Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginners Guide and Tips

A big sequel to the smash hit zombie defense game!

The zombies are coming… back in this third installment of Plants vs Zombies 3. This third installment in the Tower Defense Strategy franchise is very similar to its predecessors but with some additional new plants and zombies. As we played through a couple of levels in the game, it gave back the old gameplay vibes, but with many new things to do as well. It may look different, but we assure you that it is just as engaging and exciting as before. This is our Plants vs Zombies 3 beginners guide with tips, and tricks that may help you through your lawn-defending journey.

Gameplay Overview

Plants vs. Zombies 3 is a tower defense game in which you, the player, must defend your home from waves of zombies using various plants. The game is divided into levels, and in each level, you strategically place plants with different skills to fend off advancing zombies.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginner's Guide

The plants have unique abilities such as shooting peas, freezing zombies, and creating barriers. When you defeat zombies, you earn sunlight, which you can use to plant more defensive plants. The goal is to keep the zombies from reaching your home.

Introducing the Basics of Plants vs Zombies 3

Mind your Plant Placements

If you haven’t played any Plants vs. Zombies games yet, Peashooter is your first ally, after Sunflower, of course. The most basic yet effective plant you can get. During the first few episodes, be sure to plant them in the lane where the zombie is approaching.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginner's Guide

What about the brown plant in the picture above? Wall-Nut’s job is to block and absorb attacks with his hard shell. He can give your Peashooter enough time to take down a zombie. He is a purely defensive unit. Think of him as a wall or a shield. As you progress, you will come across many more unique plants.

Plants vs Zombies 3: Know your Zombie

In Plants vs Zombies 3, numerous new hungry zombies are waiting to devour your brain. If you are new to the game or are coming from the original PvZ, you may become overwhelmed by the amount of new content. The introduction of new zombies is one of the most significant additions. With this in mind, you must get to know the brain-eating undead.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginner's Guide

Plant vs Zombies 3 features pre-selected plant types and zombie types for each level, similar to previous versions. So you don’t have to worry about which plants to use for each level. And, as usual, you can check and tell about zombies whether they are tough or not. For example, a normal zombie dies quickly, whereas a zombie with a cone hat can take a lot of hits from your plants before dying.

Zombies Make You Stronger

Don’t be confused; zombies can make you stronger, but don’t let them eat your brains. Fighting them (and winning) earns you Coins, which you can use to improve your plants, purchase seeds, and construct new buildings. You may also receive a random seed from a fight, which you can use to help your plant.


So, while it is not true that zombies make you stronger, the more levels you complete and zombies you defeat, the more coins you earn and the stronger your plants become.

Rebuilding Neighborville

I know it can be addictive to play around with your plants to defend your lawn and defeat the zombies, but remember to use your tickets earned after completing each level to complete your missions and begin rebuilding Neighborville, which has been destroyed by the Zomboss and his zombie squad.


At first, you will only rebuild your house’s front and backyard, but as the story progresses, the area you must rebuild and decorate will expand. So, finish your levels, get those tickets to complete your tasks, and begin rebuilding Neighborville the way you want.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Tips and Tricks

1. Understand Plant Abilities

Each plant has unique abilities. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each plant to know when and against which zombie you can use that plant.

2. Strategic Plant Placement

Position your plants strategically to cover different lanes and effectively combat various types of zombies. Consider using defensive plants in the front and offensive plants in the back to form a strong defense in front.

3. Adapt to the Zombie Types

Zombies come in a variety of forms, each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Place your plant strategically based on the approaching zombie waves.

4. Resource Management

Manage your resources wisely. Collect sun points efficiently and spend them on plants that complement your overall strategy or on plants that must be deployed depending on the situation.

5. Complete Objectives

Pay attention to the objectives for each level. Completing objectives not only advances you in the game but also provides you with additional resources.

6. Use Power-Ups Wisely

Save power-ups for challenging waves or tough situations. Don’t waste them on the easy part of the levels where you can manage without them.

7. Rebuilding Neighborville

Use the tickets earned after completing each level to complete missions and help rebuild Neighborville. Prioritize rebuilding your house’s front and backyard first, then expand as the story progresses.

8. Learn from Failed Attempts

If you fail a level, take a moment to consider what went wrong. To improve your chances of success on the next attempt, adjust your strategy and check the efficiency of your plant placement at that level.

Final Thoughts

Remember, experimentation and adaptation are essential for success in Plants vs. Zombies 3. Customize your strategy to the specific challenges presented in each level, and enjoy defending your garden! We hope you enjoyed our Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginners Guide and Tips. Have fun defending your lawn, and if you need some free redeem codes for this game, visit our Plants vs Zombies 3 free redeem codes page.

Did you find our Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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