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NFL Rivals – Football Game is a new officially NFL-licensed sports title developed and published by Mythical Games which was launched recently. In the game, players can become one of the best football managers and guide their dream team of NFL players to glory. With a variety of NFL teams to choose from, tackle fierce rivalries in fast-paced card-collecting action. As always, a new game attracts plenty of players who might or might not have played games of this genre. Hence they are in need of guides that can help them understand the game overview, and help them push further. So to understand the basics of NFL Rivals – Football Game, we present this guide for beginners with tips.

Getting Started with NFL Rivals

Gameplay Overview

The game is basically a version of the NFL on mobile devices. The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league comprised of 32 clubs, so while picking your squad, you can choose any team you need, as in my example I have picked Cincinnati Bengals from the North.

NFL Rivals gameplay
Image via Mythical Games

The gameplay is basically a reflection of the NFL, and you will be commonly getting to listen to keywords like touchdown, block, etc. To begin with, watching NFL games can help you learn more about the sport and how it is played. You can also learn new ideas and techniques to use in NFL Rivals. If you want to play and have never heard of the NFL, now is the time to start.


Not to worry much about understanding resources in the game. Gems, Gold, and Coins are the only three resource items as far as purchasing. Gems are the major resource, which is used for purchasing rare items and packs. Rival Coins or Coins are used for purchasing items, packs, and upgrading players. Gold offers players to purchase exclusive offers in the Connect section.


NFL Rivals has simple touch controls that allow you to run, and tackle. Juke and Dive are part of the pad on the right. However, the passing is somewhat on the difficult side if you are a newbie. The tutorial they provide might be easy on the eye and help you to quickly adapt, on the pitch it is a different story.

NFL Rivals gameplay
Image via Mythical Games

Delayed passes are definitely a big no, and most of the passes are out of player bound. To maintain the accuracy you might end up wasting too much time on the field. Spend some time practicing with the controls so you can make quick and accurate moves/passes on the field.

Team Management

Player Positions

These are categorized into three different categories, Offense, Defense, and Special.

Offensive Positions

In your team, they are sorted by the position each player represents. It is important to know what exactly a player does, so here is an explanation of positions.

Offensive LinemanOLThe offensive lineman’s major responsibility in running plays is to create space for the ball carrier to run.
Wide RecieverWRThe primary function of the wide receiver is to grab forward throws from the quarterback.
Running BackRBThe offensive lineman’s major responsibility in running plays is to create space for the ball carrier to run.
QuarterbackQBThe role of the tight end is to line up close to the tackle and act as a lineman or receiver.
Tight EndTEThe offensive back is who lines up behind the center, calls the signals, and conducts the team’s attacking play.

Defensive Positions

Defenders in NFL rivals are essential in order for your team to perform at the highest order. Positions are varied with respect to the players and their abilities, which are explained below.

CornerbackCBTheir primary responsibility is to rush the passer and halt any players who approach the center of the line of scrimmage.
LinebackerLBLinebackers are in charge of stopping both runs and passes.
Strong SafetySSThe strong safety plays closer to the line than the free safety and helps to stop the run.
Free SafetyFSThe defensive end’s role in run defense is to keep outside or containment.
Defensive EndDETheir primary responsibility is to rush the passer and halt any players who approach the center of the line of scrimmage.
Defensive TackleDTTheir primary responsibility is to rush the passer and halt any players who approach the center of the line of scrimmage.

Special Positions

Players with distinct positions are named to be Special Positions. In the game, Kicker is a special position, where you find limited yet excellent players to fulfill.

KickerKA player who is in charge of kicking field goals and extra points.

Player Attributes

Not to worry much as a beginner of the game, as you just need to check the ratings of the players. You don’t have to worry about other attributes. However, this may change if you are having points to allocate to the player of your choice. These are categorized into two distinct points: Promotion and Skill Points.

NFL Rivals skill points
Image via Mythical Games

Promotion points can be allocated to any player at their key level, irrespective of their position. They can be for condition, weight room, and film room. Meanwhile, Skill Points are position-specific, and can only be allocated to the player at certain positions. You can check your points in the inventory.

NFL Rivals Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some important tips and tricks to remember while playing NFL Rivals.

1. Keep track of your achievements

Keeping track of your achievements in a game can be a great way to monitor your progress in NFL Rivals. Why this is important is for the reason of having an easier route to earn coins and gems easily, as well as understanding what events you can play to unlock more rewards on a whole.

2. Make space before a pass

Passing the ball would be something that many would struggle with in the beginning. As we mentioned earlier, it depends on the movements of other players, so make sure both the passer and receiver are not marked, and then only attempt when the passing lane turns green and is positioned on the player.

3. Get player packs from shops on offer

player packs
Image via Mythical Games

NFL runs on players, and if you want to achieve higher, having the best players is a must. Packs are one such important aspect for improving your squad, so keep an eye on the offers. If you decide to purchase a player pack, make sure to read the details carefully to ensure you are getting the best value for your resources.

4. Understand the tactics well

Tactics in NFL
Image via Mythical Games

Simply put, NFL Rivals makes use of tactics that come in handy for having success on a play. Therefore, this becomes equally important to understand the tactics, say long pass or running pass in the game that are available options. Look at the pitch mapping and chose wisely.

5. Do not miss out on Draft events

The NFL Draft events provide teams with the option to add new players to their squads. Some players will provide an immediate boost to the squad that chooses them, while others will not. This will unlock at Level 3 of the game, so do not miss out.

Final Thoughts

NFL Rivals is a game that some players may find unsettling at first. It may not be the most opulent NFL game, but there is no doubt that it provides a satisfying NFL experience. The gameplay may take some time to acclimatize to because it will be quite irritating for a newbie, especially when the joystick fails and you are taken down.

Our advice is to take time, understand the basics, make some modifications to your team, and bring your best combo. If you run into any problems, please return to this NFL Rivals Beginners Guide or leave your questions in the comments.

That’s all from us for the NFL Rivals Beginners Guide! Did you find our NFL Rivals Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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