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Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Make your stand and uncover ancient secrets in the Twisted Realm!

Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG, developed and produced by Alda Games offers the players a journey into the twisted realm where corruption and evil forces are on the rise. The players are required to become heroes and stand tall against the injustice that prevails throughout these forsaken lands. The game as claimed by Alda games, offers an action-packed, RPG experience, one which is aimed to give a Diablo-like experience. Hence, it might become a confusing and challenging job for the players to comprehend how all these things work together. This Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG beginners guide however is here to make life easy for the players, so that they can get the best out of the game.

Gameplay Overview

Polygon Fantasy all RPG games, offers a lot of options, whether it’s character choosing or if it’s about the weapons you want to use. When the players start the game, they get the option of choosing one from the three available characters – Warrior, Witch, and Rogue. Polygon Fantasy even offers its players a plethora of different shards to use on their equipment and weapons to improve their efficiency.

Introducing the Basics of Polygon Fantasy

Polygon fantasy offers the players a typical RPG experience just like Diablo. The game runs on the hack-and-slash type of gameplay with different types of attack powers. However, these attacks change with the characters. The first one is the normal slash, which offers minimal damage but delivers a quick blow.

Image via Aldo games

The second sort of attack is the crowd control attack, now while it may be a little slow to deliver a blow, it offers a huge damage bonus. The third and fourth attacks are power attacks, they are character-specific attacks and differ from character to character.

The game offers interactive gameplay, where there is no attack pattern and players can form their own attacking combos. Polygon Fantasy comes with a stages system where the players need to clear them up one and one. Each stage will provide the players with experience and gold as the reward for quest completion. These will be useful in leveling up the character as well as the equipment.

Equipment and Items

Just like all other RPG games, gears and equipment play an important role in this game, there is a ton of equipment and gears of different tier levels, which can be upgraded further for more durable and efficient performance. There are 3 tiers namely, magical, epic, and legendary. Items can be found by defeating enemies, which are very diverse in this game, or by completing questline and events. If you have enough coins in your game account, you can go to the Shop from the menu and buy straight from there as well.


Companions also play a huge part in your success in Polygon Fantasy, they offer additional support during quests, and the option here is quite extensive as well. The whole companion list is divided into four main sections based on the skills, the first is magical, then comes rare companions, then epic companions, and lastly the most powerful legendary companions.

Polygon fantasy, Polygon fantasy companion, Polygon fantasy gameplay
Image via Aldo games

The companion can seriously boost your chances of success in the game; hence they should be considered before undertaking any risky quest in the game.


Heroes in Polygon Fantasy are unlocked at level 15, the heroes just like companions are arranged in a tier system, with the most basic ones being magical, followed by rare, and finally the legendary characters. Some characters can be unlocked by progressing through the story while some can be unlocked by directly purchasing them via the in-game purchase option.

Polygon fantasy heroes, polygon fantasy gameplay, polygon fantasy
Image via Aldo games

Each hero offers something different in the aspect of different powerups, different types of gameplay, and different specialties. It is essential to choose the right character according to the user’s needs,

League System

League is the tier system for your profile, it basically helps to rank you and your progress as compared to the progress and profile of other users in Polygon Fantasy. There is a different tier system in the game, which is divided into divisions, each division has a rank ranging from 1 to 15. In order to clear a division, you first have to secure rank 15, the seniormost rank in each division. The league system resets every week, and at the end of the week according to your standing in the tier system, users are rewarded.

Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Polygon Fantasy: Action RPG.

1. Defeated the Enemies for Loot drops

Always keep on a lookout for loot once you defeat any enemy, the level of loot is directly proportional to the enemy you defeat. The higher the level of the enemy, the higher the loot offered. This loot as you collect them is placed in your inventory, which can be accessed anytime you like. It can be mid-game or can be done through the inventory setting in the main menu.

Image via Aldo games

As you’ll progress through the stages, this loot would be very helpful, as you won’t have enough in-game money to spend on equipment because there are many other shards and potions to spend your money on. Money management is a real challenge in this game and the better the loot you would find in your quests, lesser would you be required to spend in the shops.

2. Keep Upgrading your Equipment

As mentioned before, Polygon fantasy is an RPG action-packed game, hence as you’ll progress further into the story, the level of your enemies will keep on increasing. Hence upgradation of your armor or buying a new improved set of armor from the trader section of the game would be your safest bet to survive on these corrupt lands of the twisted realm in Polygon fantasy.

Polygon fantasy RPG, polygon fantasy inventory, polygon fantasy guide
Image via Aldo games

Now, there are different armor sets for different characters, for example, a Witch armor set would give you the best results when equipped with a witch class character. The game offers you an option to choose from 3 different sets of basic heroes in the beginning.

In the same way, you will get options in the store to purchase different armor sets for different characters, the stores operate on a timing basis, with items on offer being refreshed every 24 hours, but you can refresh it earlier, by watching an ad.

3. Watching advertisements can help you multiply your rewards

An easy way to earn money is through watching advertisements, watching ads can not only help you get rewards daily from the in-game store section but can also help you multiply your rewards from the loot you’ll gather in the game.

There is an advertisement-specific reward section in the in-game menu, where you can watch ads to get different items daily, doing this would help you to get legendary and epic items early on in the game.

4. Keep an eye out for Chests

Polygon Fantasy offers in-game chests, which players can open and access while they are midway through their quests. These chests carry various high-tier equipment and money, hence it’s very important that players don’t miss them while they are mid-way through their quests.

Image via Aldo games

The rewards of these quests can be multiplied by watching advertisements, this option provides the players with an advantage to get more money from a single chest.

5. Break Objects to obtain Loot and Money

Image via Aldo games

Throughout the game, vases, pots, and many such interactive and breakable objects are scattered, which gives the players money and different loot when they are broken. This gives players access to additional resources which could prove to be very beneficial in the later stages of the game. It’s essential for players to make use of these breakable objects and get the best out of the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Polygon fantasy offers a proper engaging and challenging, action-packed RPG experience to the players, one which is defined by character and weapon upgradation because as you progress further deep into the storyline, the difficulty of the game keeps on increasing, hence keeping your armor and weapon up-to-date is the only secret to survival in the twisted realm.

The game might prove to be challenging at first for new players as there are so many options there to go for, whether it’s character selection or whether it’s choosing the right equipment, players always have a plethora of options to go for. The game requires practice and time, to make sure that you are familiarized with the in-game options and mechanics. However, this Polygon Fantasy beginners guide is here to help you in your journey and covers the basic tips you’ll need to master this game in the early stages.

Did you find this Polygon Fantasy Action RPG beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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