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Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide and Tips

Faces brutal monsters in the lands of feudal Japan in order to find your grandfather

Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game a game developed by Horizon Games is a Japanese-oriented offline Role-Playing Game or RPG for short. The game has an interesting plot. In this Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game beginners guide, we will give you some guides and also some tips and tricks for you, hopefully, it will become some help to you.

Gameplay Overview

There was a territory known as Kurome in feudal Japan. This was a land of shadow ninja warriors, but greed and a desire for more power corrupted the residents of Kurome. For the sake of gaining more power, they conquered additional places and spread their darkness. Taguchi Sensei, a samurai warrior, traveled to Kurome to put an end to the corruption, but he never returned. Ryuko is a courageous young shadow hunter who enters Kurome in search of Taguchi Sensei, eradicating corruption in the process.

Good reflect Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide
Image via Horizon Games

You will be playing the role of Ryuko, five open-world zones will be shown to Ryuko. The battlegrounds of these places will include ruthless shadow warrior opponents. Every zone has a Hunter’s Castle where you can rest, enhance your character, and get new weapons. Non-warrior fictional personalities and opponents can also be found in the locations.

The game begins in the Black Eye Fortress, where the player learns the fundamentals of fighting. The player beats the first few opponents and learns how to use stealth kills, finisher moves, uninterrupted attacks, elixir, and special abilities. The game teaches players how to loot weapons, repair and upgrade weapons, and level up their characters. Other than Ryuko, you will obtain some new characters that you can choose from while progressing through the gameplay and the story.

Introducing the Basics of Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game


This is an offline RPG, yet this game has motion control as MMORPG does. The way you move your character is by moving the analog control on the left side of your screen. The movement is very simple. While we are talking about movement, let us just cover how to sprint and dodge attacks. To do them you will see a red running like button on the right side of the screen.

Moving Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide
Image via Horizon Games

For running, you just need to move the analog control as you walk like usual and long-press the red running button. To dodge the enemy is almost similar, the difference is you just need a single tap of the red running button, and you direct your character with the moving analog control while fighting your opponents.


Attacking Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide
Image via Horizon Games

This part is for attacking your enemy while you are fighting. It is very simple, you just need to get close enough to your enemy and tap the large sword button. Your character will attack your enemy relentlessly, keep in mind that your character attack pattern will be different depending on what weapon is your character using. About how you change your character, we will cover it later on.


You already have a katana from the start, but it won’t be hurt to have another weapon on hand, right? To do that you need to loot from your defeated enemy. The looting process is simple and fast, you go straight to the defeated enemy, you will see a big hand symbol, and all you need to do now is give the hand a high five by tapping it.

Looting Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide
Image via Horizon Games

Also, you can loot from anywhere, boxes, treasure chests, or any place with a hand symbol, you can try tapping all the hand symbols you find. Looting here is also important because there will be a chance you will get various types of stones that you will need for enhancing and upgrading your weapons. Other than stones, you might find some elixir for you to consume.

Inventory and Items

You can change your weapons or add another additional projectile weapon through your inventory. You can open your inventory by tapping the pause button on the top right of your screen. Once you open it you will see something like katana, great katana, and dual katana, which are slots for you to place your weapons. Near to it, there are also ability slots for each katana. You can use different abilities with each of your katana.

Inventory and ItemsNinja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide
Image via Horizon Games

There are also slots for elixir, which you can put there to consume while in battle. Elixir is consumable equipment that has a special effect on you, at the start of the game while in the first tutorial, you will be introduced to your very first elixir, the elixir introduced to you is the elixir that buffs your attack speed and power. You will find various elixirs throughout your adventure within the game.

The next important slot available is the special attack slot. This slot is exclusive for projectile weapons such as guns and shuriken. These weapons are crucial because you will be facing an enemy with long-range weapons, and these weapons will become very handy to attack them before they can shoot you from distance. Now that is enough for the basic guidelines for the game, now here we will also provide you with tips and tricks so you can improve your game.

Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Watch your and your weapon’s HP

It is very hard to find an elixir that can heal your HP, so you need to be careful while fighting your opponents, if possible, do any movement while attacking, that way you can constantly dodge the enemy while attacking them.

weapon’s hp2
Image via Horizon Games

Don’t forget that your weapon also has its own durability, you can see it on the right screen of your screen, in your katana button, you will see a white bar, which represents your weapon’s durability, if the durability is too low, the katana button will show a crack marking. Do not worry, once that happens, you just need to find a blacksmith in your area and you can repair your weapons there.

2. Watch your enemy’s Movement carefully

The enemy has a special attack called an uninterrupted attack. This attack of your enemy will hit you really hard, you can still deal damage to them, but the enemy’s attack won’t be interrupted, so it still going to attack you.

