Rumble Club Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the best Punchie!

Rumble Club is a new entry to the fun multiplayer action genre from Lightfox Games. This thrilling physics-based combat game offers a dynamic and exciting multiplayer experience. With up to 20 players engaging in clashes utilizing gadgets, power-ups, and strategy to outmaneuver their rivals. As the arenas shrink your goal is to be the survivor standing victorious. In this Beginners Guide for Rumble Club, I’ll help you get started and give you tips to become a true champion.

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Rumble Club Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Understanding Match Goals

In Rumble Club, each match comes with its own unique goal, and the game randomly chooses the mode for you. I’ve found that as soon as you start, the game will let you know what the objective is, so pay attention and aim to accomplish it.

Rumble Club Match
Image via Lightfox Games

Winning depends on achieving the goal of the match like staying in the safe zone or collecting cupcakes, so stay focused and adapt your strategy as you play. The multiplayer competition is intense, so expect a lot of rivalry throughout each game. By prioritizing the goal and staying sharp, you can come out on top and claim victory.

Navigating Obstacles

To survive and succeed in each match of Rumble Club, focus on not getting knocked out or falling out of the arena. As the battlefield changes, obstacles can shift or appear unexpectedly, so stay alert and adjust your strategy as needed.

Rumble Club Obstacle
Image via Lightfox Games

Additionally, be mindful of the arena floor as parts of it can drop away during certain matches, so watch your steps. Avoiding obstacles is essential to staying in the game and securing victory. Even though these obstacles may seem harmless, they can eject you from the arena if you contact them.

Knocking out Enemies

In the game, one key to victory is punching and knocking out your enemies. To eliminate an opponent, you need to punch them and knock them out of the battle area. Be careful, other players are trying to do the same to you. You have a punch option and a joystick to control your character. Use the joystick to dodge enemy attacks and get close to them. Then, tap the punch icon to launch regular punches at your opponents.

Rumble Club Knocking
Image via Lightfox Games

If you want more powerful punches, hold the punch button to build up your strike and let go to unleash a powerful hit. To take down enemies you need to connect with your charged punches, it takes three stars of hits to knock them out. Remember, you can only charge up your punch for two stars so be sure to follow up with a strike. After you knock them out, stay with them to pick them up and then throw them.

Using Gadgets

Gadgets are a big help in Rumble Club. As you move around the battlefield, look out for gadgets that can create chaos and confuse your opponents, and some can even knock them out. To pick up gadgets, just stand near the object without charging a punch. Just remember, gadgets have a duration, so use them quickly and wisely.

Rumble Club Gadgets
Image via Lightfox Games

When you spot a gadget, grab it and put it to use right away. Gadgets can disrupt your enemies and make it easier to take them down. Whether it’s a mailbox or a punch tank, each gadget offers its unique advantage. Using gadgets effectively can shift the battle in your favor, so don’t miss out on these powerful tools.

Completing Quests

Daily and Seasonal quests in Rumble Club are perfect for honing your skills and earning cool rewards. If you’re unsure what to do next, just head to the quests tab and see the available quests. Daily quests refresh every 24 hours, so you have a limited time to complete them, while seasonal quests last until the season ends.

Rumble Club Quests
Image via Lightfox Games

I noticed that these quests often ask you to punch a certain number of times, defeat enemies, or use gadgets. Finishing them rewards you with points, which help you level up your season pass and unlock even more prizes. Always keep up with your quests to improve your progress and get the most out of Rumble Club.

Rumble Club Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Stick with the Goal

Each match mode comes with its own goal, such as eliminating opponents or surviving until the end. Always focus on the objective and work towards it throughout the match. Understanding what you need to achieve helps guide your strategy and decisions, leading to better performance and a higher chance of victory.

2. Charge your Punch up to two stacks

Charging your punch can give you a big advantage in battles. You can charge your punch up to two stacks, which makes it easier to knock out opponents. Even though you need three stacks for a one-hit knockout, a two-stack punch can significantly weaken enemies. Make sure to time your charged punches to surprise your opponents and improve your chances of winning the match.

3. Make the most of Gadgets

Keep an eye out for gadgets scattered around the arena, they can give you an edge in battle. Whether it’s a magnet or a punch tank, these gadgets can disrupt your enemies and shift the match in your favor. Be strategic about how and when you use them to maximize their impact and increase your chances of winning.

4. Avoid Obstacles

As the match goes on, the arena shrinks in some mode, and the floor might drop out from under you, so keep an eye on the safe zone and move with it. Be careful where you step, and avoid obstacles because they can knock you out of the arena and end your game early.

5. Collect Gadget cards

Collecting gadget cards can help you level up your gadgets allowing you to use them for longer. By extending the duration of your gadgets, you can disrupt your opponents and gain a strategic edge. Just make sure to maximize free rewards to level up your gadgets.

Final Thoughts

Learning the basics and trying out different strategies will help you get ahead. Keep honing your skills, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new approaches as you get more familiar with the game. Stay aware of your surroundings, stick to the match goals, and choose gadgets that fit your playstyle.

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