Pokemon Masters: Top 10 Best Sync Pairs you can get

With so many Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters, one wonders which are the best. Well, that’s not what this article is about. It is incredibly debatable which are the best, and, quite frankly, pointless. Every Sync Pair is viable if you train them well enough. This list will instead look at the ten Sync Pairs that we use the most. Each of these is powerful in their own right. If you are new to Pokémon Masters, you could use this as a list of Best Sync Pairs to keep an eye out for.

10. Rosa and Serperior

One of the first Sync Pairs you get and we still find ourselves using it to this day. She has incredible defenses, which can be bolstered further with her Sync Grid. And the gauge refill from Time to Energize! makes things so much easier. We almost always find a spot for her on our teams.

9. Brendan and Sceptile

Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters

This Sync Pair definitely has competition. It’s definitely not our favorite physical striker. But it can still hold its own. Especially against Sync Pairs that are weak to grass.

8. Korrina and Lucario

Another Sync Pair you get soon into the game and a dangerous one too. It’s one of the few Sync Pairs in the game that, with a little help, can reach 100 critical chance, which is nothing to scoff at.

7. Agatha and Gengar

This Sync Pair’s move pool is diverse and we love Hypnosis as a tech move. Not only that, but this Sync Pair can also deal quite a bit of damage with its decently high special attack. It’s a good tech Pokémon that can deal damage too.

6. Blue and Mega Pidgeot

One of the game’s hardest hitting special attackers. Debatably outclassed to some of the newer Sync Pairs. However, we keep finding ourselves including it in our teams. The buffs that Smell Ya Later give are so massive. And even though Hurricane has poor accuracy, when it hits, it hits hard!

5. Skyla and Swanna

Skyla and Swanna got a very nice power boost with the inclusion of their Sync Grid. Heals, AoE defense and speed buffs, and even mp refresh. We’d go as far as to say they’re an auto include in any battle villa team.

4. Player and Solgaleo

An incredible move set combined with great stats. It’s a very useful Sync Pair when covering type advantage, since it has both a powerful steely-type move and a strong fighting-type move. Unfortunately, its powerful buff move takes a lot of the move gauge. But we think the pros far outshine the cons.

3. Hilda and Emboar

Another Sync Pair that got a power boost from their Sync Grid. It’s a tank that can heal, has good speed (after buffing it), and can even do decent damage. Just a good all-around Sync Pair that can honestly be squeezed into most teams.

2. Karen and Mega Houndoom

Among the hardest hitting Sync Pairs in the entire game. And if that’s not already enough to warrant a spot on your team, it also has the ability to flinch the enemy and lower their special attack.

1. Cynthia and Garchomp

Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters

Now we’ve come to the Sync Pair we use the most (by far). There’s simply not much to say. Look at their move pool and stats. It’s incredible! Probably the strongest physical AoE in the game on a Sync Pair that can buff its critical hit rate and attack. Pair them up with a sandstorm setter and you’ve almost guaranteed a victory.

Final thoughts

These are the ten Sync Pairs we have gotten the most mileage out of. Not necessarily the best, but still useful. What are yours? We would love to hear the Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs of your choice!

Which of the above Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs do you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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