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Primon Legion Primon Tier List for March 2024

Get the best Primons in the game!

Embark on an exciting journey into the heart of a primal world with Primon Legion, an engaging RPG provided by Neocraft. With a diverse array of Primons and intricate Dragonbone and skill systems, navigating the best units for your team demands a nuanced understanding. To help you navigate this decision, I present to you the Primon Legion Tier List, crafted after playing the game for over a hundred hours.

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Primon Legion Tier List: Best Primons Ranked

To simplify, I’ve divided Primons into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system helps me assess each Primon’s abilities and choose the best companions for my adventure. Remember, this classification is based on my experiences, so adjust your choices according to your preferences.

Strong (S)Mighty Ape,
Enchantress Cat,
Banana KingKong,
Breeze Rider,
Eagle Chieftain,
Falcon Samurai,
Boomclaw Dragon,
Blazing Fuzzaurus,
Feline Dancer
Frenzy Shark,
Sea Beastman,
Grass Otter
Good (A)Sabertooth,
Wooly Scout,
Boxing Kangaroo,
Antelope Knight,
Desert Fox

Gale Spiritwyrm,
Brute Dragon,
Balloon Dragon,
Whisperer Drake
Phoenix Dancer,
Lava Pangolin,
Fire Priest,
Inferno Roamer
Surftide Siren,
Ninja Penguin,
Toad Venomist
Average (B)Adda,
Wealthy Whisker,
Little Chirper,
Swagger Bunny,
Google Cobra,
Sneaky Squash
Mischief Squad,
Zephyr Cleaver,
Hoot Hoot,
Pecking Courier
Chunky Dragon,
Gecko Renegade,
Pinecone Hunter,
Puffy Sheep,
Queen Bee
Spiky Puffer,
Seeker Octopus

Best Primons in Primon Legion right now

Best Earth Primon – Mighty Ape

Primon Legion Mighty Ape
Image via Neocraft

I consider Mighty Ape to be a standout Primon in Primon Legion for several reasons. It excels in dealing heavy damage to enemies by summoning impressive fire pillars. Additionally, it proves valuable by enhancing my basic attacks within the gameplay, making it an excellent choice for any team.

Best Wind Primon – Brotosaur

I find Brotosaur to be a standout Primon in Primon Legion for several reasons. Its versatility is evident in its ability to deal significant magical damage to front-row enemies while boosting my allies’ Rage through a powerful skill.

Primon Legion Brotosaur
Image via Neocraft

The passive ability enhances my team’s overall resilience and may trigger beneficial effects for specific units. Moreover, another skill reduces enemy damage with each action, showcasing Brotosaur’s effectiveness in various team setups and combat situations.

Best Fire Primon – Boomclaw Dragon

I find Boomclaw Dragon to be a powerful Primon in Primon Legion for a few key reasons. It excels at dealing substantial damage to back-row enemies, particularly those with Burning. As the target’s HP decreases, my damage increases, making Boomclaw Dragon more effective during critical moments.

Primon Legion Boomclaw Dragon
Image via Neocraft

Additionally, the Sudden Attack skill delivers decent damage to back-row enemies, with added impact against Burning targets. The Inferno Roamer’s Fury passive skill further enhances my abilities when three allies are down, providing increased CRIT DMG and immunity to controls.

Best Water Primon – Frenzy Shark

I consider Frenzy Shark as a standout Primon in Primon Legion for a few key reasons. It excels at dealing significant damage to front-row enemies and stealing a portion of their ATK for three turns. My survivability is enhanced through the passive ability, reducing incoming damage and spreading its impact over three turns, minimizing immediate HP reduction.

Primon Legion Frenzy Shark
Image via Neocraft

Additionally, the normal skill deals solid damage to a front-row enemy, potentially inflicting Poison. The passive skill further boosts my damage permanently for each stack of Poison inflicted on the enemy, stacking up to 10 times.

Final Thoughts

In the primal world of Primon Legion, the performance of almost every monster hinges on the synergy within their team. It’s crucial to assess them within their specific elements, considering the potential advantages they can gain from synergies. This classification is derived from my experiences, emphasizing the importance of adapting your choices to suit your preferences.

As you embark on your journey, keep in mind that team dynamics and personal playstyles play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of each monster. May this tier list serve as a helpful starting point, guiding you toward creating a powerhouse team tailored to your unique approach and preferences in the captivating world of Primon Legion.

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