Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide: Best Build, Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Talonflame in the all-new MOBA!

Talonflame is a speedster Pokemon in the new MOBA title Pokémon Unite. Talonflame is a Tier-A Pokemon and it’s really easy to use being a speedster Pokémon. This Pokémon is efficient and fun to play for new MOBA players. In this guide, we will let you know all about Talonflame in Pokémon Unite, its movesets, best items, and team comps. A very beginner-friendly and easy-to-learn Pokémon who can deal fast damage burst to the enemy Pokémon, Talonflame can harass the opposing team by using its moves to quickly maneuver itself and fly over obstacles around the map. Talonflame is a Generation VI and dual-type Fire/Flying Pokémon.

Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémons like Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, Blissey, Charizard, Snorlax, Tsareena, Decidueye, and Dragonite. So, one must make sure to check that guide as well. For now, let’s focus on Talonflame.

Talonflame: In-game cost

Talonflame is available in-game for 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems.

Pokemon Unite Talonflame
Pokemon Unite Talonflame

Talonflame Stats and Evolution

At Level 15, Talonflame will have 6300 HP, 290 Defense, 200 Special Defense for defensive stats, and 623 Attack, 117 Special Attack for offensive stats.

1st Evolution2nd EvolutionFinal Evolution
Fletchling(Lv. 1)
Fletchinder(Lv. 5)
Talonflame(Lv. 7)

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Movesets

Talonflame has extraordinary mobility, is able to dive in/out of combat very easily and it can also reap enemies out of thin air with its fast damage output. Talonflame can be very useful for scoring goals too; but even though it has excellent movement speed, Talonflame has very low base HP which means more returning to base. If caught off guard Talonflame can be easily taken down.

Basic Attack

Every third attack Becomes a boosted attack which creates a fiery whirlwind that deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Even if it leaves the area after two normal attacks, the next attack is still boosted.

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide

Passive – Gale Wings 

When HP is high, movement speed is increased

Ability 1: Peck (Melee)

Has the user fly toward an opposing Pokemon and attack three times.

  • Type: Damage, Melee
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Damage: 429

Ability choices at level 5

Ability 1 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 4 –

Flame Charge (Ranged)Aerial Ace (Melee)
Flies in the designated direction cloaked in flame, attacking opposing Pokemon in the user’s path. This also increases the user’s movement speed.

Type: Damage, Unstoppable, Slow, Dash
Cooldown: 6.5 seconds
Damage: 636 (Lv. 5) – 1196 (Lv. 15)
Upgrade: For a short time after this move hits, the user’s moves and basic attacks partially ignore the opposing Pokemon’s Defense.
Has the user fly at the designated opposing Pokemon and deals damage. Also makes the next basic attack an enhanced attack.

Type: Area, Damage, Dash
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Damage (Physical): 621 (Lv. 5) – 1235 (Lv. 15)
Upgrade: Increased damage dealt by this move.

Ability 2: Acrobatics (Dash)

Has the user fly toward the designated area and attack multiple times. Allows the user to escape in a direction of their choice after using this move.

  • Type: Damage, Dash
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds
  • Damage: 1050 

Ability Choices After Reaching 7 (From Acrobatics)

Ability 2 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 7:

Fly (Dash)Brave Bird (Dash)
Has the user flown up into the sky. If used again, has the user dive to the designated area and attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Also makes the user’s next basic attack a boosted attack after the skill.

Type: Area, Damage, Can’t Be Targeted, Displacement, Dash
Cooldown: 9 Seconds
Damage: 1966 (Lv. 7) – 2974 (Lv. 15)
Upgrade: Also throws opposing Pokemon when this move hits.
Has the user dive to the designated location while cloaked in flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Also deals recoil damage to the user when it hits. Performing a boosted attack within a set amount of time after this move hits will reset the cooldown for Flame Charge or Aerial Ace.

Type: Area, Damage, Dash
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damage: 1762 (Lv. 7) – 2666 (Lv. 15)
Upgrade: Reduces damage received when this move hits.

Unite Move: Flame Sweep At Level 9(Dash)

Has the user performed an aerial somersault before charging forward, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in this move’s path, and shoving them.

  • Type: Damage, Unstoppable, Displacement, Dash
  • Cooldown: Percentage-based cooldown.
  • Damage: 2270 (Lv. 9) – 3370 (Lv. 15)

Best items for Talonflame in Pokémon Unite

Now let’s discuss the best-held items for Talonflame in this Pokémon Unite guide, as well as its best battle item. These items given below are probably the best items to go with Talonflame. Use and adjust these items according to the match necessities. For dealing high damage like an assassin one can go with Muscle Band, Scope Lens, and Razor Claw. To build a speedy Talonflame Razor Claw can be replaced with the Float Stone.

Best Held Items

1. Muscle Band

  • Attack +1 ~ 15
  • Basic Attack Speed +0% ~ 7.50%
  • Bonus Attack Damage On Hit +1% ~ 3%

When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1/2/3% of the opponent’s opposing HP. Muscle Band is one of the most important items on Talonflame because the item provides a nice boost to Talonflame’s offenses that make it more than just its speed, regardless of the level it’s at. increased by 1/2/3% of the opponent’s opposing HP.

2. Scope Lens

  • Critical-Hit Rate +0.4% ~ 6%
  • Critical-Hit Damage +0% ~ 12%

Increases the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokémon’s Attack, the more the damage increases. The Scope Lens will increase the Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Rate of Talonflame based on its level.

