Pokémon Unite Guide: Best settings for mobile

Master the settings now to improve your gameplay

The wait of millions of fans around the world was finally over with the release of Pokémon Unite, the first MOBA title of the Pokémon family. The game remains the same in both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. But the hype is real as everyone has access to the game now. Irrespective of being a newcomer or an experienced player, you may have faced some difficulties in controlling the game. Fear not, for we are here to help you out by providing you the best possible settings on the mobile version of Pokémon Unite so that you have all the control over the games and experience the best gameplay.

Best settings for mobile in Pokémon Unite

Everyone wants to get the best enjoyment possible out of any game. The fans of Pokémon Unite are no different. As the game makes its debut on mobile, the number of players is higher now than before. Talking about the enjoyment, all the players want to keep the controls in their hands.

But, the game has some options where the game itself controls the game in some situations. Those are basically to help beginners. But to do well in the game, players need to make each move and decision by themselves only.

Basic system settings menu

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Pokémon Unite System Settings

The graphics quality and frame rate settings are recommended from the game based on your device’s capability. To get a higher and smoother experience, the graphics should be set at the highest and frame rate at ‘high‘ if you have a high-end device. But for normal devices, you can play the game at medium graphics and frame rate. We noted the key system settings here. 

Graphics QualityHighest 
Frame RateHigh
View Fashion items with Trainer Motion Off
Vibrate Functions Your preference 
Display Chat TextOn
Display Voice Chat SettingsOn
Hide other player’s Trainer names once matchmaking is complete Off
Colorblind SupportYour preference 


This is the most important settings option in the game. There are three types of control settings, namely Basic Control Settings, Pokémon Move Controls, and Camera Sensitivity. To take full control of a Pokémon and master the best moveset, change the settings as explained below.

Basic Control Settings

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Lock-On Priority

Lock-On Priority: The opponent lock-on priority is when your Pokémon sees an opponent low in HP, it automatically starts to target that Pokémon. The HP counting is two types here: Value and Percentage. Always use the “value” option because some Pokémon can take higher damage than others. For example, 5% HP of a Pokémon that can take much damage is greater than the 5% of another with low HP stat. The value always shows the remaining HP in numerical numbers.

Your Pokémon will attack the closest opponent if you set it to “closest”. But when you’re low on HP and any opponent just comes near you with much HP then attacking it will only make your Pokémon knock out.

Attack Controls: Whether the opponent is a wild Pokémon or a player, the default attack button attacks everyone blindly. Some situations may arise where you’re engaging with your opponents and some wild

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Basic Control Settings

Pokémon enters the scene. But the priority is to defeat the opponents first. So, set the attack controls to “advance controls” and a button will appear to attack the wild Pokémons particularly. The main attack button will, then, only attack the opponents. It’ll help you to choose whom to fight against.

Lock-on icon and Move Aim settings are correlated. When more than one Pokémon comes at you, you can choose whom to attack by turning this feature on. It’ll show icons with the nearest Pokémon’s image to choose and attack them. The move aim settings let you choose whether to drag or to tap to the icons showing to pick a target. We recommend setting this as “Movement Panel” which is drag over to the icon of the Pokémon you want to target.

In-Motion Pursuit Mode: This makes your Pokémon automatically approach and attack your opponents outside its attack range when it performs a basic attack while moving. Turn this off because your Pokémon may go after any opponent even if it does not have enough HP or needs to regain HP. 

Opponent Lock-On Priority Lowest Remaining HP (Value)
Attack Controls Advanced Controls
Automatic Basic Attacks Off
Lock-On IconOn 
Move Aim SettingsMovement Panel
In-Motion Pursuit Distance Standard
In-Motion Pursuit ModeOff
Scoring Controls Press Button 

Pokémon Move Controls settings

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Pokémon Move Controls

The ‘Camera Follows Moves‘ option should be turned on. because it follows your moves and widens the field of view in its direction. So, you can watch opponents coming long before they see you. 

Move Cancelling ControlsSlide to icon (Default)
Move Panel Sensitivity High
Camera Follows MovesOn
Move Aim Follows Movement Direction On
Move Aim Snaps to Nearby TargetsOff

Camera Sensitivity

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Camera Sensitivity controls

Camera movement set to “Slide” allows you to drag and watch the map which is easier than using a movement panel to keep your eyes on the map. Sensitivity must be set according to your preference and playstyle. But we recommend using high sensitivity to move faster. 

Camera Movement Slide
Camera Sensitivity Your Preference 

Battle Info

Pokémon Unite best settings mobile
Battle Info settings

The Boosted-Attack Gauge is important here because it shows a gauge when a boosted attack is ready. With so many things going on at the same time, you surely want to turn this option on. 

Show Trainer name above HP gaugeOn
Boosted-Attack GaugeOn
Show Cooldown Decimal ValuesOn
Highlight Outlines for Opposing Pokémon on Screen Edges On

These are the most used settings in the Pokémon Unite. We didn’t include the remaining four settings items, i.e. Audio, Privacy, Data, and Account Settings, because they don’t change anything inside the match.

Did you find this Pokémon Unite guide on the best settings for mobile devices useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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