Plants vs Zombies 3 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

A big sequel to the smash hit action game!

The zombies are coming… back in this third installment of Plants vs Zombies 3. Expect a new way of gaming as this third game in the Action Strategy franchise is on portrait mode and not on its usual landscape. As we played through a couple of episodes in the game, it looks like you won’t be getting random sun from the sky as it falls down. With PvZ3, you will get it from your friendly Sunflower so you can enjoy the game indoors and outdoors. It may be a little different, but trust us, it is still as engaging and exciting as ever. This is our Plants vs Zombies 3 beginner’s guide with tips, and tricks that may help you through your lawn defending journey.

Mind your Plant Placements

If you haven’t played any Plants vs. Zombies game yet, Peashooter is your first ally, aside from Sunflower, of course. The most basic plant yet effective plant that you’ll get. During the first few episodes, make sure to plant them in one line that covers all the areas of your lawn. Put them at the backend of your lineup as they shoot peas at a somewhat slow manner (unless you upgrade or give them plant food). You may also wonder why do I need to put them in a lane? Well, this is to cover all lanes, and second, putting the same plant in one lane will give you a bonus. As you can see in the image above, we got a “Symmetry” bonus.

Plants vs zombies 3

What about the brown plant upfront? That is Wall-Nut, and his job is to block and absorb attacks with its hard shell. He can give your Peashooter enough time to finish off a zombie. He’s a purely defensive unit. Think of him like a wall or a shield. The guy next to him is Bonk Choy, an aggressive plant that rapidly punches zombies in front of him and behind. Yes, put him behind Wall-Nut. As the zombies are busy munching on our wall, he punches them. You’ll get to meet a lot of plants as you progress.

Plants vs Zombies 3: Know your Zombie

Okay, I (author), personally wasn’t able to play Plants vs. Zombies 2 or I think I did but can’t really remember a lot. But here in Plants vs Zombies 3, there are a lot of new hungry zombies ready to devour your brain. If you’re new to the game or if you’re coming from the original PvZ, you might get overwhelmed with a ton of new stuff going on. And one of the most important additions are these new zombies coming in. With this in mind, you will need to get to know those brain-eating undead.

Effective Plants

Whenever you meet a new zombie, there will be a short clip and then you’re free to tap on its info. Once you’re there, you’ll get to read the zombie’s stats, scroll down and check “Effective Plants“. This will give you an idea of what kind of plants you will need in the next battle. In every battle, you will get a chance to check the zombie’s info and fix your team before it starts. Your team is what will carry you on to the next level.

There are also Damage Types in the game. You may notice that some zombies may have a fire, mountain, lightning, or snowflake on their picture. This is their damage type. Hot is strong versus Earthy but is weak against Chilling. Earthy is strong versus Electric but weak against Hot. Electric is strong versus Chilling but weak against Earthy. Chilling is strong against Hot but weak versus Electric. And the last one is Normal, it is unaffected by any Damage Type.

Zombies Make You Stronger

Don’t get confused, zombies can really make you stronger – don’t let them eat your brains though. In the game, fighting them (and winning) will earn you Coins that you will need to upgrade your plants, buy seeds, and upgrade buildings. You may also get a random seed/s from a fight that you can use to upgrade your plant. In addition, winning a battle can give you Stars. Collect these stars and you can get a Piñata.

What are these Piñata? Well as it says, it is a piñata, a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and candy. But in this game, it is filled with random seeds and coins. You get them once you get a certain number of stars.

Don’t forget the Freebies

Freebies in PVZ3

Who doesn’t like freebies? Plants vs Zombies 3 did not leave behind free-to-play players. You can get freebies in the game just by playing regularly and by spending a couple of seconds by watching ads.

Let us start with the Daily Tasks. These tasks refresh every 24 hours and you will need to do a certain task like claim a deal from the store, win 2 battles in zombie breakouts, etc. You will receive diamonds, coins, and other materials.


Another way is through watching ads. This is not a new feature in free-to-play games. A way of the developers to earn while you play. Upon reaching a certain level, you can now unlock the Green Screens Theater. This theater is where you can watch ads in exchange for random rewards. You can get them by spinning the “reel” and here are the reward chances:

  • x1 Rare Seeds 10%
  • x2 Epic Seeds 5%
  • x5 Gems 10%
  • x5 Common Seeds 14%
  • x1 Rare Seeds 10%
  • x75 Coins 8%
  • x5 Common Seeds 10%
  • x5 Common Seeds 11%
  • x10 Gems 8%
  • x35 Coins 14%

Please also note that there is a maximum number of ads that you can watch per day. If you’re able to watch an accumulated amount of 50 ads, you can have a free blueprint as a reward. You will need this blueprint to upgrade your Green Screens Theater.

Let us not forget the Arena. Yes, there is an Arena Player vs Player in Plants vs Zombies 3. You won’t actually get to play against the other player but you will need to get a higher score against your opponent. You will both have to face the same zombies and the goal is to get a higher score by thinking about your plants’ placement, the time you finish, etc. The rewards you will get in the arena will depend on your ranking.

Plants vs Zombies 3 Tips and Tricks

Let us give you a quick summary on the Plants vs Zombies 3 Guide:

  • Mind the placement of your plants. It can give you a better score.
  • Learn your enemy. Make sure that you have the right plants against a certain zombie. However, note that some zombies are flying, you will need a certain plant for that.
  • Continue defeating zombies. Aside from cleaning your lawn, it can give you additional seeds and coins to upgrade your team.
  • Don’t forget to get your freebies. You can turn on notifications or at least play daily to complete your tasks.
  • Have fun and don’t let them eat your brains!

We hope you enjoy our Plants vs Zombies 3 beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks. Have fun Lawn Defender!

Did you find our Plants vs Zombies 3 Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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