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Priston Tale M Beginners Guide and Tips

Battle strong enemies in great combats and adventures!

Priston Tale M is a popular and interesting MMORPG released game that has created a huge fanbase across the globe after its release. Players assume the role of a warrior, archer, or magician to engage in epic adventures and combats in the game, which is set in a magical world filled with mythical creatures, heroes, and villains. This Priston Tale M beginners guide article on the game will definitely help any newbies to get accustomed to the game.

Gameplay Overview

All players, regardless of age or background, will find the game to be interesting and captivating due to its magnificent 3D graphics, compelling plot, and expansive open-world setting. To advance and acquire new talents, tools, and abilities, players must perform a range of tasks and missions throughout the game.

Introducing the Basics of Priston Tale M

Priston Tale M’s gameplay focuses on fulfilling tasks, fighting creatures, and exploring the game’s vast open world. The game includes a range of difficulties and hurdles that players must face and fight to advance, and players can cooperate with other players or go on their journeys alone. These difficulties include monster fights, dungeon raids, and other tasks with gifts including new abilities, tools, and skills.

Priston Tale M overview
Image via FOW Games

The battle system in Priston Tale M is one of its most notable gameplay elements. Real-time fighting is the top-notch feature of the game that enables users to fight monsters or other players while using a variety of weapons and spells. Players must employ time and strategy to prevail in the fast-paced battle system. Moreover, they should make proper strategies before going into combat.

The land where the game starts have been captivated by the evil power who are continuously trying to kill the innocent masses. To assist in defending the region and its inhabitants against these dangers, players must engage themselves in a variety of quests and missions filled with battles. The game’s scenario is attractive and engaging, and as players advance, they learn more about the story and skills.

Mastering the in-game Characters

The game total has eight different characters all belonging to two different races namely Tempskron and Morion. At the beginning of the game, the first thing every player has to do is choose any one character out of these eight characters. Hence, you need to choose a character according to your gameplay.

Priston Tale M characters
Image via FOW Games

Tempskron Race

This race is docile in nature and is very much active in fights and masters while handling any kind of pressure events. They worship Tempritos and Skronipe Gods. All of the characters of this race start the game in Ricarten Town.

  • Fighter: This character is made to be a strong fighter who can deal out a lot of damage, as the name implies. Fighters have high attack numbers and the ability to employ shields to deflect incoming blows.
  • Archer: From a safe distance, Archers are long-range attackers who can do serious damage to their enemies. Additionally, they have excellent mobility and can move fast across the battlefield.
  • Mechanicians: Mechanicians are masters at building and using equipment to help them in battle. They have a number of tools and weaponry at the battles as well as the ability to operate ancient weapons to help them in battle.
  • Pikeman: Pikemen are fighters with spears who specialize in medium-range damage dealing. They are capable of crowd control and have strong attack stats. With their spear, they can create immense damage.
Priston Tale M Pikeman
Image via FOW Games

Morion Race

This race is overall bright in nature and has great spirituality in them. They generally belong to the northern region of the continent and worship Pritos while living in a pious life. All of the characters of this race start the game in PillaiTown.

  • Priestess: The Priestess is a very adaptable character who can handle a wide range of circumstances on the battlefield. In the realm of Priston Tale M, she is able to keep her group alive and revive them because of her superior healing talents, support skills, and offensive spells.
  • Atalanta: Atalantas, who belong to the Morion race, are said to be the offspring of the Tempskron race, according to some rumors. Moreover, they are strong aura-possessing ladies who hunt with javelins.
  • Priest: Priestesses are essentially gentle, sympathetic ladies who are constantly eager to assist others to heal. Priestess is an expert at using orbs or wands and has a strong sense of faith.
  • Knight: The bodies of knights are exceptionally pure, and they focus solely on their training. They always employ their holy abilities when wielding a sword, and they always wear heavy armor.

Utilizing the Pets

Pets are companion creatures that players can obtain and raise so that they can aid them in battle. There are several types of pets in the game, each with its own unique abilities and strengths. Here are the various kinds of pets that the players may obtain.

