Pokémon GO Guide: Tips to turn off the AR Mode in the game

Save your battery and play with better performance!

Pokémon GO features an Augmented Reality (AR) mode for a better player experience. The AR mode captures the real-life scene through your camera and places a Pokémon on your screen. While seeing a Pokémon on the pavement in front of your house feels cool, the AR mode is not beneficial for all. 

Though AR mode can give you an immersive game experience, it has its downsides too. The AR mode drains the phone’s battery fast, and low-end devices might lag or crash. So if you are facing such problems, we have the correct solution. 

How to turn off the AR mode in Pokémon GO

There are multiple ways of turning off the AR mode from the game. They are mentioned and explained below: 

1. Turn off AR mode from the capture screen

It is the easiest way to turn off the AR mode. While on the capture screen, you can see a toggle button at the top right side of the screen before throwing the PokéBall. You can turn on or off the AR mode by pressing the button.

Pokemon Go Depression
Image via Niantic

To understand whether the mode is on or off, you can check the direction of the toggle. If it is on the left side, it’s turned off, and being on the right side means it is turned off. You can also understand by watching the screen, and if the AR mode is on, it will show you a real-life screen, while turning it off will show a green background of the game. 

2. Turn off AR mode from the Settings

Turning off the AR mode from the capture screen will only turn off the AR mode during that moment. But if you want to turn off AR mode entirely, you must do it from settings. The simple options are written below: 

  1. Press the PokéBall icon on the main screen of the app
  2. Tap the settings icon on the upper right side of the screen
  3. Uncheck the AR+ button. You can again turn it on by checking the AR+ button. 
Pokémon GO AR Mode
Image via Niantic

So, if you are facing device issues for the AR+ or having problems with precision due to the AR mode, turn it off following these simple ways and carry on catching your favorite Pokémon.

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