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Noah’s Heart: The Complete Class Guide and Tips

Find the right character class for yourself!

Noah’s Heart is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Archosaur Games using Unreal Engine 4. In this game, players can freely roam around and explore the world of “Noah” as it is an open world map. Players will meet various NPCs and monsters along their journey in this world and they’ll have to fight against the obstacles using either their character or Phantoms who are based on historical figures. The Phantoms are further divided into 5 different Phantom Class in Noah’s Heart based on their unique abilities. Furthermore, the Phantoms consist of various elements such as Wind, Water, Thunder, Fire, Dark, and Light which makes them even more unique from one another. Here’s the list of all the Phantom classes in Noah’s Heart and what each of them is capable of doing.

List of all the Phantom Class in Noah’s Heart

Here are the different character classes in the game:


Image via Archosaur Games

This class of Phantoms can act as shields on the battlefield and can absorb huge amounts of damage inflicted by the opponents upon their team just on themselves to protect their teammates. Phantoms belonging to this class are team players as they try to save everyone as a whole on their team and not just themselves. Some of the Phantoms from this class are Noah, Artien, and Da Vinci among others.


Noah's Heart Phantoms Class
Image via Archosaur Games

The Phantoms from this class are experts in hand-to-hand and melee combats. They have great defensive and offensive abilities at close ranges and even though they attack their opponents one by one, it’s not a problem as they can defeat them pretty quickly and easily. Sanada and Kami are a few examples of the Phantoms from this class.


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This class has the opposite ability from the Phantoms in the Fighter class because unlike them, Ranger Phantoms are the masters of using long-range weapons. They can deal high levels of damage to their enemies for a greater range than normal and they also help in increasing their teammates’ speed in general. A few Phantoms from this class are Saves Sisyphus and Ave.


Image via Archosaur Games

At least one Phantom from this class is a must-have on one’s team. They are the best supporters in the game and it is because of their healing abilities. Having them on one’s team heavily increases the chances of winning. The players won’t be as easy to kill as they are normally because of their new health regeneration abilities. Vivian, Aurora, and Gretel are a few Phantoms belonging to this class.


Noah's Heart Phantoms Class
Image via Archosaur Games

This class is known for its stealthy abilities and they can also inflict huge damages upon their enemies without getting spotted most of the time. Their skills also come in handy to help their teammates in some intense scenarios as their one shot can change the whole dynamic of the match. Kage, Sherilyn, and Kiko are some of the Phantoms from this class.

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