Omega Strikers Guide: Tips to obtain characters quickly in the game

Be sure to form a formidable team

Omega Strikers offers a fast-paced action-packed air hockey experience that can be played along with two more friends. The game promises chaos and excitement through and through, the game offers an environment where you win the match, not by scoring goals but by knocking your opponent out. Thus you will need good strikers in order to ace the game. This Omega Strikers Characters Guide will focus on helping the players unlock and obtain better characters in the game.

How to obtain more characters in Omega Strikers

1. Using in-game currency

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Unlocking new players is key to success, however, you will be required to pay for them in-game currency, almost all the characters can be unlocked through in-game currency, however, if you would want to go for new skins of the characters, then those would be available either through in-game character shards which you get after completing missions or by using real-time currency.

2. Use character Shards earned through Quests to unlock characters

Some missions give you character shards as well, but it is much easier to accumulate in-game currency, which you can get by completing the matches and winning them. If you are new to this game, don’t forget to refer to our beginner’s guide for Omega Strikers to get the best out of this game.

3. Buying from the in-game shop

You can open the in-game shop and scroll through the character menu, where different characters are listed with an amount at the bottom. The amount would be in terms of in-game currency which you will have to pay in order to get the character.

Omega Strikers Guide
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For instance, Asher is available in the store for an amount of 25,000 in-game currency. You can even improve your already existing roster of characters through the training section in the game, the training section has some complexities attached to it, make sure to check our training guide for Omega Strikers to get a better hold of how the training works.

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