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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: The complete Flora Menace mode guide

Save the world, show the survival skill!

The PUBG Mobile 1.6 update is already out on respective app stores to download and enjoy. Although being small in size, through this new update, KRAFTON has brought massive changes by bringing back some popular game modes in the game. Players who have not receive the 1.6 update yet, will get to download it soon as all the devices will get the update latest by 19 September 2021. Most of the features that this update has brought in the game are mostly based on their popularity. But the developers didn’t forget to surprise players with new modes as well. The focused theme that the 1.6 update is based on is named Flora Menace. This (BGMI) Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile Flora Menace mode guide will provide a player with basic tips and strategies to do well and win easily.

What is Flora Menace mode in PUBG Mobile or BGMI

PUBG Mobile 1.6 update has brought a new mode named Flora Menace that players are the most excited about. However, this mode is only made for Erangel map that is players cannot enjoy this mode in other maps.

The story behind this mode is an alien plant named Yarilo that has invaded planet Earth. After absorbing special energy from the core, Yarilo made its base on three random major areas of Erangel and built Rejuvenation Barriers that have healing powers. But the Cell Matrix, people’s only hope to escape the invasion, has malfunctioned and gone out of control. Players will have to use small cells that can take them to the Matrix to reclaim the energy, conduct investigations, and joins fights with opponents.

PUBG Mobile Flora Menace mode guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Fighting against the Cell Matrix Robots

The Flora Menace mode has three large platforms where Cell-Matrix Robots spawn. Players can land directly over it or can come after acquiring some loots. We would recommend following the latter strategy because there’s not much loot on those platforms.

Besides, other players are going to land on it as well, making it much harder to survive. So, it is better to land closer to the platforms and loot some items first. Then you can go fighting with the robots.

2. Stay Low along with having a High Loot

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

When playing against the robots, an important thing to remember is that the robots won’t attack any player until they step onto the main floor of the platform. You can use this as an advantage to destroy the robots without taking single damage. Just keep firing at them from the slope of the stage, and they won’t come to attack you even if they’re getting killed.

3. Use more and more throwables at the robots to defeat them easily

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

In a fight with the Cell Matrix Robots, throwables work a lot better than bullets. But not all have the same effects, Molotov cocktails can deal more damage to a robot than a grenade. It will set a fire for a 5m radius and as the robots made a weird move to dodge bullets, they won’t be able to do so as the fire will keep burning them. So, molotovs against robots are much better to use.

4. Use Vehicles to block robots

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

There are some spawn boxes on the floor from where the robots come out. If you’re playing in a squad, then take four vehicles and you can place them just on the doors of the spawn boxes and robots won’t come out to haunt you.

5. Don’t go near the cells first

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

As the mode just hit the PUBG Mobile world, players are actively taking part in the Flora Menace items on Erangel to discover new things. So, all the cells around are hot drops now. Don’t go to any of them at first or rush at them if you want to survive and explore it. Do some basic loots, spectate the cells from a safe distance and arrive just before the cells open.

6. Use the Air Conveyor to travel fast

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

If you’re stuck outside the zone and don’t have any vehicles or enemies are door keeping the zone, then you can use the Air Conveyors that work similar to a slingshot and will throw you into the zone. Besides, players can also use this to travel faster inside the zone.

7. Use Shields to camp on Bridges

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

With the new currency named “Nacore” coins, players can trade them to order riot shields. Each player can summon three shields at a time. But the interesting thing is the boxes that carry those shields to a player can also be used as a cover. So a player can use three boxes along with three shields to make a cover. These are enough to keep you safe in any bridge fights.

How to gather Nacore Coins in Flora Menace mode

Nacore coins are very important as players can use this item in the game to summon normal loots or special drop items like AWM, Groza, Level 3 gears, etc. From the bag icon, players will see another option added named DynaHex Supplies along with a portable closet and item inventory.

Nacore coins are found in the Erangel like normal loots. Players can gather them from loot crates, bots, or even after killing a Cell Matrix Robot. But the most efficient way to collect Nacore coins is not by fighting in the land rather in the air!

BGMI Flora Menace mode guide

After a player steps inside a cell, it automatically flies and takes a player to the flying Cell-Matrix where each player has three lives. They have to fight against other players in this flying arena. The center of the arena has a teleport portal where lots of Nacore coins are available. But it is hard to loot them as the opponents will also try to collect.

So, the most effective way is to go to the right edge of the map where players can enter a new arena filled with robots. Climb onto the top using the boxes and take cover. Then players can easily kill the robots which will provide a lot of Nacore coins. Take positions as soon as you enter the cell matrix and then collect Nacore coins, as we said earlier.

Things to remember while playing the Flora Menace mode

  • Robots only follow you a certain distance. They won’t come after that to fight with you.
  • A red circle pops up meaning the rocket launcher firing area or a robot. You can easily dodge the area.
  • Rejuvenation Barrier area has healing power. Players will heal automatically inside the green circle. But remember, this is a hot drop. The chance to survive is lower.

Did you find these guide and tips and tricks for Flora Menace mode in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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