NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event Guide

The 2023 NBA All-Star have arrived!

The NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 is to be held from 17th Feb to 19th February 2023, with the grand much-awaited NBA All-Star 2023 match set on 19th February 2023. To celebrate this occasion, EA introduces the NBA All-Star event in NBA Live Mobile 23 celebrating the game’s legends and rising stars!

The All-Star games are organized with the fan-favorite players, selected through fan voting, player voting, and media voting as they participate in a series of games. These games are completely for entertainment purposes, these have no impact on the actual League Standings anyhow. The major events of the All-Star event are All-Star Match, Dunk Contest, and the 3-point shootout.

NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event Description

  • Event Duration: 15th February – 22nd February (7 days)

NBA Mobile 23 All-Star Event Flow

The All-Star Starter and Reserve players can be obtained by spending All-Star Points which can be obtained by completing certain tasks, achievements, and events. The players present in the game event are the players that were selected through the votes, IRL, and some other players are playing because of injury or trade of initially selected players. The event is divided into mainly 2 parts:

  • Rising Stars
  • All-Stars 2023 Utah

Rising Stars

This event is divided into two parts:

  • Rising Stars Rookie Event: Complete to earn Rising Stars Rookie Tokens
  • Rising Stars Sophomore Event: Complete to earn Rising Stars Sophomore Tokens
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The events of both of these events are the same and the rewards are also similar. There are four events in both of these. The events are reset daily and on completing the event for the First time daily would grant 6 extra Tokens of the events. On completing these events, players would earn:

  • Random Number of event Tokens (1-13)
  • 1125 Coins
  • 225 Experience points
  • 45 Monthly Master Emblems

Now, these events can be repeated as many times as possible and each turn consumes 45 Stamina points. On collecting 30 tokens of either event, players can exchange the token for an 80 OVR – 82 OVR player.

All-Stars 2023 Utah

There are three events that are part of this event.

  • All-Star Challenge Event: This event is reset daily and requires 75 Stamina to do it. On completion, players would earn 600 All-Star points with a chance at an All-Star Player.
  • All-Star Game Pick’em up: This event doesn’t require any stamina and can be done only once. On completing the event, the player would have to choose either one of the Teams. If the player picks the winning team, then, the player would earn 500 stamina points, and if not then 250 stamina points. This event is available only till the All-Star Game Begins.
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  • All-Star Starter Events: There are 5 events in this event. Each event is dedicated to each position in the basketball team and for each event player of a particular position is loaned. And as there are 2x players on each team, hence each of these events can be done twice daily. Each run of the event consumes 30 stamina points. On each win, players can earn 25/50/75/100 All-Star points.

Also, completing all the events for the first time daily would also earn you achievement and these would grant players 300 All-Star Points.

Exchange Sets

There are a total of two Exchange Sets are available for the NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event:

  • All-Star Rising Star Rookie and Sophomore Token Exchanges: Collect 30 tokens of either event and exchange them for an 80-82 OVR player.
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  • All-Star Player Exchanges: Turn in players obtained from Rookie and Sophomore Token Exchanges for All-Star points or All-Star Players:
    • All-Star Points Exchange I: Turn in one (80+81+82 OVR) All-Star Players for 3000 All-Star Points
    • All-Star Points Exchange II: Turn in 6x 80-81 OVR All-Star Players for 3000 All-Star Points
    • All-Star Points Exchange: Turn in 3x 80-81 OVR All-Star Players for one 82 OVR All-Star Player

Additionally, players can buy All-Star Points from the store with Coins and NBA Cash. One of the offers is one-time only and others are reset every day with a 10-daily limit.

NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event Tips and Tricks

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players. This strategy has been checked and calculated with a maximum of 735 stamina. If any player has more than the latter, surely it will be a smoother process to grind for the Grand Master.

Running the Math for F2P Players

  • Rising Stars Events: 45*4 = 180 Stamina
  • Rising Stars Sophomore Events: 45*4 = 180 Stamina
  • All-Star Challenge Event: 75 Stamina
  • All-Star Starter Events: 30*2*5= 300 Stamina

Thus one can utilize a total of 735 Stamina in the 7 days of the event to grind down the events

All-Stars Event Starters (Conference Wise)

Western Conference (Team LeBron)

  • LeBron James (SF, 92 OVR)(Captain): 40K All-Star Points and 3 out 4 other All-Stars Starters from the same conference
  • Nikola Jokic (C, 90 OVR): 20K All-Star Points
  • Zion Williamson (PF,90 OVR): 20K All-Star Points
  • Luka Doncic (SG, 89 OVR): 15k All-Star Points
  • Steph Curry (PG, 89 OVR): 15k All-Star Points

Eastern Conference (Team Antetokounmpo)

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (C, 92 OVR)(Captain): 40K All-Star Points and 3 out 4 other All-Stars Starters from the same conference
  • Kevin Durant (PF, 90 OVR): 20K All-Star Points
  • Jayson Tatum (SF,90 OVR): 20K All-Star Points
  • Donovan Mitchell (SG, 89 OVR): 15k All-Star Points
  • Kyrue Irving( PG, 89 OVR): 15k All-Star Points

Reserve Pack for each team can also be exchanged for 6.5K All-Star Points from which players rating 86-88 OVR can be obtained with a 15% chance for 88 OVR players

NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event Players

Image via Electronic Arts

That’s it the All-Star Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Players should try to complete all the events daily at least and then spend the rest of the stamina in the Rising Stars or Rising Stars Sophomore events. As these tokens can be exchanged for players which in turn be exchanged for All-Star points and those can be used for Obtaining the All-Stars Game Players who have high OVR.

Additionally, it is better to use All-Star Points Exchange I and All-Star-Points Exchange. As in these exchanges, a lesser number of players are used in each exchange. And if you have to All-Star Points Exchange II then, don’t do it before the last day. As you might get lucky and get players with the required OVR.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this NBA Live Mobile 23 All-Star Event Guide useful.

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should i keep all-star-event player tokens till the all-star event next year. Then i can trade them for points? Is that possible to use them for the event next year?


Another question is i have some event-tokens and the event is over to use. Then i should keep them or sell them

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