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Old School RuneScape Mobile: Tips to Farm OSRS Gold and Craft items

Quick tips to farm more OSRS Gold easily!

While Old School RuneScape has been around since February 2013, the game has been available to play on a PC since RuneScape was first released. Originally, Jagex had a plan to make the game available to download before 2017 ended. However, the development took far longer than expected, and OSRS Mobile was released in October 2018 instead. Nevertheless, we finally have the mobile port. If you’re looking for the most efficient ways to farm OSRS gold in renowned MMO’s mobile port, you’ve come to the right place.

Initially, back then, the concept of OSRS coming to other platforms was a dream for most players. Some would play an unofficial version of OSRS on mobile or tablets using TeamViewer or Chrome remote desktop software. The experience was abysmal – the MMO didn’t run smoothly at all, but as a last resort method to play OSRS on the go, it got the job done. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when Jagex suddenly announced in July 2017 that Old School RuneScape would be available to play on mobile devices.

How to start farming OSRS Gold in Old School RuneScape Mobile

Focus on finishing the basic tasks

When OSRS Mobile was announced, people were ecstatic about all the gameplay they’d be able to experience outside of their homes. Gone are the days when they were bound to the screens of their computers; with the mobile version, they can farm OSRS GP while being out and about. As such, the community was hoping that they’d be able to kill bosses and do their usual tasks in the game efficiently through their mobile screens. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

osrs mobile OSRS Mobile Gold
Image via Jagex Games Studio

The expectations they had for OSRS Mobile immediately popped like a balloon, and one of the biggest reasons for that was how heavily the battery life on people’s devices drained while running the game. Many players had to reduce their FPS to the lowest setting (15 FPS) to make their battery last longer. However, this problem carried over to another new problem. It resulted in heavily restricted gameplay as you can’t do intensive tasks on a low FPS.

The reality is that most people can only do the basic game tasks – tasks that are only required for players to do for a short time or minimal movement. This includes training Herbalism and Slayer since they require the least effort or attention to the screen. Players also mainly used OSRS Mobile to claim their daily login rewards.

Take advantage of the Tap-to-Drop feature

If you want to speed up menu navigation in OSRS Mobile, a small icon at the top left-hand menu allows you to toggle tap-to-drop. You can use this option when gathering materials or crafting OSRS items that are not that valuable. In most situations in Old School RuneScape, inventory space is much more important than gold. Tap-to-drop isn’t the only available option available either. You can long-press the icon to switch between keyboard shortcuts and a single tap.

Image via Jagex Games Studio

Use the Grand Exchange efficiently

The Grand Exchange (GE) is where you can buy and sell tradeable OSRS items. Items that have no in-game value and non-tradeable items are not available on the GE, but aside from that, virtually almost anything you need can be found in the online market. Even Bonds, which you can exchange for 14 days of membership, can be bought if the price is right.

With the mobile version of OSRS, you’ll be able to check all the listings in the Grand Exchange anywhere as long as you have your phone. This will allow you to get better deals than you’d otherwise not find if you’re only playing on PC. The prices of OSRS items in the GE depend on supply and demand. If the item you’re looking for is in high demand and only a few players are selling it in the GE, expect its price to go up. With OSRS mobile, you can catch good deals on OSRS items like these and avoid paying the premium.

Master Crafting with the game’s AFK feature

OSRS Mobile is the perfect way to level up your crafting while working on the side. To do so, begin a task and set your phone down for a few minutes. Using this method, you can make money, which is excellent news for F2P or new players looking to make a few bucks.

Image via Jagex Games Studio

Cooking, cutting gems, or crafting armor are all acceptable candidates for crafting on mobile. This lets you enjoy the more active elements of OSRS from behind a keyboard and boosts your crafting skill while being away from the computer.

Final Thoughts

You can undoubtedly play OSRS Mobile however you want to, but you can take that experience further by following these tips. Most veterans use the mobile version to farm OSRS gold or do the most basic tasks in the game, but you can play OSRS entirely on the device too.

That’s it from this Old School RuneScape Mobile guide on how to farm OSRS Gold. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this OSRS guide useful. 

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