Pokémon Unite Espeon event: How to get Espeon for free

Complete various special event missions to claim the new Pokémon for free!

Pokémon Unite MOBA has recently added the 2nd eeveelution after Sylveon in the game. The latest addition of Espeon, whose leak had been previously reported, has further enhanced our hypothesis that more Eeveelutions are indeed to come in the game. Meanwhile, Espeon the psychic-type Pokémon has gained massive popularity within the Pokémon Unite universe. The Pokémon is available for 575 Aeos gems in the Battle Committee. However, in case, players are broke in terms of Aeos gems, they must read this article till the end to know about how one can obtain the Psychic-type for free. Espeon will be available to claim for free in Pokémon Unite, after completing a number of event missions.

How to obtain Espeon for free in Pokémon Unite

The game has previously contested many events, which included attaining a free Pokémon, based on items or the collection of tickets. Similarly, in this event too, a collection of Mission Points would be required, in order to obtain Espeon for free in Pokémon Unite. Here are some important things you need to know about the event.

Espeon Pokemon Unite stats
Image via The Pokemon Company
  • Event starts: 16.05.2022
  • Event ends: 13.06.2022 (12 AM UTC)

Daily missions and rewards

Login Daily60 Mission points
Win 1 battle80 Mission points
Participate in 3 battles80 Mission points

The daily missions reset daily. Therefore, players must try to log in every day and complete these 3 missions to collect at least 220 Mission points per day.

Weekly missions and rewards

Make 15 assists100 Mission points
Log in for a total of 3 days150 Mission points
Log in for a total of 5 days200 Mission points
Participate in 15 battles250 Mission points

The weekly missions reset every Monday at 12 AM UTC. They must try to login atleast 5 days a week, and play at least 3 games per day. Players may get 700 points per week, in case, they do log in every day and try to complete the missions.

Getting Espeon for free

The prime reward for this event is no doubt getting the new Pokémon for free. Hence, players must collect 2000 mission points to get it. The Pokemon as of now is only available in exchange for Aeos gems. Players must note that those who have already purchased the Pokémon, in exchange for gems, would be repaid an exchange of 10,000 Aeos coins when they obtain the free Espeon.

Pokémon Unite Espeon Event Guide: Tips and Tricks

We have given some suggestions and tips to complete this event, as early as possible. Calculations say, if one completes all the weekly and daily missions within 6 days, it would be the earliest, by which one would be able to attain the free Espeon license.

1. Login Daily

Just by logging in daily, one can collect 220 Mission points per day. Also, if logged in for at least 5 days in a week (Monday-Sunday), 650 (60×5 + 150 + 200) points can be collected with ease, without even playing.

Espeon event free
Image via The Pokemon Company

2. Play Quick Battles for faster points collection

Quick battles are indeed ‘quick’, in terms of match time, and completion of objectives. Players must play Quick Battles as much as possible, to quickly complete the objectives and get closer to those 2000 Mission points. In fact, they are easier to win in, and assisting allies is much easier.

3. Use Supporters or Defenders

Supporters especially have such moves ideal for assisting allies. Players must engage in teamfights and stick with attackers or all-rounders, if any, to get those assists. Defenders also have such moves to assist, Therefore, players must choose accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The Espeon event is indeed a fantastic opportunity to obtain the license of the Pokémon. Hence, after reading our article, players must not lag much and try to complete the daily and weekly missions with haste, to get their hands on Espeon the earliest.

Did you like our guide to obtain Espeon for free, by completing different event missions in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments below!

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