Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy guide and its possible counters

Simple to execute but difficult to perfect!

Recently a new team composition called Japanse strategy has appeared in the highly competitive Pokémon Unite scene. And since then it has become a very common phenomenon for the high-tier Pokemon Unite meta. This strategy is designed to have a team composition that tries to score as much as possible.

Best builds and team composition for the Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy

To use this strategy, your team composition will consist of highly mobile Pokémon that have relatively high health and damage output. These Pokémon should also be able to steal objectives when enemies are attempting to claim them. The optimal team composition for this strategy is currently Lucario and Talonflame in the top lane, Dragonite in the center lane, and Wigglytuff and Greedent in the bottom lane.

Team composition in Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy
Best team composition for the Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy

Since the strategy revolves around scoring as many points as possible, all members of the team should use Buddy Barrier and Score Shield, the final item can be any item that synergizes well with the Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy: How does this work

During the early stages of the game, instead of the Greedent landing in the bottom path, the Greedent will start by roaming into the enemy center area and taking all of their wild Pokémon in the center lane. Meanwhile, since Wigglytuff has a lot of health and crowd control, Wigglytuff will stay in the bottom lane alone.

This is done because Greedent is an incredibly fast Pokémon that can win one on one fights against almost any center lane Pokémon in the early game.

Talonflame and Lucario will start in the top lane. This is because Greedent will usually start by heading to the enemy’s topside and since Talonflame and Lucario have some of the greatest mobility and damage in the game, they can both back up Greedent if Greedent is losing a fight. By doing this it deprives the enemy center Pokémon of resources and essentially makes the game a 4v5.

In the later stages of the game, the team’s number one priority is to score as many goals as possible. Because all the Pokémon on the team have goal-scoring items and movesets, it should be easy to score more goals than your opponent.

Tips to counter and beat the Pokemon Unite Japanese Strategy

To beat this powerful strategy there are two different team compositions you can make:

  1. Use the same team composition. This isn’t the best way of beating it, but if your team has better communication with one another then your opponents you should have the upper hand. This Japanese strategy is very team oriented, and by having teammates that communicate their decisions with others well, it helps the team make plays like taking objectives easier.
  2. Using the 1-1-3 strategy. The 1-1-3 strategy is a strategy used by the top Pokémon Unite teams in competitive play. This strategy involves having a strong solo carry in the top lane like Lucario or Greedent, having an attacker or speedster in the center lane and filling up the rest of the roles for the team in the bottom lane (EG Eldegoss, Snorlax and Pikachu bottom lane). Since the opposing team only has a Wigglytuff in the bottom lane, your team should be able to quickly take the bottom goal which forces them to play defensively.

It is worth knowing that this strategy needs time to master and high coordination among the teammates. The better the team coordination, the tougher it is to beat the strategy.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Japanese Strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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