Pocket City Guide: Here’s how to grow your city faster

If you are into old-school city-building games without many complications, Pocket City is the right choice for you. Most of the recent city-building games are either too much complex with the wait time and materials or full of Pay to win elements. But Pocket City comes with a simple interface without any materials or wait times. Whatever you want to build in the city, will be built instantly. This is one of the features that make Pocket City a fun game. However, if you are starting new or want to understand the game in detail, continue reading this article. Here in this Pocket City guide, we will be discussing all the features in detail and how you can quickly grow your city.

Plan and Execute

The first thing is to plan your city well. If you are starting very new, then it might take a little time to get familiar with different kinds of buildings. But as you understand the building types, just think about how you want to plan your city. There are there types of major building zones – Residential zone, Commercial zone, and Industrial zone.

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Residential zones

comes with green colour. This is the area where the population of the city lives. The more number of houses you can have, the more people will move into your city, provided you have other conditions right.

Commercial zones

They come with the blue colour. These buildings help in generating money by taxes. They have no direct impact on the population but they help in maintaining the city’s stats and the overall growth.

Industrial zones

These buildings comes with yellow color. They have high impact on the population growth. These buildings provide jobs to the citizens. So if you dont have enough industrial zones, then people will not move into your city.

Other Major Buildings


To maintain the city properly, service buildings are required. It includes safety buildings like Hospitals, Fire Department etc, Institutions like School, University, Bank etc and also traffic maintenance buildings. These buildings have a direct impact on the city’s growth.

Resource Buildings

To run the city, resources are necessary. Water plants, Power plants come inside this. Without them, the zones will be inactive. So you must make sure that you have enough resources available always.

Leisure Buildings

Make the city safe and sound – thats what leisure buildings come for! These buildings will help in improving the environment and increase recreation of the citizens. So always have plenty of these buildings to keep the citizens happy.

Economy and Population are closely connected

Pocket City’s economy is very much connected to the population growth. Higher the population, better the income. So rather than trying to find ways to increase money, try focusing on getting more citizens. This will increase the income and city’s growth.

How to level up quickly in Pocket City

The more you build, the more XP points you’ll earn. So the fastest way to level up in the game is building! Keep buildings things and it will keep accumulating XP points. Even if it is only about buildings roads, they are also a nice way to generate more XP. New players are not aware of this fact, probably and this is where the Pocket City guide should be very useful.

How to get the most out of the Tax rates and earn more money

Pocket City
Adjust the taxes to earn money

Before you experiment with the tax rates, you should know they have a very high impact on the happiness of the citizens. If the taxes are high or very high, citizens will not be happy. Look at the stats screen to see which tax is generating how much money. This will also help you to understand the importance of different buildings.

Why Policies are important in the quick growth

Policies are the free boosts that you can use to have a better progress. With each level upgrade, you’ll receive one point. And with these points, you can buy a policy when you have enough. Pick the most suitable one to the earliest to make the things easy for you.

How to decerse the Traffic congestion

As the city grows, traffic can become a problem. To avoid congestion and decrease the traffic, all you have to do is to build enough bus stops, sky rail stations etc. These particular traffic buildings will help in reducing traffic. Make sure to have them all around the city. Highways and Railways are also useful in reducing traffic.

Information on Goods – Imports and Exports

Good imports and exports have a high impact on the city’s income. The moment you start building your city, imports are started. However, players are introduced to these buildings on a later stage. There are three types of goods in this game – Food, Materials and Natural Resources. So once these are unlocked, please build the buildings to be self-sufficient. Imports actually take a lot of money. So if you can be self-sufficient, you can save a lot of money. And the city will also export the excess amount.

Events in the Pocket City

pocket city

Events give the option to gain some additional XP points. You can use the events to have block parties, fireworks, street race etc to generate XP. These will also help the citizens to be happier. Inside events, there are also Natural Disasters. They are also a way to earn bonus XP. So use them at their best!

We hope that this Pocket City Guide will answer all your questions. If you still have some, feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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Beware the volcano! I built an enormous city and a volcano emerged right in the centre! So I lost connections with all zones and took a year to put out fires as none of my 10 fire stations was connected by rad.

Piyush Rajesh


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