Pokemon Unite: Game-breaking Lucario bug is making it a one-shot one-kill

The bug causes Lucario to deal an insane amount of damage, completely wiping off its opponents

Pokémon Unite has been gaining immense popularity ever since the game was first announced on June 24, 2020. The interesting tweak to the traditional MOBA genre has definitely made the game stream-worthy and after its recent release on Android and iOS, the downloads have skyrocketed. Still being in the initial stages of development, the game is bound to come with glitches and bugs. It was no surprise, then, that a bug was discovered in the meta Pokémon Lucario, making him a one-shot which is making Pokémon Unite Ranked matches unplayable for a lot of players.

Update (9:04 AM IST, Sep 27, 2021): Lucario and Crustle bug are fixed

Among the current meta Pokémon in the game is Lucario, the jackal-like creature which was formerly popular due to his swift and unique playstyle but has recently been climbing the ranks among other meta characters despite the recent nerf.

A bug with Lucario was discovered by a Reddit user which has since then, attracted the attention of many Lucario mains displaying an unfair gaming experience because of players exploiting the bug.

Pokemon Unite Lucario
Pokemon Unite Lucario

How players are using the Lucario bug to exploit the matches in Pokémon Unite

The bug was spotted by a Reddit user who claimed that during a recent match, a Lucario user they encountered had ruined the match due to its insane damage and speed annihilating their teammates in just one concussive blow. 

The Lucario bug works with only a specific type of build which includes Razor Claw and a specific set of moves which makes Lucario a one-shot. It takes advantage of the Extreme Speed special attack when used in combination with another move, it triggers the bug dealing an insane amount of damage to its opponents and at times, completely wiping their opponents off the map if it’s one of the squishier Pokémon in the game, like Venusaur or Pikachu.

Making the glitch even more petrifying is the instant cooldown reduction of Extreme Speed if it hits a different Pokémon with each use. Since Extreme Speed has become a one-shot move, it can annihilate entire squads in a matter of seconds. To add to the growing unfairness, the bug is triggered with immense ease, meaning players who are unaware of the bug can easily exploit it without knowledge, making the game unplayable for those playing Ranked.

A Reddit user screen-recorded a short clip of their gameplay against Lucario, clearly showing the Lucario bug annihilating the Venusaur in a one-shot kill. 

The user said it was one of the funniest clips related to the bug. The user’s Venusaur sees their teammate Machamp being chased by a Lucario and in a frantic attempt to save their teammate, they dive headfirst into the fight instantly being wiped off by Lucario’s special move Extreme Speed. Based on the video, the Venusaur was three levels behind, but it’s still not a justification for Lucario using just one move to kill him. 

The video which has since then gone viral attracted the attention of a Pokémon Unite moderator in which she explained that when a bug recreates itself, it provides an advantage to the player which is thus called an exploit. She also addressed another bug with Crustle which allows the Pokémon to have an insane strength boost on its Unite Move. 

The response by Pokémon Unite devs to fix the bugs

In a tweet by the Pokémon Unite devs, they recently addressed the Crustle bug saying it will be fixed with the next patch coming on September 29 and though no reference was made to the Lucario bug, players are hoping that both the issues will be fixed with the next update. If you do not know already, there are many leaks surfaced online about the upcoming update as well.

Fans of the game have been criticizing TiMi studios for not temporarily banning the glitched Pokémon from ranked matches when it’s evident that they are glitched. The extended wait time for patches regarding the fixes is making a lot of players frustrated as they say that it’s a common practice for other MOBA titles as well.

However, the fact that Pokémon Unite devs acknowledged this issue in their tweet certainly gives a little hope that the Lucario bug will be fixed soon. In the meanwhile, the mods have requested players to be careful playing ranked matches until the developers find a fix for the exploit.

What are your thoughts about the Lucario bug in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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