Pokémon GO Guide: List of the best auto-catchers and how to use them

Play with ease and in style to boot with the best auto-catcher for you!

For a veteran Pokémon Go player, auto-catchers have been a revolution ever since they were launched. Making the game easier by letting players get their hands on more items and Pokémon without having to constantly get their phones out of their pockets. Though the Pokémon Go Plus was an instant fan favorite ever since it was launched, the market has a lot of other options to get you ahead of the game faster and for less cost.

What are Pokémon GO auto-catchers

Auto Catchers are a great addition to the market that spin PokeStops, catch Pokémon, collect items and so much more without needing the player to interact with it. Though it might not be 100% optimized, players have always been using this without any serious complaints. 

Pokémon GO auto catchers
Image via Niantic

These items might be categorized as cheating due to the auto features it offers players, these items replicate the software side of the Pokémon Go Plus to perfection, allowing you to go ahead and use them. Some of the best auto catchers are:

How to use auto-catchers in Pokémon GO

Almost all catchers have similar functions and usage. The shape and sizes differ. Some are small handheld disks and some are wristbands while some are egg chambers. Players are free to choose their preferred versions but the wristband-shaped auto catchers are one of the easiest to handle. 

Pokémon GO using auto catcher
Image via Niantic

Pair them with your Pokémon Go app and the rest will be done automatically. While some of these catchers get the job without the player’s intervention, by constantly catching Pokémon and collecting items, some are more interactive and you have to press buttons and actually handle the device manually. This allows them to get Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs, and other items at Poké Stops without opening their phones.

Final Thoughts

Auto Catchers are indeed an extremely useful device to own when it comes to ease of playing the game as you cannot constantly keep your Pokémon Go screen open when you have work to do. Just pair your phone with your favorite catcher and you’re all set for the entirety of the time.

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