Pokemon Masters EX: How to evolve a Pokémon in-game

Train and Evolve!

Pokemon Masters Ex is one of the most successful Pokémon games ever released for the mobile platform. Most of the Pokémon games in the market today focus on individual skills, stats, and their evolution. But, Pokémon Masters Ex has a big emphasis on Trainers and their skills rather than the Pokémon themselves. Throughout the campaign, players will face various trainers, recruits and upgrade the current ones. One might be a little confused about us discussing trainers when he has come to learn about evolving the Pokémon. The fact that both of them have a big co-relation and are interdependent. In this article, we shall explain how to evolve a Pokémon in Pokemon Masters EX.

Evolving a Pokémon in Pokemon Masters EX

It is noted that not every Pokémon is eligible for evolution. One must check the required forums before investing time in leveling up your Pokémon’s for evolution. Before one starts to evolve the first few catches as a Pokémon trainer, is required to reach the evolution level and complete the evolution mission.

The minimum level for evolution in Pokémon Masters EX is Level 30. Once, it has been reached the required level, he can unlock the mission to Stage 1 for your sync-pair (trainer- Pokémon synergy). In case one has played for quite a while, then he can directly go for Stage 2, skipping Stage 1.

To start a mission, a player must obtain the Evolution Material from the “Area of training”. People are most likely not to receive the materials if he is below the minimum required levels as he will find most of the battles pretty tough.

Evolving a Pokémon in Pokemon Masters EX
Evolving a Pokémon in Pokemon Masters EX

After obtaining the Evolution Materials, the missions can be started. The missions for evolving the Pokémon are nothing but a set of battles against various trainers. Once, these missions are completed. the Pokémon will evolve naturally. To further evolve the Pokémon, one needs to obtain more Evolution materials and unlock stage 2 and 3 sets of missions.

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