NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Guide

A detailed guide to clear the event!

As the regular season of the NBA is coming to an end in a few days and the play-in and play-off matches will be starting soon, the NBA Live Mobile 23 has provided players to earn past Playoff Stars. In this event, players will be able to claim 93 OVR Masters players and 95 OVR Playoff History Grand Master Kevin Garnett. So, in this article, we shall help you to claim the best stars with this NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Guide.

NBA Live Mobile 23 History Event Description

  • Event Duration: 01st April – 07th April (7 days)

NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Flow

The event is divided into 5 parts based on era. The Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, Aughts, and Tens. For each era, players can play the event 20 times with 75 Stamina required for each run. Based on which era the player is playing, the player will earn points for the respective eras.

NBA Live event overview
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Players will also earn Playoff History Tokens in each run. For each era, there are separate Milestones. Each of the separate milestones will be having the probability of rewarding tokens of 2 particular eras.

  • Seventies Milestone packs: Tens and Seventies Token.
  • Eighties Milestone packs: Seventies and Eighties Token.
  • Nineties Milestone packs: Eighties and Nineties Token.
  • Aughts Milestone packs: Nineties and Aughts Token.
  • Tens Milestone packs: Aughts and Tens Token.

In the packs, players will also earn 82-86 OVR-rated players from the respective eras.

Exchange Sets

There are a total of three Exchange Sets are available for the NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event:

  • Playoff History Token Exchange Sets: Players can exchange the general tokens earned from the players. Also, players can exchange 2 Era tokens for a Random Era Token.
NBA Live exchange sets
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  • Playoff History Player Exchange Sets: On collecting 5 players rated from 82 to 86 of a particular era, players can exchange them for 15 Era Tokens of 2 eras as mentioned earlier. Players can also exchange any 5 of the players for 15 random Era Tokens and players can exchange 2 players for 1 player of a particular Era among 5 choices that would be provided to the player.
NBA Live masters
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  • Playoff History Master Exchange Sets: From these sets, players can obtain the Master or Grand Master player of the Playoff History event. For each Master Player, 15 82-86 OVR players and 10 tokens each of 2 different Eras.
    • Tracy McGrady’12: Tens and Aughts Tokens.
    • Gary Payton’06: Aughts and Nineties Tokens.
    • Shawn Kemp’96: Nineties and Eighties Tokens.
    • Adrian Dantley’86: Eighties and Seventies Tokens.
    • Oscar Robertson’74: Seventies and Tens Token.

In addition, all the Master players are 93 OVR. On collecting 3 Masters, players can exchange them for Playoff History Grand Master Kevin Garnett 95 OVR and get the 3 Masters back.

NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Tips and Tricks

This is a stamina-intensive event. Each run requires 75 Stamina. So, completing all runs of an Era daily would require 1500 stamina daily. And to be able to get 3 Masters and the Grand Master, players would have to spend at least 4500 stamina daily as they would have to complete 3 Eras per day.

NBA Live stamina
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Also, doing random Eras daily won’t help. Players should complete only particular Eras daily. Also, players should check for the Eras they should do if there are some particular Masters that they want to obtain.

NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Players

Considering the NBA regular season is coming to an end and we have a chance to get 93 OVR Masters and 95 OVR Grand Masters, players should try to get them. This event is one of the best ways to use up the stamina refills players have collected from previous seasons and can also use the NBA Cash refills.

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Getting such highly-rated players would boost the team line. And at the end of the season, all players would have a chance to get higher-rated players. So, if someone’s not updating their teams, they would fall behind other players in the PVP matches.

Hope you find this NBA Live Mobile 23 Playoff History Event Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below! 

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