great record for sure!

Manager & Formation

Swedish manager Lans Lagerback is the head coach of the Norway national team. He previously led Iceland to the Euro 2016 Quarter Finals, beating England in the way. He uses a 4-2-2-2 lineup in the Norway team with a Possession style of play.

PES Euro Matchday Lagerback tactics
Lagerback’s Offensive & Defensive tactics

Starting XI

Our Norway Starting XI looks like this:

  • Forwards: 2CFs (J.King, E.Haaland).
  • Midfielders: AMF (M.Odegaard), 2CMFs (S.Johansen, O.Selnaes), DMF (S.Berge).
  • Defenders: LB(M.Linnes), 2CBs (K.Ajer, H.Nordtveit), RB (O.Elabdellao).
  • Goalkeeper: R.Jarstein.
PES Euro Matchday Norway XI
Our preferred Norway XI

Tactical Analysis

Lagerback’s formation works as a 4-2-4 in the offensive phase and a 4-4-2 in the defensive phase. All of the Norwegian midfielders are good pressing agents, so you need to utilise them well for pressing the opposition higher up the pitch. Let’s look at our preferred tactics in the offensive and defensive phase.

Offensive phase

The offensive phase basically means when you are trying to build an attack. Let’s see how you can shape the attack for Norway:

  • The forwards, King and Haaland, are both very good on the ball and they can hold the up in the final third due to their strong physicality. They can play one-touch passes between them, involving others as well if needed. They are both good at finishing as well. Haaland is a good header of the ball, so set him as your set-piece attacker.
  • AMF Odegaard is a good orchestrator, though he pushes forward and mainly stays wide during an attack, his passes and crosses into the box can be useful. He can great ball control and dribbling abilities. He can shoot from long-range too.
  • Among the 2 CMFs, Selnaes is box-to-box and he likes to push forward at every opportunity. Johansen is more like an orchestrator, he doesn’t push forward as much. Both of them have the “Long-ball expert” trait which you can use for supplying long balls to King and Haaland, they are great receivers of long-balls in fact.
  • Both full-backs are offensive and have a good pace but from our playing experience, RB O.Elabdellaoui seemed more natural for pushing forward. He also has good crossing abilities, which will be helpful to send the ball in for the forwards.
Norway offensive tactic
Visual representation of Norway’s offensive tactic

Defensive phase

The defensive phase is basically when the opposition is attacking. You have to tighten the spaces and snatch away possession from the opposition attackers.

  • The full-backs have good pace and they can trackback quickly.
  • DMF S.Berge has great physicality to stop the opposition forwards in his tracks, and due to his Anchor Man role, he shields the defence well. He can also work as a good pressing agent.
  • Ajer is a CB with good pace and physical contact. Use him to stop pacy attackers and snatch the ball away. He has the ‘long-ball expert‘ trait so you can try to immediately pass the ball directly to the forwards after winning the ball, initiating a counter. On the other hand, Nordveit is originally a DMF but he is decent as a CB too.
  • After winning the ball, you can also try to start a counter by quickly passing the ball out with players who have the one-touch passing ability like Berge and Selnaes. But as the forwards don’t push down, probably long-ball passing is a better idea for a counter.
  • However, if you face a 1v1 situation with only Jarstein, don’t push forward as he is a defensive goalkeeper and will be more comfortable staying in position.
Norway defensive tactic
Visual representation of Norway’s defensive tactic

Now you should be good to play the EURO 2020 Matchday in PES with Norway. We hope that you have fun playing with this squad!


Serbia is a national team with a lot of history, but most of that came when they used to play under the Yugoslavia union. They previously had great players like N.Vidic and D.Stankovic and currently, they have a very talented bunch of players as well. The talented Serbian lads make it an exciting squad to play with in PES 2020 as well for the upcoming EURO Matchday.

Manager & Formation

Ljubisa Tumbakovic is the Serbian head coach, who likes to play his team in a 4-3-2-1 formation and preferring Possession playstyle.

PES Euro Matchday Serbia tactics
Tumbakovic’s offensive & defensive tactic

Starting XI

Serbia have decent squad depth, but our preferred XI looks pretty straight-forward.

  • Forwards: CF (L.Jovic).
  • Midfielders: 2AMFs (D.Tadic, A.Ljajic), CMF(S.Milinkovic-Savic), 2DMFs (N.Matic, L.Milivojevic).
  • Defenders: LB(A.Kolarov), 2CBs (M.Nastasic, N.Maksimovic), RB (N.Milenkovic).
  • Goalkeeper: N.Dmitrovic.
EURO Matchday PES Serbia XI
Our preferred Serbia XI

Tactical Analysis

Tumbakovic’s formation operates almost as a 4-2-4 in the offensive phase, with Milinkovic-Savic pushing forward towards the box, and Tadic & Ljajic operating in the wide areas. In the defensive phase, everybody except Jovic tracks back so we get a 4-5-1 formation.

Offensive phase

  • L.Jovic might be having a dreadful season at Real Madrid, but his card in PES is one of the best gold-ball strikers in-game. He can hold the ball well, turn around defenders, and go for goal himself or lay it off to other players making forward runs like Milinkovic-Savic or Tadic.
  • Both AMFs Tadic and Ljajic are creative playmakers by playstyle, and good on the ball. Their through-passing for Jovic or Milinkovic-Savic can be useful for breaking opposition’s line. Tadic, originally being a CF, has a tendency to make runs into the box, to support Jovic. He is a good long-range shooter as well, with traits like ‘long-range drive‘ & ‘long-range shooting‘.
  • CMF Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is one of the best Hole Players in the game, and he is as impressive with the Serbian team as he is with Lazio. He likes to push forward at every opportunity and combines well with Jovic. He is a great physical presence in the box as well during set-pieces, so make him your first set-piece attacker.
  • Between the DMFs, Milivojevic is a ‘destroyer’ by playstyle, so he gets further forward than N.Matic and is a better pressing agent. They both have the ‘long-ball expert‘ trait, which you can use to deliver effective long-passes to the forwards who are looking to break the opposition defensive line.
  • LB Kolarov is a great crosser of the ball, and a good finisher from long-range as well. So whenever you get a chance to cross or shoot with him, give it a go.
Serbia offensive tactic
Visual representation of Serbia’s offensive tactic

Defensive phase

  • Everybody other than Jovic tracks back in the defensive phase, making the formation look like a 4-5-1 as discussed earlier.
  • Midfielders Milinkovic-Savic, Matic & Milivojevic and centre backs Nastasic & Maksimovic are all very aggressive and physical, so use their strength to beat the opposition forwards and snatch the ball away.
  • RB Milenkovic is originally a CB, so if you want to make your defence more compact, you can switch his position back to a CB.
  • Players like Nastasic, Milinkovic-Savic who have the ‘long-ball expert‘ trait can immediately start a counter after winning the ball back by long-passing directly to Jovic or the AMFs who are looking for space.
Serbia defensive tactic
Visual representation of Serbia’s defensive tactic

Serbia is probably the best team in the upcoming Euro 2020 Matchday in PES among the 16 teams. Hope you enjoy playing with the Serbia team and following these tactics. Good luck!

Note: All the tactics and team selections are based on our playing experience with these teams. Your experience might be different, and we’ll be more than happy to hear your experiences and opinions about more exciting teams to use for the Matchdays, in the comment section below.

Next up, we have more national teams coming in for the EURO Matchday in PES 2020!

Did you find this article helpful? Which team do you use for Matchday? Also, what other squads do you want us to build for the EURO Matchday? Let us know in the comment section below! Read our other PES articles here.

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