Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer (Cynthia) Showdown Event Guide and Tips

New event in the Pokémon MOBA game!

The much anticipated Legacy Trainer Showdown event mode finally returned in the Pokémon Unite MOBA, with Cynthia as the main protagonist now. With trainers like Leon, Korrina, Green, and Cynthia to play against, this event surely has a lot to offer. In this Pokémon Unite guide, we would be taking a look at the basics of the Legacy Trainer (Cynthia) Showdown event and everything it has to offer. Do read it till the end.

Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer Cynthia Showdown Event Guide: Details breakdown

Legacy Trainer Showdown Event: Duration

  • Start: April 21, 2023
  • End: May 22, 2023; 11:59 PM UTC

How to start the Legacy Trainer Showdown Event

There are 2 ways to access the event:

  • Access from the main menu: Players may access the Legacy Trainer Showdown mode by selecting the newly added button beside the Unite Battle button. This will take players to the Legacy Trainer Showdown event screen, where they can also check the progress of the missions and exchange rewards.
  • Access from Unite Battle Interface: Players may find this game mode in the Standard Battle option of the Unite Battle menu. In both cases, they would need a Trainer Battle Ticket to play a game of Legacy Trainer Showdown.
Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer Cynthia Showdown Event
Image via The Pokémon Company

Trainer Battle Tickets

As said earlier, players would need Trainer Battle Tickets to play each game of the Legacy Showdown event. Also, players would get 1 Free trainer battle ticket every day, when they log into the game. When they use it up, they may visit the Items section in the Aeos Emporium to buy a Trainer Ticket for 200 Aeos Coins.

Game Mode Difficulties and Requirements

There are 4 difficulty levels for a game in this mode. The levels and the requirements are as stated below:

CasualTrainer Battle Ticket x1
IntermediateTrainer Battle Ticket x1 +Win 1 time on Casual
ExpertTrainer Battle Ticket x1 +Win 2 times on Intermediate
ExtremeTrainer Battle Ticket x1 +Win 3 times on Expert

Hence, it is evident that to play at a certain level, you would need to play its preceding levels.

Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer Showdown: Event Mechanics

Legacy Trainer Showdown is basically a new Standard Battle format game mode, coming back after last year’s October. Here, five players will team up to fight powerful, A.I.-controlled trainers from across all Pokemon generations (anime and manga) in a standard match in Theia Sky Ruins. However, at lower difficulties, all of these trainers do not arrive. They only arrive at higher difficulties. The renowned legacy trainers and their Pokemon are as follows:

Cynthia (Generation 4), Main protagonistGarchomp
Korrina (Generation 6)Lucario
Leon (Generation 8)Charizard
Raihan (Generation 8)Duraludon
Green (Generation 1)Blastoise

These trainers are all A.I. controlled. However, things do get tough at higher difficulties.

Legacy Trainer Challenge Missions: List of Rewards

As a result of completing Legacy Trainer Challenge missions, players can earn trainer Battle Coins. They can exchange these Battle Coins to exchange exclusive Cynthia-themed items for this event. The missions and respective obtainable Battle Coins are as follows:

Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer Cynthia Showdown Event Challenge Missions
Image via The Pokémon Company
Win a Legacy Trainer Showdown battle on Casual 1 time. Trainer Battle Coin x5
Win a Legacy Trainer Showdown battle on Intermediate 1 time. Trainer Battle Coin x5
Win a Legacy Trainer Showdown battle on Expert 1 time. Trainer Battle Coin x10
Win a Legacy Trainer Showdown battle on Extreme 1 time. Trainer Battle Coin x20
Participate in Legacy Trainer Showdown 4 times. Trainer Battle Coin x5
Participate in Legacy Trainer Showdown 8 times. Trainer Battle Coin x5
Participate in Legacy Trainer Showdown 12 times. Trainer Battle Coin x10
Participate in Legacy Trainer Showdown 20 times. Trainer Battle Coin x20
In the Legacy Trainer Showdown format, win 5 times. Trainer Battle Coin x10
In the Legacy Trainer Showdown format, win 10 times. Trainer Battle Coin x10

Hence, players might actually have to play through all difficulty levels. Also, remember that one can only collect 25 Trainer Battle Coins per day (excluding the 5 free Battle Coins you’d receive as a login bonus), irrespective of the missions completed daily.

Trainer Battle Exchange: List of Rewards

The following are the exchangeable items for Trainer Battle Coins:

Trainer Outfit (Cynthia)Trainer Battle Coins x160
Frame (Cynthia)Trainer Battle Coins x45
Background (Cynthia)Trainer Battle Coins x30
Background (Garchomp)Trainer Battle Coins x45
Sticker (Cynthia)Trainer Battle Coins x25
Energy Boost Tank x1Trainer Battle Coins x25
7-Day Battle Point Boost Card x1Trainer Battle Coins x20
3-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1Trainer Battle Coins x20
Item Enhancer x80Trainer Battle Coins x40
Aeos Ticket x10Trainer Battle Coins x5

Pokémon Unite Legacy Trainer Cynthia Showdown Event: Tips to remember

In this section of the guide, we will discuss the tips and tricks to complete the Legacy Trainer Showdown Event.

  • Players can log in Daily and do collect the free battle ticket every day.
  • They can play the matches with their friends and squad. Winning becomes easier.
  • For a few days, use up the energy boost tanks, earn extra energy, and exchange it for Fashion Items, instead of Boost Emblems. The Fashion Items option includes x320 Aeos Coins as a reward. You might need these coins to purchase Battle Tickets and new Pokemon.
  • For higher difficulties, it is best to equip score-stacking Held Items like Attack Weight and Sp. Atk. Specs to get ahead in stats. Since the enemy A.I. is not aware of this mechanic, you will have an easier time reaching the full stacks, even during the early game, and out-master your Legacy opponents!
  • Your opponents would level up fast enough even without jungling. Hence, don’t leave even a bit of space for them to do jungling. For that, sometimes ignore them, and try to steal the jungle from them.

Final Thoughts

Players should keep the said tips in mind and get Cynthia’s attire in no time. Keep following our news articles to know about the latest events in the MOBA game. For now, the countdown to Chandelure’s arrival begins in-game.

What are your thoughts on the Legacy Trainer Showdown Event in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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