Pokémon Unite Guide: Tips to earn Aeos Coins in the game

Ways to earn the currency of Aeos Island!

The Aeos Coins and Gems are the two types of currency available in Pokémon Unite. The Aeos Coins are the currencies that can be obtained for free in the game. However, the gems come in exchange for a bit of real-life money. You can use these coins and gems to purchase new Pokémon licenses, holowear, and held Items. In this guide, we will explain and guide how to obtain these coins in the game, and how to perfectly use them.

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How to earn Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite

Let us take a glance into the ways to get the maximum of Aeos coins.

1. Participating in battles

You can get Aeos Coins after you complete battles. Quick Battles, Standard Battles, and Ranked Battles reward you with Aeos Coins, irrespective of the outcome of the match. The amount you can gain varies according to the result, the difficulty of the game, and the performance you have put up. It might also depend on the synergy the trainer has with its Pokémon. However, remember that 2100 Aeos Coins per week Aeos Coins can be earned from battles. Hence we need to know other sources of coins.

2. Completion of Events

The game events that contain challenges in the name of missions often have Aeos Coins as rewards. Do keep an eye out for such events to earn Aeos coins.

3. Daily Missions

Image via the Pokémon Company

The Daily Missions are missions that reset and are made available every day. These missions are always the same every day, and are pretty easy to complete, making them a consistent source for the Aeos Coins.

4. 14-Day Login Rewards


When starting your journey in the game, there is a one-time event called 14-Day Welcome Gifts that will reward you the first time you log in a day for 14 days. Hence if you are new to the game, log in every day!

5. Beginner Challenges

The beginner challenge is yet another one-time Event that is available when new in Pokemon Unite. This event has missions that unlock every time you log in for the first time for 7-days. Rewards include Unite license as well as Aeos Coins.

6. Increasing Trainer Level

Image via the Pokémon Company

Your Trainer Level is the level of your profile. It increases after you complete a battle. Each Trainer Level will reward you with something or the other, which also includes Aeos Coins!

7. Completing the Tutorial Missions

TutorialEffects you gain from defeating the wild PokémonCoins
Tutorial (Basics 1)Learn the rules, and practice scoring goals!800
Tutorial (Basics 2)Try a 5-on-5 team battle!800
Tutorial (Advanced 1)Learn how to aim and cancel moves!800
Tutorial (Advanced 2)Defeat Rotom to make your opponents’ goal zones defenseless!800
Tutorial (Advanced 3)Knock out Zapdos with your teammates, and win the battle!800
Tutorial (Advanced 4)Learn about effects you can gain from defeating wild Pokemon!800

This is yet another initial one-time source of Aeos coins. Even if you are aware of the topics the tutorials are covering, try watching them, for free Aeos coins.

8. Earn as an Energy Reward

Image via the Pokémon Company
Offering Rate10%

While exchanging Aeos energy, opt for fashion items instead of boosting emblems. Although the turnover rate is very low, energy is easy to get, and also, exchanging x5 times together increases the probability, so just keep playing games and roll for coins!

9. Fair-Play Points Reward

One can claim a 20 Aeos Coin reward every day as long as they have 90-100 Fair-Play points. A Fair-play point below 90 doesn’t get you coins though. Maintaining a >90 Fair-play point is easy as long as you do not disconnect in the middle of the game.

Daily Coin Limit Reset in Pokémon Unite

The Coin cap of 2100 Aeos coins from battles every week, resets every Monday at midnight UTC, as per the developers.

How to boost your Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite

Buy Aeos Coin Boost

Image via the Pokémon Company
Coin Boost CardPrice (Coins/ Gems)
1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card (Green) 150 /  15
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card (Blue) 350 /  35
7-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card (Violet) 800 /  80

Boost cards are the type of items that allow you to increase the amount of Aeos Coins rewarded after battles by 2 times! Buy coin boosters in exchange for Aeos Tickets from the Aoes Emporium.

Where to spend Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite

Here are some objects you may purchase with Aeos Coins.

1. Unite Licenses

You may purchase Unite licenses for Aeos coins. Playable characters are available for a set of price ranges in terms of Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee.

2. Buy Held Items

Another use of the Aeos Coins is to buy the Held Items for the battles.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Aeos Coins Guide? Which tier do you think Chandelure and Umbreon would enter initially? Let us know in the comment section below!

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