Pokemon TCG Live Guide: Tips to use the Trainer Cards in the game

Utilise the Trainer Cards to their maximum!

The latest addition to Pokemon’s mobile games roster has been The Pokemon Trading card game. For those not accustomed to the basics of the physical card game, we have a Beginner’s guide you may refer to. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to use the Trainer Cards more effectively in the Pokemon TCG Live game. The Trainer Cards may seem to many as unnecessary additions to the game for many, but they are the actual orchestrators of a Card Battle. To know the basics about this game, do read our previous articles on this game. For now, let’s begin.

Types of all Trainer Cards in Pokemon TCG Live

As said, this guide would solely focus on the Trainer Cards available in the game. There are three types of Trainer Cards available in the game. All three types have their own utility, pros, and cons. Furthermore, each category of Trainer Cards may be of several varieties. Hence, all cards won’t come under our guide, still, we would cover all the necessary details for the initial stages at least.

Item Card

The most basic type of Trainer Cards, which gets along with Pokemon cards. One may attach as many Item cards to their Pokemon before they attack. It’s really important to read with patience, what is written on each Item Card, to plan the strategies accordingly.

Pokemon Tool Card is a special type of Item Card, which when attached to a Pokemon, stays with it till the end of the game, boosting its powers accordingly. When the Pokemon is knocked out, the tool card goes into the discard pile along with it.

Item-Cards Pokemon TCG Live
Image via the Pokemon Company

Supporter Cards

Thee are named after characters from the anime and are very powerful types of Trainer Cards. Players may play only 1 Supporter card per turn. Some Supporter Cards come in handy if you want to create trouble for the opposition. Also, some benefit the user massively.

Stadium Cards

Stadium cards are the ones that affect the playing area and affect both the players. Only 1 Stadium Card can be placed at a time. If placed once, it stays till the end of the game, until another Stadium card replaces it. Most of the Stadium Cards benefit both users, depending upon the situation.

How to use the Trainer Cards effectively in Pokemon TCG Live

First and foremost, get rid of the idea that Trainer Cards have no use. Many beginners tend to fill up their decks with only Pokemon and Energy Cards. A perfect and relevant collection of Trainer Cards in the deck can win a match for you. Hence, do read the following part till the end.

  • While making the deck, choose only the relevant Trainer Cards. If your strategy is to stack and attach as many Energy Cards to your Attacker and Strike a multiplier move to your opponent, choose Trainer cards that can derive Energy Cards from the deck and discard pile.
  • In case the strategy is to have many basic Pokemon on the bench, choose Trainer Cards that support that particular cause.
  • Also, remember that Stadium Cards affect both the players. Hence, if you are playing a Stadium Card from your hand that might benefit your opponent more than you, try avoiding playing those Stadium cards.

In the following sub-part, a systematic analysis of each type of Trainer Card’s usage is provided. Do read till the end.

Using the Item Cards

There are a humongous amount of cards available in the game. Hence we’d be using the already provided decks in the game for beginners, as references. Now, let us consider The Rapid-Strike Malamar Deck in the game. This deck demands the maximum amount of Rapid Strike cards on hand. Hence choose Item cards accordingly.

Also, The Blissey V deck requires the maximum number of Energy Cards to be attached to Blissey, hence, Energy-finder Item Cards are beneficial. Now, the HP of Blissey V is already high, hence Cape of Toughness and Potion Item Cards would further boost the HP and heal the Pokemon respectively.

Cape of Toughness increases Pokemon HP
Image via The Pokemon company

Another very important type of Item Card is the Pokemon fetcher. Items like Great Ball and Basic Ball are great for drawing Pokemon Cards from the deck. Remember that one may use as many Item cards as they want in a particular move. When starting a turn, play the damage healing cards first. Then play the Energy drawing cards (if any), so as to get better options for Energy Cards than those at hand.

You may only attach 1 Pokemon Tool to a Pokemon, hence be careful which one you choose. In case you couldn’t put the desired Active Pokemon, choose Air Balloon Item card, which reduces the Pokemon’s Retreat cost. Using Item Cards which require a coin toss, may be a bit risky and luck-dependant for usage, but may be very beneficial in the end.

Using the Supporter Cards

Supporter Cards can be used only once per turn. Hence play them accordingly. Most of the Supporter Cards are about drawing cards from the deck. Supporters which make you discard your hand and draw cards from the deck are very useful. They are useful especially when you don’t have a good hand with cards. Also, if you have very few (1-2) cards including that card, use it immediately.

The more cards you have in your hand, the better. The Professor cards (like Magnolia, Oak, Birch, Rowan, etc. are these types of cards). However, use them only when necessary, just don’t use them because you have them in your hand. If you do so, you may lose the decent cards from your hand.

Professor's Research: Professor Rowan
Image via The Pokemon company

Also, the Boss’ order Cards help you switch between your opponent’s Benched and Active Pokemon. Besides, whichever supporter Card you aim to take, remember to read the instructions properly on the cards, and always play them at the ultimate point of your turn.

Selection and Perfect Use of Stadium Cards

The stadium cards do affect both the players. In case you don’t have cards that can remove Stadium Cards, try to avoid using them. Also, it is highly recommended that you don’t have many Stadium cards in the deck. 1-2 does the job most of the time. Try to predict your opponent’s strategy and play Stadium Cards accordingly.

Selection and Perfect Use of Stadium Cards
Image via The Pokemon company

Make sure your opponent doesn’t benefit the most from a Stadium Card that you actually played. In case one has a one-dimensional tactic, Stadium cards may be beneficial for one. Suppose one wants to attack and has only Grass-type Pokemon in one’s deck, a Stadium like Turrfield might be of benefit for the player. However, the opponent, who is less likely to have grass types, won’t benefit.

Final Thoughts

The Pokemon TCG is indeed a fun-to-play game in case you got a healthy collection and deck of cards. It is also dependent upon the luck of how a good hand of cards you get. However, to steer that luck, you need perfect battle strategies. Do read our beginners guides if you need help as an amateur in this game. In case you want to study the entire TCG card database, do visit Pokemon’s official website.

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