3. Float Stone

  • Attack +1.6 ~ 24
  • Movement Speed +0 ~ 120
  • Movement Speed Out of Combat +10% ~ 20%

Increases movement speed by 10/15/20% when the Pokémon is not in combat. Speedster like Talonflame, this additional speed of Float Stone makes it not only a difficult target to catch but allows it to move around the jungle so quickly that access to both lanes will be very rapid.

4. Razor Claw

  • Attack +1 ~ 15
  • Critical-Hit Rate +0.6% ~ 2.1%

After the Pokémon uses a move, its next attack deals a minimum of 10/15/20 more damage. The higher the Pokémon’s Attack, the more this damage increases. When this item is held by a melee Pokémon, this basic attack also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time. This item will help Talonflame to deal a good amount of damage and deliver crit shots to enemy Pokemon.

Remember to try out different build combos according to enemy composition and your team’s needs. Try different builds to experiment and find out which suits you the most.

Best Battle Items

Eject Button

Quickly move your Pokemon to the designated location. This item may come in handy while retreating or knocking out retreating opponents. Eject Button can be very extra handy for Talonflame because it already has lots of flashy moves, so low HP enemies won’t get away by any means.

Full Heal

Using full heal in certain situations will remove all effects on users and make them immune to CC. Talonflame is really squishy and if it gets caught by CC then it’ll be too easy to kill. Using Full Heal in certain situations will remove all effects on Talonflame making it immune to CC

Fluffy Tail

Prevents wild Pokemon from acting and increases their damage taken by 1.5 times. It can be used to take down objectives faster and gain a lead for Talonflame. 

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Gameplay Tips

The next subject of discussion in this Pokémon Unite Talonflame guide is some tips to play this Pokémon to its best possible ability.

Early Game

In the early game, Talonflame needs to level up faster and get the objectives. It is recommended to farm fast and levels up as soon as possible. If playing at the midlane then the user should take down the wild Pokemons fast and level to gank in either top or bottom lane.

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide
Pokemon Unite Talonflame Fly move to fly over anywhere on the map

Talonflame should be on the move always at the early stages as it is very easy to kill. Prolonged skirmishes should be avoided. The jungling can be done in the given order:

Lillipup → Ludicolo → Bouffalant → Corphish→ Corphish

Starting with Acrobatics will help the user to farm quickly. After reaching 7 try to play hit and run often. Secure kills and objectives by using moves like Fly so stay ahead in level.

Late Game

Late in the game, Talonflame needs more teamfights as it is not that durable, it can be shut down fast if its skills are in cooldown. Talonflame is weak against heavy crowd control Pokémons and skills CD can take it to a sticky situation.

Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide
Pokemon Unite Talonflame Unite move

So it would be smart to avoid late-game duo fights and focus more on teamfights to secure kills with Fly or Brave Bird. Use the Unite Move to stop critical late-game scores and dismantle the enemy formation in skirmishes. Try to score and run with its ability to ensure victory for the team


  • Top: The upper lane is recommended because you can easily aim for a fast level-up strategy. Top Lane is harder to gank than Bottom so it will be easy to get some farm early in the match.
  • Jungle: You can easily level up by playing as jungler/mid and go to another lane in no time as Talonflame can rotate really fast.

Talonflame with other Pokémon

Best Synergies with Talonflame

  • Slowbro: Slowbro can set up fights for Talonflame. In addition, Slowbro also can be helpful for Talonflame in scoring and escaping.
  • Wigglytuff: High healings and shields from Wigglytuff can help Talonflame sustain easily to deal more damage in the combat.
  • Snorlax: Pokemon like Snorlax can prevent Talonflame from dying or give buffs which will help in scoring and dealing damage from the back.
  • Gardevoir: As Talonflame can hit multiple Pokemon with Brave Bird, this potential feature can be used in a burst combo. CC gathering from Gardevoir can help in creating more opportunities for Talonflame to deal burst damage in combat.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Talonflame

Strong againstWeak against
Alolan Ninetales            Slowbro

Talonflame: Tips and tricks to master

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the supportive Talonflame in Pokémon Unite.

  • Whenever you see the enemy is ahead towards your own goal you can sneak behind them to score as Talonflame is a fast Pokemon it’ll be easy to score and run for it.
  • At the beginning of the match, start clearing in the central path and defeat Wild Pokemons. Defeating the initial four Pokemon will have you at level 5 and use this advantage to help top/bottom. Then after reaching any of the lanes try to catch them from back when they are low. This will ensure the early game advantage for Talonflame which is really important for this Pokemon to shine in a match. Always try to lock the attacker as it’s easy for Talonflame  to take down those types.
  • As Talonflame is really fast, try to get in fast and execute then leave the gank with high mobility skills.
  • Use the heavy Unite move to shove the enemies in line of the move’s path. Take them to your team’s direction, stop enemies from scoring goals and escape from hard ganks using this move.
  • Talonflame fails badly in close-combats. So avoid it as much as you can. Focus leveling up early and play objectivewise. 
  • Use Brave Bird and Fly to surprise enemies behind their goal. Combo either move with Talonflame’s Unite Move, Flame Sweep you can easily push enemies out of their safe zones allowing your team to easily get them.

Final Thoughts

Talonflame is really a fun Pokemon to play. An expert user of this Pokemon can give enemies a real hard time marking it. Scoring literally looks easy with this flame-bird if the user can use the skills perfectly. Although this Pokemon is weak against hard crowd-control, Talonflame can easily turn a match around with incredible Mobility and great Scoring stats.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Talonflame Guide. Do you prefer to use Talonflame in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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