Oh My Anne Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience Anne's life filled with romance, friendships, and challenges at Green Gables!

Oh My Anne is a puzzle and match-3 adventure game by NEOWIZ. You get to embark on a journey that deals with the sudden changes in Anne Shirley’s life living in Avonlea. The game expects you to be in Anne’s shoes for the story and guide her when renovating the Green Gables. You witness her blossoming relationship with the townspeople of her residing city. To progress in her story, you must solve puzzles at each level and achieve the target to win rewards. Therefore, get into this Oh My Anne: Beginners Guide and Tips piece as I explain the basic gameplay and vital elements of the game.  Also, don’t hesitate to check our redeem codes piece to get bonus rewards.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Oh My Anne features the classic tap-to-blast method similar to Candy Crush. Everyone has played Candy Crush once in their lifetime. So, understanding the basic mechanics is a cakewalk for its players. You just need to solve the puzzle blocks to get the target item as the level requirement specifies. You must help Anne in her story filled with challenges and hurdles she needs to cross.

Oh My Anne storyline
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In case you’re seeking to solve the puzzles easily and with more moves left, boosters are your best friends. You should pair them in such a way as to develop boosters like butterflies, bombs, hammers, and more. Interchanging the boosters will benefit you greatly in terms of faster progress and also more resources in hand. 

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The game also includes an additional feature i.e. renovation of Green Gables. The element resembles the entire gameplay as Gardenscapes. Here, you should be dedicated to the modification of all rooms at Green Gables. Each room unlocks new possibilities for decorative pieces. The more appealing your room will look, the more higher rank you’ll rise in the game. 

Episode Tasks

For every chapter of Anne’s life, the game classifies them into episodes. Each episode in the window will have a certain number of tasks or better say renovation on display. As you complete the available list, more tasks like these will appear. 

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Each task requires one or two Dandelion seeds for a task depending upon the renovation. So, you need to solve puzzles and earn particular dandelion seeds to proceed with the modification of Anne’s new house. Also, there is a milestone set for modifications. As you complete a certain number of tasks, the bar will fill, and you’ll gain more rewards. 

Renovation of Green Gables 

In this space, I’ll explain another significant element that forms the backbone of this game. The complete turnover of Green Gables is vital for you to go ahead in Anne’s narrative. The renovations at the Green Gables are driven by the Episode tasks. As per the list, you can choose one task using sufficient Dandelion seeds and proceed with it. 

Oh My Anne renovation
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Suppose you’re changing the curtains, the game will give you three options for it and accordingly, you can choose one. The option you select should add to the appeal of the rooms you’re working on and reflect the perfect theme. The more attractive you make each room in Anne’s house, the higher rank you’ll get to. So, you should be mindful and channel your inner creativity to select the best one among the three. You can change them later as well by long pressing on the targetted space or item and measuring the choices. 

Oh My Anne Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Proceed with the Episode Tasks

To renovate Green Gables, you must abide by the basic gameplay. Every stage is an episode where you unlock an event in Anne’s life. For every episode, the game will assign you tasks that include modifying the structure or design of one of the rooms at Green Gables. All you have to do is solve the puzzle, achieve the set target, and obtain Dandelion seeds to proceed with Anne’s story. 

2. Focus on Blocks near Target items

For every level of the puzzle, you’ll have a set mission to achieve. It will give you a certain number of leaves, flowers, or any such item to obtain by blasting the blocks. In such gameplay, you should always focus on the blocks lying alternative to the item. It is necessary to see how you can combine the same color blocks into pairings of larger blocks. This will help you reach your mission sooner. 

3. Use Boosters while you can

Just like Candy Crush, Oh My Anne’s gameplay also flourishes with the help of boosters. Boosters like rockets, butterflies, bombs, hammers, and more help you in targeting the pieces efficiently.

Oh My Anne level reward
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These materials not only blast more blocks but also pave the way for you to easily set eyes on the mission. It’s a win-win for the gameplay as well as the renovation of Green Gables.  So, I’d suggest you stack up the boosters and use them when necessary in levels. 

4. Choose Attractive pieces to Rank up

You should be mindful when you select a task from the list the game mentions in the episode mission window. Suppose you’re renovating the walls, an attractive and appealing option would make the walls look great and enhance the room. So, it is upon you to choose the option that suits best the theme in your mind. The more enhanced your room or renovation will be at Green Gables, the higher you’ll rise rank-wise. And, if the obvious has to be stated, it will reward you with boosters, coins, and other benefits. 

5. Collect materials in the Bag to get rewards

In your Bag, you can store certain materials including Badges, Golden Piggy, and Season Photos. These items upgrade your collection, enhance your status among your peers at Green Gables, and give rewards. The Badges are like Welcome, Nice to Meet You, Fairy’s Gift, and more. You can collect the season photos as you progress through the levels and get access to the season pass. Hence, it is also important for you to stay aligned with your collection and earn more rewards. 

That’s all from us for the Oh My Anne Beginners Guide! Did you find our Oh My Anne Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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