Priston Tale M Latrice
Image via FOW Games
  • Ranju: Ranju is basically a bird who is a support-type pet. With a physical defense of 53 and a magic defense of 47.5, he is one of the first pets that the players will obtain as a beginner.
  • Latrice: Latrice is a cute animal looking like a rabbit with wings. It is of attack type and has a physical accuracy of 13 and a magic accuracy of 13 as well. Moreover, its skill can be increased by 10%.
  • Pumpkin: Just as the name suggests he is basically a pumpkin with a Halloween outfit. He is a support-type pet with a Max HP of 211. It can also help you with a gold acquisition.
  • Bree: It is a wolf with a magical-looking outfit. With a physical accuracy of 9.1, it can be one of your best pets. The magic accuracy is 15. It is of the attack type.
  • Daki: Daki looks like a cheetah with that ferocious outlook and magical tail. It can create a critical hit of 2.1%. The magic accuracy is 7.1%.

Altogether there are more than ten pets in the game but these five pets are the best for any beginner to start off. Each of these animals has particular advantages and skills that make them useful allies in the conflict. Players can further customize the skills and strengths of their pets by training them to level up and unlock new abilities. Overall, the different pets in Priston Tale M provide players with an entertaining and fascinating approach to upgrading their gameplay.

Understanding the Skill Tree system

Each character class in Priston Tale M has its own type of skill tree, allowing players to customize their character’s skills as they advance in level. The skill tree structure is very interesting as it is customizable by the players. You can freely distribute the stats of the character as required.

The skill tree is organized into various categories, each of which has a number of skills tied to a specific playstyle. Players must first adjust some skills into lower-level in the same category in order to obtain higher-level skills.

Priston Tale M skill tree
Image via FOW Games

Players can expend more after a skill has been unlocked to advance it to higher levels, with each level bringing with it more power and effects. There are also other skills that grant the player’s overall character permanent stat increases or other advantages. Overall, Priston Tale M’s skill tree structure is highly flexible and customizable, enabling players to modify a character’s skills to suit their desired playstyle.

Priston Tale M Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips besides the Priston Tale M guide for beginners in order to progress in Priston Tale M:

1. Don’t forget to collect your Rewards from events

Just as you start the game an event tab will appear on the screen. Don’t forget to collect all the rewards before starting the game. There are a total of ten types of rewards. Hence check every box and collect all rewards. Many people don’t check the lower boxes but they contain special items like pet foods.

2. Utilise your currencies efficiently

As the game is vast there are many types of currencies. For example, the simple gem is of two types. Altogether there are almost eight types of currencies. Thus as a beginner, you might be confused and try to collect all and waste your time. Initially, you will only get coins and as the game progresses you will collect the rest.

3. Look out for the Monster Information

It is a secret feature in the game that many don’t knows about. In the map, you will see an option for the monster information. Tap it and all the villains you will face in that particular region will be listed down. Hence, having prior information you can build your character properly to easily beat those villains.

4. Don’t forget to check your Mailbox

Apart from all, there is a mailbox located at the right top corner of the screen. The mailbox many times consists of rewards that many players miss. Moreover, if your guild sends you any reward you can get that into your mailbox. As a result, checking your mailbox daily is necessary.

5. Take help from the Chat section whenever required

Suppose in a fight you are not been able to defeat any villain after trying various times, you can ask for the solution in the chat tab. The chat tab is located at the bottom of the screen. However, for other queries, you can also take help from the chatbox.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game’s amazing graphics and thrilling combat mechanisms contribute to a fun and engaging gaming experience. Priston Tale M is unquestionably worth checking out, whether you’re a lover of vintage MMORPGs or are just looking for a new game to try. The game promises to give gamers all over the world many hours of enjoyment and adventure with frequent updates and the addition of new stuff.

That’s all from us for the Priston Tale M Beginners Guide! Did you find our Priston Tale M Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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