Enemy Movement and Attack
Image via Horizon Games

To anticipate, every time your enemy wants to do this attack, you will see a red skull icon on the enemy, when the icon appeared, you must immediately attack them, there will be a chance to parry the attack and cancel it, but if your attack does not parry it and the enemy already lifting their sword, it is better to move away.

3. Attack Aggressively if you can

Attack aggressively if you can
Image via Horizon Games

When fighting the enemy, you might encounter another one coming at you, what you want to do now is to save your HP in case the other enemy is attacking you, to do that you don’t want to waste any time, it is better for you to attack the first enemy aggressively, so they don’t have time to attack you back.

4. Identify Your enemy’s weapon

enemy’s weapon
Image via Horizon Games

There are four types of weapons in the game, katana, dual katana, great katana, and projectile weapons. For you to survive longer in a fight, you need to know what weapon your enemy wields, knowing that you can decide which enemy should be your priority to defeat first and also evade any high damage hit.

5. Practice having good Reflection

Having a good reflection is very helpful since the enemy attack is quite fast, a reflect to dodge is the thing that can help you survive longer in the battle. Because in the game you will need to dodge your enemy attack a lot, if you are late to react or worst unable to react, you will be defeated easily by your enemies.

6. Practice having the Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing
Image via Horizon Games

Timing is also a good thing to master in the game, with good timing you can dodge the enemy or even parry their attack, but perfecting timing in a fast-paced battle is not an easy task, all you need to do to master this is practice and memorize enemy attack pattern.

7: Have the proper awareness of Your Surroundings

One thing that makes this game different from any other RPG or MMORPG is that there is no map in this game, so you need to have awareness of your surroundings because you cannot see where are you going, you might even just circle around the area just to find a way to get out, and the worst part is that you might get into an enemy ambush, so be careful and check your surroundings.

8: Break all the Boxes you can see

Break all boxes you see
Image via Horizon Games

We mention before that looting is important in this game, one way of looting is to break boxes around you, you won’t know what hiding inside those boxes until you break them. You will find useful items in some of the boxes, such as elixir, golds, and various kinds of stones to enhance your weapon.

9: Act Decisively

At some point, you will meet a stronger enemy than you or another situation that makes you in big trouble. In that kind of situation, you need to think clearly about what you should do. Mostly you will fight in an open area which can be your advantage if you are fighting one on one with the enemy, but that’s not going to happen all the time.

Act decisively
Image via Horizon Games

At some point, you will find yourself fighting against multiple enemies. In one vs two scenarios, your thinking and decision making is being tested. You will need to decide what action is best. To do so there are considerations that you need to think of, what weapon are your enemy wield, what is their level, is your level high enough to do this. By thinking about all that, you will get to make the best decision.

10: Utilize the right weapon for you

There are several types of weapons like we said before, there are also some conditions where some weapons might feel less effective to use, but all these are dependent on the player. Here are some characteristics of the weapons:

Image via Horizon Games
  • Katana and Dual Katana are good for fast attacking but lower in damage. These types of weapons are good for hit and run strategy and they can be a good choice when facing multiple enemies.
  • The Great Katana is a heavy-hitting weapon, but its attack speed is low, even when you walk with it, you can feel that your character is moving slower. This type of weapon is good for one-on-one combat with a slow-moving enemy, hitting a faster enemy with this weapon can be challenging, because the enemy can dodge your attack easily.
  • A ranged weapon is not suitable in close-ranged combat, this weapon can be used to counter your enemy when they are running toward you, or you spotted your enemy from the distance. It also has limited usage.

With that characteristic, you can choose what your main weapon will be. The choice of weapon is not necessarily dependent on the battle situation, it is more about which weapon you feel comfortable using it.

Final Thoughts

Ryuko Shadow Hunter is not very simple to learn, it is not a game for anyone. With the nature of violent games, you should be careful when playing them, and make sure you meet the requirement of the age restriction. The game itself is really challenging because, from the start of the tutorial you already meet a lot of enemies with various weapons and levels, some even have levels higher than you.

This game is suitable for people who love Japanese samurai and want to play it as an RPG character. The game is also suited for people who love challenges in-game. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s it from this Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game game beginners guide useful. 

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What happens to my weapon if I don’t upgrade its durability?


It kinda breaks. Mine showed literal breaks on the katana icon in-game and it’s health was in red zone plus the attack power was greatly diminished. Don’t worry, the smith can fix the broken ones easily too but I suggest repairing it as often as you can..


How do I change daytime to night time😭


Kill the last Hunter in ministry town,and save your grandfather then he will ask u to rest inside his room,that u will attack at midnight,that’s when the red door opens

Lawal Abdulmannan Afolabi

Please where will I find the last hunter


Where is the ministry Town


What am I going to do after killing my grandfather,how do I heal him with life elixer


Am in level 3 an I don’t know where to go

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