Pokémon Go Guide: How to obtain and use XL Candy

Tips to grab a handful of XL Candies!

To remain on the top of the game in Pokémon Go, players need to level up their Pokémon beyond the level cap. However, the job is easier said than done because for leveling up they need a lot of XL Candy which is difficult to find in the game. Since its launch, the developers laid down some ground rules for leveling up a Pokémon. For instance, trainers were able to level a Pokémon up to level 40. This was changed in 2020 and since then, a Pokémon can be leveled up to 50 by feeding XL Candy to it.

Although they sound similar, an XL Candy functions a bit differently than the Exp. Candy XL. They have different functionalities as the XL Candy is used for going beyond a level cap for a specific Pokémon, while Exp. Candy XL can be used to give a boatload of experience to any species.

XL Candy in Pokémon Go

XL Candy is a type of currency in Pokémon Go. Each evolutionary family has its kind of Candy. The XL Candy is different from regular Candy because it can be obtained only after a Trainer has reached level 31. The Candy is used to level up a Pokémon beyond level 40.

Pokemon Go Rare XL Candy
Image via Niantic

There are two types of XL Candy:

  1. XL Candy: These can be used only on a specific Pokémon. For example, Amaura and its evolution will only consume Amaura Candy for powering up. They cannot eat any other type of Candy.
  2. XL Rare Candy: These are rainbow-colored XL Candy, and they are versatile i.e. they change their type depending on the Pokémon that eats them. For example: Feeding a Rare Candy XL to Aurorus will turn the Rare Candy XL into Amaura Candy XL. XL Rare Candy can be used only on a level 40 Pokémon.

How to use XL Candy in Pokémon Go

To use an XL Candy select the Power-Up option to start. If players want to use XL Candy to get to level 50 immediately, they’ll need Stardust, a regular candy (of that Pokémon species), and 296 XL candies per non-Shadow Pokémon. If elevating a Pokémon from level 40 to level 50, they’ll just need Stardust and 296 XL Candies. Different Pokémon have different XL Candy requirements. A Redditor created a list for XL Candies required for taking a Pokémon to a particular level.

LevelXL CandyStardustCP Multiplier
Info via Reddit

How to obtain and farm XL Candy in Pokémon Go

1. Catching Pokémon

If trainers are looking to reach level 41, then they will need to start farming XL Candy. Although XL Candy is rarely found in the game, there are some guaranteed methods to grab them. The quickest way to get XL Candy is by catching Pokémon.

By catching a Pokémon, players will normally yield one to three pieces of Candy. If players need a specific type of Candy, they’ll have to catch specific Pokémon. For example, catching Bulbasaur or any of its evolutions will occasionally give Bulbasaur Candy, which can be fed to the Bulbasaur family of Pokémon. Below are some important things to remember while catching a Pokémon to get XL candies:

  • When catching a first-stage evolution Pokémon, it will have a guaranteed drop of one XL Candy. The higher the CP Level, the more guaranteed the drop.
  • two-stage evolution Pokémon will drop two XL Candies instead.
  • When catching Mythical Pokémon like Manaphy or Legendary Pokémon like Dialga, the guaranteed drop is three XL Candies.
  • Catching a Raid Boss will guarantee one XL Candy.

2. Exchanging Candy

Another method of farming XL Candy is by trading in regular Candy. To do this, tap the menu icon in the bottom right corner of a Pokemon’s status page, and select Transfer. At the cost of 100 regular Candy, players will get one XL Candy. This is recommended for players who have an excessive amount of regular Candy in their inventory.

XL Candy Pokemon GO
Image via Niantic

3. Transferring a Pokémon

Candy can also be obtained by transferring Pokémon. The higher the CP level the higher the chance of dropping XL Candy. For each transfer of a Pokémon, there is at least one XL Candy.

4. Hatching Pokémon Eggs

Players can get more Candy according to the type of Pokémon Egg. The chances of getting XL Candy are directly proportional to the length of the Egg. 2km Eggs have an average of one XL Candy while 12km Egg has an average of 4.

5. Walking a Buddy Pokémon

Another cool and unique way to get XL candies is by walking with a Pokémon. The higher the CP, the more likely the XL Candy drop once a certain amount of distance has been walked. Usually, a 3km walk gives one regular Candy, but there is a chance of getting an XL Candy too.

6. Trading a Pokémon

The last method is tricky and it isn’t a guaranteed one, but trading a Pokémon can give one XL Candy to one of the traders. In some rare instances, both trainers can receive an XL Candy each. If players want an XL Candy through trading, both need to be at level 31. Before initiating a trade, check the distance between the two Pokémon.

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